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Urban Cyclist Issue 20

"Get inside the scene - street riding from London to Los Angeles Look sharp in stylish, modern clothing designed for city riding and living Riding skills - how to trackstand, sidehop, deal with traffic and train on a fixed gear bike Group tests - crosstown carvers, stylish urbanites and sport fixed/singlespeed bikes on test Products tested and rated - 20 messenger bags, 16 lights, 6 pairs of gloves and more"

United Kingdom
Immediate Media Company London Limited
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“By bike a new and unfamiliar London unveiled itself, a London dominated by road surfaces and traffic, a London composed of loading bays and stand-by spots, characterised by a sense of movement and flow. As a cyclist you inhabit the gaps between traffic, and as a courier you profit from what Jonathan Raban calls, in Soft City, ‘the slack in the metropolitan economy’.” Jon Day’s stunning essay Cyclogeography (extract on p70) not only charts his life as a messenger but also captures the gritty beauty of negotiating London’s congested streets. It’s something we aim to mirror this issue, focusing the urban lens on the capital to discover the singlespeeds, stories and style that shapes this burgeoning community. Don’t worry if you’re not born and raised in London – there’s plenty…

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red hook milano

Tornanti.cc LOCATION MILAN, ITALY, 1 OCTOBER 2016 LATITUDE: 45°46’54.22” LONGITUDE: -9°18’59.24” A cool autumnal night in the industrial neighbourhood of Bovisa, Milan, provided the backdrop to the last race of the 2016 Red Hook Criterium Championship Series. Milano has always been a fast circuit but qualifying session lap times suggested this could be the fastest race in history. The course record previously stood at 1:31.53. As it transpired, it was beaten by no less than 14 riders. After the qualifiers, Italians Martino Poccianti and 2015 Series Champion Ivan Ravaioli claimed first and second on the grid. Series leader Colin Strickland and teammate Aldo Ino Ilesic were placed third and fourth. A rapid start saw the lead change hands numerous times. Eight laps to go and the pack were stretched but all were in touching distance of a…

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ascent to the gods

In the mid-80s, a young lad from Hastings by the name of Michael Blann sat down on a balmy July’s eve, transfixed by the sights and sounds of Channel 4’s coverage of this strange and distant event. Blann stared in awe as Breton’s Badger, Monsieur Bernard Hinault, battled with America’s pretty boy Greg LeMond to the melodic, literary tones of Phil Liggett. A daily ritual for 21 stages. Blann briefly dreamt of rubbing shoulders with the professionals, but those passed rapidly, like a tempest charging over Ventoux. However, the love of the Tour, in particular the vice-like grip of the mountains, proved immovable. Blann replaced clipless for a lens and, 30 years later and three years in the making, Blann’s pictorial homage to the climbs that moulded and defined a sport…

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jake rusby

A PLASTIC BAG GOT STUCK IN MY REAR DERAILLEUR and bent just about everything on the back of my bike. I was pretty pissed off and searched for someone to repair the damage. I visited Oak Cycles workshop in London, which inspired me to do the repair myself and combine two things I loved – cycling and ‘making’. That inspired me further to become a framebuilder. I still haven’t fixed that dropout. BEFORE THAT I STUDIED SCULPTURE AT ART COLLEGE, had a few jobs, and then installed artwork in galleries and grand houses in London. Experiencing this side of the art world killed my love of sculpting. THERE WEREN’T MANY FRAMEBUILDING COURSES AROUND and I had little money, so I was mostly self-taught, using a few basic books, crappy YouTube videos and…

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bespoke engineering

This bulletproof, racing-green commuter is the maiden effort from Engineered Bicycles’ ESP (Engineered Special Project) service. The Bristol-based outfit already offers customisable options on their four platforms: Gran Fondo, cyclocross, road race and road endurance. This covers componentry and colourways. Now, with their ESP service, frame geometry and material is geared exactly to your specific requirements. “The bike we’ve brought down to the Urban offices is one we built for my dad, Graham,” explains Adrian Ridley, Engineered’s creative director. “He had a heart attack a year ago and asked us to build a bike where he could recover his fitness; something he could commute on that’s lightweight and comfortable.” The tubeset’s tailored to Graham’s geometry and weight, and utilises Dedacciai Zero XL steel tubing. (“We use Columbus for racier builds,” says…

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what are you riding?

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE YOUR BIKE FEATURED HERE, SEND A HI-RES IMAGE TO JAMESRWITTS@GMAIL.COM Any that don’t make it to print we will share at: www.facebook.com/UrbanCyclistMagazine…