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Urban Cyclist November - December 2016

"Get inside the scene - street riding from London to Los Angeles Look sharp in stylish, modern clothing designed for city riding and living Riding skills - how to trackstand, sidehop, deal with traffic and train on a fixed gear bike Group tests - crosstown carvers, stylish urbanites and sport fixed/singlespeed bikes on test Products tested and rated - 20 messenger bags, 16 lights, 6 pairs of gloves and more"

United Kingdom
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It matters not whether your favoured ride is a singlespeed, town bike or a roadster that’s so cutting-edge it’s still warm from the 3D printer, a potholed road harbours danger. Yes, the so-called cycling revolution in this country has certainly brought more people into our two-wheeled world and improved the nation’s cycling network. That’s great. But as campaigners like Chris Boardman remind us, countries like Holland spend nearly £25 per head on cycling compared to, as some reports suggest, barely a pound per person in the UK. So what is the truth? Should we rejoice in the UK becoming a cyclist’s paradise or lament our paucity of investment? We suspected the answer sat somewhere between the two but that wasn’t enough. We wanted the facts so set out to analyse…

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brompton world championships

( LOCATION THE MALL, LONDON, 30 JULY 2016 LATITUDE: 51º50’13.64” LONGITUDE: -” This year’s Brompton World Championship Final was held during the Saturday evening of RideLondon. Eight laps totalling 17km were on the cards, the action playing out past St James’ Park and Horse Guards Parade, and finishing down The Mall in front of Buckingham Palace. There were some big names, including former pros David Millar and Michael Hutchinson, plus reigning champ Mark Emsley. As for me, my main ambition revolved around unfolding my Brompton M3L. Thankfully, that and the sprint start went well and I’m soon barrelling down The Mall. Potholes and bumps accompany the long straight of Birdcage Walk, towards Downing Street and Horse Guards Parade, but the Brompton’s elastomer suspension block soaks up most of these rattles. Is it possible to tuck on a…

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cultural tour de force

“Cycling in the city has changed in that it has become a thing. Bikes are now an accessory to substantiate one’s cultural identity: there are the goal-oriented spandex sportos with carbon-fibre frames that cost as much as a car, the hipsters with vintage Schwinns and fixies, and, for style-conscious couples, matchie-matchie Linuses and Shinolas, and then there are the folding bike people.” The poetic snapshot hidden within the preface of Velo’s third incarnation poetically and accurately captures the disparate, wide-ranging and fascinating nature of this visually cute book. Like its two predecessors, stunning photography and compelling stories unite. Take Suaveciclo – a Brazilian artistic project that involved tricycles loaded with audiovisual gear to project animations onto the Sao Paulo backdrop. Or the Bedovelo Track Hardcore featuring a 37-inch rear wheel and…

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gav buxton

MY FAVOURITE BIKES HAVE TO BE THE TWO THAT WON AWARDS at this year’s Bespoked [handmade bike festival in Bristol], though the beige town bike edges it. It was an excuse to integrate as many things as possible, like the internal dynamo cabling, stem with integral headset cover and the bell, which covered the steerer pinch bolt. Painting it ‘hearing aid beige’ was a bit of an in-joke, but everyone seemed to like it. BEFORE FRAMEBUILDING I WORKED AS AN ENGINEER FOR A SPORTS-CAR COMPANY. I started with composites and ended up designing jigs, xtures and tooling for vehicle assembly, but if I’m totally honest I lost the love for it a long time before I left. I don’t consider myself to be a ‘yes man’ and, to a certain extent,…

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antipodean innovation

Bespoked’s a show that crops up a lot in Urban Cyclist and, well, what the hell – we don’t apologise for our handmade love. Just look around this spread and you’ll stare in wonder at one of the bikes that stole the heart and minds of the thousands in attendance that memorable April weekend – a state-of-the-art road race bike from Australian manufacturer Bastion. Bastion pride themselves on innovation with, in this case, advancements deriving from the 3D-printed titanium lugs with carbon- bre tubes. Yes, we know that 3D printing’s been employed by several bike brands in recent years; dropouts printed by Charge for their mountain bikes comes to mind. However, few have fused so seamlessly with the frame. In the case of the road bike pictured, that comprises a mix…

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what are you riding?