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gravel’s crossroads

Over the last five years the U.S. gravel racing scene has enjoyed a rocket-like trajectory, with participation numbers and media interest pointing skyward. New races sprung up overnight, their ranks swelling with participants. The industry pumped out a dizzying array of new bikes, all designed to survive the bumpy roads and trails. Pro riders flocked to the scene, and media outlets — this one included — penned thousands of glowing words about gravel’s kumbaya spirit and thriving community. And then, 2020 hit, bringing with it a global pandemic, a worldwide discussion about racism and inclusivity, and a deviation from normal life. And gravel found itself in the crosshairs of every major discussion. Online debates flared up about whether or not it was right for events to proceed amid the pandemic. Calls for…

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michael marckx

In November you went ahead with the Belgian Waffle Ride in Cedar City, Utah. Why did you go forward with the event, and what safety precautions were there? The local county health commissioner provided us with guidelines that we had to hit, and they were so minimal that we went way above and beyond in building the event protocol. We then shared it with other race directors. We engaged a doctor who specializes in epidemiology and is well-versed in creating plans like this. Everyone wore a mask, went through and abided by social distancing, and kept things safe at the aid stations. Not a single athlete came down with COVID-19 in the month after the event, and neither did anyone in the community. There were 15 cases of COVID-19 in the…

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gravel races are looking to bounce back in 2021.

BETSY WELCH Senior Editor I'm not worried about gravel — it will be stronger after the pandemic. In fact, watching the various challenges that have confronted the discipline in the last year has reminded me that this is a sport worth fighting for. Even if COVID-19 keeps racing at bay for another season (which, in my former-medical professional opinion, it may), the appetite will remain. More important, however, is the effect that the pandemic-imposed 'time out' will have on the race promoters and event organizers. In the last year, we've seen a bike boom coupled with the encouragement to ride close to home. We've watched cycling reckon with racial injustice. We've seen governing bodies get interested in gravel. Gravel race promoters and event organizers have not been idly standing by. In fact, I believe…

4 min.
lion on the carrefour

For race photographers, there are certain moments during the European pro cycling season that simply cannot be missed. One of those occurs on the Carrefour de l’Arbre, one of the longest, most treacherous sectors of cobblestones featured in Paris-Roubaix. These cobbles are so dangerous because they fall late in the race, when the entire peloton is exhausted. For racers, this stretch of stones represents the last opportunity to attack and get away. For photographers, it is one final chance to get the leaders at the height of their physical effort and emotion. Everything happens in milliseconds here. Should you capture the winner here at the Carrefour, well, it will likely be your winning image of the day. This was never more true than in 2002, the last rainy edition of Paris-Roubaix, and…

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cool | want | need

REVELATE TANGLE FRAME BAG The Tangle comes in four sizes, ranging from a 3-liter small up to a 6-liter large to fit all frames. Lots of good details here like closed-cell foam padding, cam-lock buckles, and internal organizers. The mighty, fat-tooth zipper is a good indication of how this bag is meant to withstand abuse. $90 DAWN TO DUSK KAPTIVE 10 Losing a bottle is the last thing you want on a gravel ride or in a race. This six-arm cage boasts 10 pounds of grip force. $65 SPORTFUL SUPERGIARA JERSEY It’s soft and wicking with no annoying grippers at the arms, just a clean laser cut at the end of the long sleeves. Reflective bands on the front and back help keep you visible, and a zippered fourth pocket keeps valuables with you. $135 3T…

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lachlan morton’s race simulation

Why Your ability to go hard after spending hours wearing down your legs is critical. This is something you can train. As Lachlan Morton puts it: “You’re trying to turn your endurance and whatever intensity work you’ve done into more specific race form.” When Don’t do this regularly. Morton does it about a week to 10 days before a big race. Do it when “You know you can get through it and feel better having done it,” says Morton. It’s a great workout for building confidence as you move into your taper or rest. What Morton combines a long climbing and subthreshold work with a race-specific finish. You get the workout without the mental focus required for more structured work. Morton makes the workout feel like a race. He avoids looking at his numbers — every…