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fit and feel(s)

My wife just bought a bike, a $600 Liv Alight, from a local shop. She wanted to make sure she liked how it looked, and I wanted to make sure it fit her. We both came away happy. When shopping for a high-end bike, it is easy to go down various rabbit holes: aerodynamic charts, wheel styles, groupset configurations, and — perhaps this year’s most important attribute — actual availability. But being happy on the bike really comes down to a great fit and great feelings. Great fit is straightforward. You need a bike that is appropriately sized, and with touchpoints that make you feel at home. If you don’t like it, don’t just deal with the stock saddle, or the handlebar shape, or hood angle. Spend time getting your touchpoints to…

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fun in a bottle just add water

Giancarlo Bianchi has designed pop art bottles for years that riff on current events, themes, and logos in cycling culture and the broader world. His most recent design is the Super Tuckr, which plays on the Super Soaker squirt gun motif with a UCI ‘BANNED POSI-TION’ faux logo and safety warning. The Rider’s Sticky Bottle looks like an Elmer’s Glue logo. (A sticky bottle, as many race fans know, is when a rider holds onto a water bottle being handed out of a moving car and effectively gets a high-speed push.) Bidon Domestique looks awfully similar to the logo of Dom Perignon. The PureWatts bottle riffs on Purell, the now-ubiquitous hand sanitizer brand. Haterade was his first design with a Gatorade theme. Bianchi is a full-time test engineer at Wahoo Fitness, and he…

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champion gear

RIDER RUTH WINDER A British-born American racer, Ruth Winder has achieved sucess on the track and the road. She won the U.S. national road title in 2019, and since nationals was canceled in 2020, she is wearing the stars and stripes for 2021, too. NOT YOUR EVERYDAY SHOES Rumors spread through Trek-Segafredo that Winder was going to get custom national champion’s shoes to match her kit. In 2020 the new kicks showed up, designed by artist Jason Bass. At first glance, Winder thought the shoes resembled the French tricolor flag. “Then I saw the stars and stripes on the bottom, and it’s like — ‘wow, super cool!’” Winder said. “They did such a good job with the kit, so to have the matching shoes is a really fun touch.” WINDER’S EVERYDAY SUPPLIES Winder always keeps her…

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shoe shopping

RIDER DANTE YOUNG A former member of the CNCPT and L39ion of Los Angeles teams, Dante is a stalwart of the Los Angeles racing scene and veteran of the Red Hook Criteriums. He enjoys customizing his shoes with different colored BOA dials. ROAD S-WORKS ARES, $425 It’s kinda a chore to get on, but once your feet are in it, the Ares is absurdly comfortable and yet designed to keep you locked in for maximum power transfer, in and out of the saddle. Specialized tossed out the tongue for a one-piece Dyneema sock-like upper, secured by two wide straps over the foot and BOA Li2 dials. SIDI SHOT 2, $549 The popularity of Sidi’s fit and its reputation for durability goes back decades. It’s not the lightest (or cheapest!) shoe, but what’s unique here is the adjustable…

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men’s road

RIDER ISAIAH NEWKIRK After racing professionally, Isaiah Newkirk is now a full-time cycling coach, race director for Project Echelon, and Podcast host for "The Training Edge." HELMET POC VENTRAL LITE, $275 The lightest ever helmet from the Swedish safety brand comes in at a scant 180g in size small for the CE version. CPSC versions sold in the U.S. weigh more, but the great ventilation is the same. SUNGLASSES KOO SPECTRO, $179 The Italian brand goes heavy on the style and tech without going overboard on price. Here you get a Zeiss polycarbonate shield lens, an adjustable nosepiece, and super grippy arms. JERSEY CUORE GOLD COMP, $112 Light, breathable, aero — sure. Most modern jerseys can do that. What’s cool about Cuore is how you can customize not only the sublimation but the fit by specifying sleeve and body length. Arm…

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women’s road

RIDER ALIYA BARNWELL Aliya Barnwell is the founder and president of Ride Up Grades, a road cycling instruction program focused on 12-to 18-year-olds in low-income communities. Barnwell writes the Kit Critic column for HELMET KASK PROTONE, $299 The Protone has been a hot helmet since Team Sky popularized it back in 2015. It’s light, low profile, and well-vented for an aero helmet. SUNGLASSES 100% GLENDALE, $185 With a hint of aviator style, while still protecting your eyes from road debris and UV rays, the Glendale glasses have a broad frame around the coated 5-base lens (meaning it’s relatively flat). Adjustable temples and grippy rubber nose pads keep them comfortably in place, and the Viperidae is an unexpected color that works with a wide variety of kits. GLOVES BONTRAGER VELLA, $21 A metal brand label provides grip for the cuff adjustment,…