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No magazine is more in touch with Kiwi women than Woman’s Day, New Zealand’s most popular weekly magazine. For the one-in-three women who read Woman’s Day each week, it’s a treat – a chance to escape daily life for a titillating fix of the best showbiz stories, hot celebrity photos, inspirational real-life reads, a TV guide and a lifestyle section packed with tips, tricks, puzzles and great columns.

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battle of the beaches anything you can do ... miley can do better!

While actor Liam Hemsworth and his new squeeze Gabriella Brooks, 21, hit Australia’s Byron Bay for some fun in the sun two weeks ago, Miley Cyrus and beau Cody Simpson weren’t to be outdone. Despite being on the other side of the world and in the throes of a Californian winter, the couple braved the cool winds to put on a sandy show of affection of their own. Miley, 27, stripped down to a one-piece bathing suit, but soon wrapped up warm again in a hoodie and jeans. The “Wrecking Ball” singer, who split from hubby Liam, 30, in August last year after less than 12 months of marriage, snuggled into Cody, 23, during their Malibu outing. The pair have been friends for a long time but their relationship turned into something more in…

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editor’s note

It’s taken me days to recover from the SAG Awards. Don’t ask me to rattle off winners because the event was totally eclipsed by pics that almost gave me a heart attack. Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston sharing a tender moment backstage made my head spin and I had to sit down. Then I stared and stared at the glorious frames for hours and hours – which eventually turned into days. If you’re a regular reader of Woman’s Day, you’ll know why these pics of Brad and Jen locking eyes, clasping hands and looking like nobody else is in the room are the most amazing thing ever. This is what we’ve waited 15 years to see! If it was a Friends episode, it would have been “The One Where Brad and Jen Break…

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woman’s day

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oh, how i a dore you! brad & jen back on

The warm smile, the tender hug, the clasped hands that lingered just a moment longer than necessary … Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s loving display of affection at the Screen Actors Guild Awards last week said it all – Hollywood’s former golden couple have finally made their way back to each other. Almost 15 years to the day after Brad walked out on their five-year marriage and into the arms of his Mr and Mrs Smith co-star Angelina Jolie, the internet went into meltdown on January 20 at the sight of the reunited couple’s backstage embrace. Moments before the pictures were taken, Jennifer had joyfully accepted a gong for her role in The Morning Show and Brad – who had earlier scooped his own award for his role in Once Upon a…

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emotional homecoming inside harry & meghan’s new life!

To put it mildly, it had been a long two weeks. And when an emotional and exhausted Prince Harry finally walked through the door of his Vancouver Island mansion and into the arms of his wife, the Duchess of Sussex, he couldn’t stop the tears rolling down his cheeks. He was home at last – but at an enormous cost. In one tumultuous fortnight, the once-popular prince had turned his back on everything he’d known since the day he was born: his life as a royal, his country, his family. Now, he was about to start not just a new chapter of his life, but a brand-new book. “Their reunion was incredibly emotional,” a well-placed insider says. “The heavy burden Harry had felt about telling his family, and the world, was finally…

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dad in despair charles’ fears for harry

As Prince Harry faced the music, finding himself saying goodbye to his life as a working royal – there was one silver lining to the whole sorry affair. He and Prince William have begun to end their two-year feud after realising it was a case of “now or never”. The formerly close brothers found time outside of Harry’s “Megxit” negotiations to hold their own secret peace talks because they both feared that if they didn’t, they might never heal the heartbreaking rift that has opened between them in recent years. “It has been groundbreaking in terms of saving their bond as brothers,” according to a palace insider. “They decided to cut out all the toxic people stirring around them to deal with each other man-to-man as brothers … and the family warmth…