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Woman's Day November 2019

Woman's Day, one of the oldest and most beloved of all the traditional women's magazines, is ever-evolving to fit the needs of modern readers.

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woman's day

Editor-in-Chief Susan Spencer Creative Director Peter Hemmel Executive Editor Beth Dreher Executive Managing Editor Kim Cheney ART Design Director Isabel Abdai FOOD Chief Food Director Kate Merker Senior Food Editor Drew Anne Salvatore Food Editor Catherine Lo Editorial Project Manager Trish Clasen Test Kitchen Assistant Taylor Murray Editorial Assistant Rebecca Miller HEALTH NEWSROOM Executive Director Lisa Bain Deputy Director Stephanie Dolgoff Senior Editors Alyssa Jung, Kaitlyn Pirie STYLE Beauty Director April Franzino Associate Beauty Editor Pia Velasco Assistant Beauty Editor Paige Stables Chief Fashion Director Aya Kanai Executive Fashion Director Kristen Saladino Senior Fashion Editor Hannah Deely Associate Fashion Editor Ann Wang Fashion Assistant Rachel Bogo HEARST VISUAL GROUP Chief Visual Content Director Alix Campbell Executive Visual Director Christina Weber Visual Director Roni Martin-Chance Senior Visual Editor Martha Maristany Assistant Visual Editor Sara Neumann Visual Assistant Amy Cooper COPY AND RESEARCH Senior Editor, Research Janie Matthews Research Editor Clare Ellis Copy Chief Benay R. Bubar Deputy Copy Chief Kristy Kofron PRODUCTION Assistant Managing Editor Lauren Spencer Editorial Business Manager Ann Schinnerer WOMANSDAY.COM Group…

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on my desk this month

This fall, my 81-year-old mother moved out of her home of 27 years into a senior facility in a neighboring state. During a bittersweet long weekend, my family came to help her pack. Sorting through every inch of the house, we discovered old letters (save), photo albums (save), and sets of cringe-worthy slides from the 1970s (definitely toss). One closet yielded a long-forgotten trove of family silver, and the generational divide cracked open when the grandchildren showed not the slightest interest—“No more things!” was their rallying cry. I was distracted for a good hour by letters my father had received from his father during a tough period in his life, a glimpse into a time I hadn’t known about. The busy days ended with long, loud family dinners until the…

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win it! $1,960 in free holiday entertaining products

DRINKS ARE SERVED One reader will win a Martha Stewart Collection Bar Cart and Martha Stewart Collection Blush Drinkware from Macy’s. Value: $535 HOT PLATES Four winners will receive a kitchen bundle from Corelle Brands that includes a 6-piece Pyrex Deep Glass Baking Dish Set With Sage Green Lids and a Corningware French White 18-piece set. Value: $125 FLORAL MASTERPIECE Five winners will receive an Adra White Chevron vase from Crate and Barrel and a $75 gift card from 1-800-Flowers.com. Value: $125 PASS THE CHEESE Ten readers will win a Sabatier 8x18 Prep and Serve Board, perfect for their next charcuterie platter. Value: $30 Bon us STORIES! As a magazine subscriber, you qualify for a free exclusive weekly newsletter with extra articles, recipes, and tips from Woman’s Day editors. Visit signup.womansday.com…

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stretch your muscles

WORKING OUT THE KINKS BEFORE BED MAY SEEM counterintuitive, but experts think that’s the optimum time to stretch—especially if you feel muscle tension. Yoga and stretching therapist Claire Grieve says pre-bedtime moves like child’s pose, legs up the wall, and reclined goddess “can help ease pain and tension,” allowing for deeper relaxation. Light stretches can also help with symptoms of restless leg syndrome, says Jan Schroeder, Ph.D., professor of fitness at Long Beach State University. Try to hold each stretch for at least 30 seconds to give muscles a chance to release—then say “Sweet dreams” to that evening tension.…

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love your style

Trend to Try Pastel Coat Be a beacon of ahhh in a sea of blah—seriously. All the gray and black overcoats can be a tad depressing. Yes, the leaves have fallen, the grass is brown, and slush season is around the corner. But spring can live forever in your heart! And on your back! You might say, “Clinton, a black coat doesn’t get as dirty.” To which I reply, “Two words: stain stick.” And don’t wear a pastel coat to change your tires. Put it on when you want to look totally freakin’ adorable. HOW TO WEAR IT All solids go with all other solids, so a pastel coat will work with most pants or skirts you own. You’ll get a lot more wear for your buck than you might imagine. Promise!…

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how can i handle differing opinions at family events?

ASK FUN QUESTIONS Come prepared with lighthearted conversation starters. For example, “What present that you wanted as a kid but never received would you still be excited about getting now?” Nostalgia can create a positive vibe. REDIRECT DISCUSSION Since everyone’s holiday goal is to strengthen connection, not win debates, keep in mind that not every comment warrants a response. Refocus a tense conversation by switching to a more neutral topic. STICK UP FOR YOURSELF THE RIGHT WAY Be respectful, yet true to your beliefs. To do so in a nonconfrontational manner, validate the person—“I appreciate how you want to engage everyone”—and then explain your perspective; offer to share resources.…