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a cause for celebration

Woodcraft Magazine is proud to present its 100th issue! Much has changed since we embarked on this adventure 16 years ago, but our dedication to producing accessible woodworking content has endured. The team here delights in delivering knockout projects, valuable woodworking advice, honest tool reviews, and shop-proven tips. In general, we just flat out love woodworking and want you to, too. To that end, we went all out for this issue. To start, Woodcraft Supply and a few top-notch toolmakers have joined us in creating the 100th Issue Giveaway Sweepstakes, offering you a chance to win a shop full of tools! You’ll find all the details on page 25. Then, if you’re reading this, you already know about the 6 Best Boxes magazine bundled with the issue. Plucked from our previous…

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tamar hannah

Mother of invention When Tamar Hannah sees a need, she meets it head-on. The mother of three schoolage children took to woodworking five years ago when even an exhaustive internet search didn’t yield the piece of household furniture she was seeking—a bench with built-in firewood storage. So, she built it. Since then, she has designed and created beds, bars, benches, and guitars. “Everything comes from a need. I need storage, I need a guitar—we all need guitars,” she quipped. Hannah’s self-taught woodworking education combined YouTube videos with a healthy dose of trial and error. When she noticed most of the instructors were men, Hannah saw a need for a female woodworking role model. True to form, she met that need too by creating her own YouTube channel, 3x3 Custom. Putting her…

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oops! wrong number

The Black Walnut & Copper Vase story (Feb/Mar 2021) has an error. The drawing lists the sides at 11¾" tall, but the story says to mill a single piece 22" long to yield these two sides. What gives? —Herman Susser, via email Associate editor Derek Richmond replies: The error is in the drawing dimension. Each side should be 10¾" long, which can be milled out of a single piece 22" long, as instructed. The correct dimension is shown here, and it will be corrected in the online version of the article as well. Thanks for keeping us honest.…

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guide to buying?

Some of your projects use unique items, like the ball bearing in Shoot the Moon and the tree topper on the Kissmas Tree (Issue 98, Dec/Jan 21). Where can I purchase these items? —Patricia Theodore, via email Woodcraft Magazine staff replies: Specialty parts, tools, finishes, and other items used in our projects are listed in the Buyer’s Guide section of each issue. There, we include current prices, Woodcraft item numbers where applicable, and websites with product numbers for items not available from Woodcraft. How to reach us Email editor@woodcraftmagazine.com or write to Woodcraft Magazine, 4420 Emerson Ave., Suite A, Box 7020, Parkersburg, WV, 26102-7020.…

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no more for me

Like nearly everyone else this past year, I’ve had a lot on my plate and am just now getting around to reading the June/July 2020 issue of Woodcraft Magazine. What a hoot on page 64, “There’s always one more” I’d bet just about every reader has experienced this same thing. How many times I’ve gone scavenging for a nut, bolt, screw, drawer pull or knob…I don’t know! But it’s been more than a few times. I would need, for example, four screws, just alike…you guessed it, there were only three, only three! There’s gotta be one more. Unfortunately, in my case, there seldom was. —Jack W. Stanford, via email…

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glitchy? not us!

Yu may find some grammatical, typographical, philosophical, and ethical errors in the pages of this issue. Rest assured, deer reader, that each and every 1 of these was carefully and intentionally placed their by our crack(pot) staff of editors for your April Fools’ Day amusement. Sneak peek at next issue Fast, Flawless, and Frugal Learn to create perfect dovetails in 10 minutes using just a hacksaw and pocket knife! Honing Basics Are you really as sharp as you think you are? Chainsaw Safety on the Cheap Accessory guards that don’t cost an arm and a leg. A Tablesaw Coffee Table Think we’re kidding? (We sure hope so…)…