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Arizona Highways Magazine

Arizona Highways Magazine September 2019

For more than 90 years, Arizona Highways has delighted readers with award winning journalism and photography, reflecting Arizona’s stature as one of the top vacation destinations around the globe. Every issue showcases the most amazing photography and valuable information you need to enjoy the unique and diverse travel destinations in and around the state.

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7 min.
editor’s letter

“No instrument so faithfully records our lives and the land we live in as the camera. Through the printed page and the reproduction of the photograph the whole world is brought into our living room. The most remote places become as familiar as our backyards.”— RAYMOND CARLSON Jack sent Jeff an email. “You’ve gotta talk Robert into this. These little guys are being reintroduced in farming areas. They’re nature’s natural insecticide. I have a collection of images, should Roberto have interest.” When Jack Dykinga casually mentions a “collection of images,” it’s like Bob Dylan saying: “Oh, hey, I’ve written another song. I call it Blowin’ in the Wind.” Another song. Another collection. I think Jack could pitch us a portfolio of papier-mâché pinecones and we’d send him a contract. Not because of the Pulitzer that…

1 min.
arizona highways

SEPTEMBER 2019 VOL. 95 NO. 9 800-543-5432 www.arizonahighways.com GIFT SHOP: 602-712-2200 PUBLISHER Kelly Mero EDITOR Robert Stieve SENIOR EDITOR/BOOKS EDITOR Kelly Vaughn MANAGING EDITOR Noah Austin ASSOCIATE EDITOR/VIDEO EDITOR Ameema Ahmed PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR Jeff Kida CREATIVE DIRECTOR Barbara Glynn Denney ART DIRECTOR Keith Whitney MAP DESIGNER Kevin Kibsey PRODUCTION DIRECTOR Michael Bianchi DIRECTOR OF SALES AND MARKETING Karen Farugia WEBMASTER Victoria Snow CIRCULATION DIRECTOR Nicole Bowman DIRECTOR OF FINANCE Matthew Bailey OPERATIONS/IT MANAGER Cindy Bormanis CORPORATE OR TRADE SALES 602-712-2018 SPONSORSHIP SALES REPRESENTATION On Media Publications Deidra Viberg 602-323-9701 LETTERS TO THE EDITOR editor@arizonahighways.com 2039 W. Lewis Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85009 GOVERNOR Douglas A. Ducey DIRECTOR, DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION John S. Halikowski…

4 min.
different by design

editor@arizonahighways.com Lawrence Cheek said he wanted to write an article on architecture, “hopefully better” than he did 35 years ago. He certainly achieved that goal! I know this not because I researched his previous articles — although his use of the term “Taco Deco” made me want to — but because nothing could be better written than his two recent articles [Spanish Accent and Different by Design, July 2019]. This is word crafting at its finest. His view of architectural trends is clear and concise, and his way of describing them is a joy to read. If he builds sailboats as perfectly as he writes, this man is turning out superbly crafted masterpieces! Jean Hutton, Scottsdale, Arizona I wish to applaud you for your thoughtful response to the reader unhappy about restaurant information…

4 min.
best picture 2019

GRAND PRIZE HIGH DESERT CHRISTMAS SARA WITTENBERGER Mount Ord, northeast of the Phoenix area, offers a spectacular and snowy view of a Christmas Day sunset. “The first thing that grabs me is the light and how it interacts with the landscape and the clouds,” says Arizona Highways Photo Editor Jeff Kida. “The angle of the light creates contrasting textures in the jagged rocks and the soft clouds, and the warm tones of the rocks contrast with the cooler tones of the clouds and the snow. I also like how Sara placed the horizon high in the frame, then used the foreground to lead the viewer to the payoff, the sun itself.” Nikon D610, 1/40 sec, f/2.8, ISO 100, 14 mm lens SECOND PLACE GREAT EGRETS IN THE MIST TAM RYAN Mist cloaks four great egrets at the Riparian…

11 min.
the early photographers

“There’s such power in the landscape in Arizona. And Arizona Highways has held on for a long time. It’s an honor to have some of my best work in the magazine, especially on subjects that haven’t been done that much, and that’s why I come back to the magazine. I want it to hold up through time.”— DAVID MUENCH, DECEMBER 2015 In television, the big change began with Bonanza — 60 years ago this month. It wasn’t the first color broadcast, that distinction goes to the Tournament of Roses Parade, but to Baby Boomers and their parents, the debut of the feel-good Western on September 12, 1959, marked the transition from the Paleozoic era of black and white television to an age when the vivid blue of Lake Tahoe and the…

21 min.
esther henderson & chuck abbott

THIS IS THE STORY OF THE DANCER AND THE COWBOY — a romance for the ages, set against the widescreen splendor of an untamed Arizona. In a word, photographer Esther Henderson was plucky — good at pretty much anything she set out to do. But no single word could capture the character of her husband, Chuck Abbott, a man who spent his first 48 years seeking opportunity, from Hawaii to war-torn Europe, before finally finding the love of his life one day in Tucson. They would go on to become the first couple of Arizona photography, traveling for weeks at a time on rugged, rutted roads, from stands of aspens in the San Francisco Peaks to expanses of sand verbenas in the desert dunes along the Colorado River. They were forever in…