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Arizona Highways Magazine December 2018

For more than 90 years, Arizona Highways has delighted readers with award winning journalism and photography, reflecting Arizona’s stature as one of the top vacation destinations around the globe. Every issue showcases the most amazing photography and valuable information you need to enjoy the unique and diverse travel destinations in and around the state.

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editor’s letter

I MET ALISON ON A SATURDAY morning. At a parade. We were introduced by a mutual friend, one of the few hippies in Old Town Scottsdale. Like most parades, Parada del Sol is loud. It’s hardly a place to hatch a plan, but that’s where this began. This issue. This collaboration. This attempt to rescue valuable artifacts.Despite the commotion, Alison pulled me aside and started talking — 2,600-pound Percherons, hell-bent tuba players and varsity cheerleaders are no match for Alison Goldwater Ross. She needed help.“I’m trying to preserve my grandfather’s archive,” she said. “There are thousands of negatives and transparencies. And they’re disintegrating. Film deteriorates. Did you know that? If we don’t do something, all of that history will be lost.”She spoke with a sense of urgency. Like Paul Revere that…

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barry goldwater

BARRY GOLDWATER LOOKS POSITIVELY BLISSFUL. It’s the summer of 1940, and 31-year-old Barry is deep into a journey along the Colorado River that will make him just the 73rd person to travel through the Grand Canyon by boat.Barry is virtually unrecognizable in the photograph. Wearing a T-shirt, he gazes into the distance, his eyes alive and his smile serene. The high forehead appears familiar, but Barry’s trademark jutting jaw is concealed by a thick, dark beard, the kind men grow when the closest mirrors are miles away and wives won’t be seen for several weeks more.Barry had left behind his wife, Peggy, in San Diego that July with the couple’s three small children, including son Michael, born just four months earlier. Peggy didn’t want her husband to go on the…

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the royal prints

IN 1969, BARRY GOLDWATER gave Raymond Carlson a Christmas gift. It was an 11x14 color print of Monument Valley. The photograph was made by Barry Goldwater, and the signed print would become one of our longtime editor’s most cherished possessions.The two men were good friends and colleagues. They’d met, by chance, in the late 1930s at the opening of the old Arizona Brewing Co. in Phoenix. Knowing that Barry spent a lot of time exploring Arizona, Mr. Carlson asked the would-be senator about contributing to the magazine. “The first photograph I sold to Arizona Highways was in 1939,” Barry said. “Ray and I were driving along one day by Coal Mine Canyon up near Tuba City. Ray said, ‘You wouldn’t have a picture of that, would you?’ I said, ‘Yeah,…

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photographs by barry m. goldwater

George Avey, Arizona Highways’ longtime art director, would sometimes work with Barry by cropping his photographs and printing them in black and white. This image, which first appeared on page 9 of our June 1940 issue, is one of them. “That’s one of my better pictures,” Barry said. “That was taken back in 1938 at an Indian fair near Window Rock. That’s an old Navajo. His name is Charlie Potato, and I guess I must have printed maybe 5,000 of those and sold them and given them away. I have it in color and in black and white. I don’t speak Navajo, and he didn’t speak English. So he was just sitting there, and I just picked the camera up and took the picture, gave him a cigarette and that…

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feliz navidad

This is the festive season, the season of family and friends, the season of home and fireside. This is the season when, if we are wanderers in the world, we think of familiar faces and familiar places, and our thoughts travel the intervening miles. The wounds and sorrows of War are fresh and vivid, but as the Yuletide approaches and the New Year comes we enter the season cheered with the hope that our world will be a better and happier place for all. We who are fortunate enough to be living in this blessed land, this rich, strong America, are grateful and humble for the blessings bestowed upon us. Let there be happiness in the land and good cheer!In keeping with the festive season, Arizona Highways appears this month…

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the barry & peggy goldwater foundation

“The present-day Navajo are leaving behind some of their traditional ways,” Barry wrote in Arizona, a coffee table book published by Rand McNally in 1978. “I worked hard [on those words],” he said of the book. “But I had to keep in mind that the photographs would be far more beautiful than my words.” The photographs for the book were those of another one of our legendary contributors, David Muench. Barry made this undated photograph on the Navajo Nation.The mission is simple: to preserve history.At a glance, the focus seems to be on photography, but the ultimate goal of the Barry & Peggy Goldwater Foundation is to preserve history. Specifically, the history that was documented on film by the foundation’s namesake.Although he’s best known as a U.S. senator, a public…