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Art Almanac July 2019

Art Almanac is a monthly briefing on national art news, reviews and exhibitions. Since 1974, Art Almanac has proudly published the most comprehensive gallery exhibition listings in the country. The magazine features extended exhibition reviews and a national roundup of current shows as well as a dynamic and comprehensive online offering.

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a drone opera

Laser beams, classical music and eyes in the sky take the stage at Carriageworks with Matthew Sleeth’s three channel video installation ‘A Drone Opera’ until 28 July, co-presented with Experimenta. As the title suggests the auditory experience of an original libretto performed by opera singers Judith Dodsworth, Hamish Gould and Paul Hughes includes the seemingly disjointed omnipresence of the technology of surveillance. Ovid’s ‘The Fall of Icarus’ inspired the performance; the narrative parallels a contemporary experience of our desires and fears. Daniel Mudie Cunningham, Carriageworks Director of Programs, shared that ‘the conceptual and technical artistry of this work offers a unique insight into how spectatorship and surveillance is rapidly evolving as technology mediates contemporary life.’ carriageworks.com.au experimenta.org…

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cairns indigenous art fair

‘Cairns Indigenous Art Fair’ celebrates Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art and culture through storytelling, song and language. From 10 to 14 July Cairns will be a hub of creativity and entertainment with a showcase of visual art, dance, music, performance, children’s programs, artist talks, workshops and comedy. The party opens at Cairns Cruise Liner Terminal on 11 July at 6.30pm including the announcement of the CIAF Art Awards. In a splash of brilliant colour and design the CIAF fashion show lights up the TANKS Art Centre on 11 and 12 July. While the CIAF Symposium at Pullman International will discuss the state of Queensland First People’s art and its future on 10 July at 8.30am. CIAF coincides with NAIDOC Week 7 to 14 July. ciaf.com.au…

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the tangible trace

The 2019 TarraWarra International exhibition titled ‘The Tangible Trace’ curated by Victoria Lynn will be on view until 1 September at TarraWarra Museum of Art in Healesville. Lynn says the practices have produced pieces which ‘are about sensations that exist in the world: they can be seen, felt and experienced in our real environments. They are not imagined. They are material, situated and responsive.’ Iudqflv#Doôv–#+Ehojlxp2Ph{lfr,#ylghr0zrun#iroorzv#d#›dplqj#vrffhu#edoo#dv#lw#vkhgv#oljkw#rq#wkh# olwhudo#dqg#·jxudwlyh#gdunqhvv#lq#wkh#vwuhhwv#ri#Flxgdg#MxÓuh}/#d#erughu#wrzq#zlwk#ulydo#fduwhov1# Hiwa K (Iraq/Germany) also creates a sense of unease in a digital piece that simulates the experience of walking through foreign territory. Charting interior and exterior space, Shilpa Gupta (India) will create two new works; one is a large stone inscribed with text in various languages which will later be broken into small trace-pieces which the audience are invited to take; the other lv#d#pds#ri#Dxvwudold#pdgh#iurp#·qh#frsshu#zluhv1 Simryn Gill’s…

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seven year itch

This commemorative publication marks the hqg#ri#qrq0sur·w#frqwhpsrudu|#duw#jdoohu|# Chapter House Lane, Melbourne 2011-2018. In a hi-vis-orange coloured sleeve the limited edition title enclosed contains works created in response to the theme ‘Seven Year Itch’ by past exhibitors; 47 of whom are represented here, drawn from 64 shows the volunteer group proudly mounted. The black and white reproductions elicit an endearing ‘year-book’- like format, which is bookended by lined pages, perhaps inspired by Tai Snaith’s piece on page 38 which reads ‘if they give you lined paper, write the other way.’…

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del kathryn barton

This publication is part of a new series of mini-monographs on Australian female artists; edited by Natalie King, each contains a personal essay by a luminary from another ·hog1#Khuh/#lq#dq#rgh#wr#Gho#Ndwku|q#Eduwrq/# the ‘high priestess of womanhood’, prizewinning author Sarah Darmody draws parallels from her experience with impending motherhood to Barton’s depictions of the seduction and power of sexuality and femininity. Darmody recalls sleep-deprived evenings in the nursery, where surreal, hypnagogic hallucinations mirror the hybrid characters and imaginative ornate worlds of Barton’s compositions. Her commentary on motherhood captures the beauty and struggles of our biology and the ‘hormonal tide of re-creation’; coupling Barton’s beautifully glvwruwhg/#pxowl0euhdvwhg#·jxuhv#wkdw#ghqvho|# ·oo#wkhvh#sdjhv1…

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so fine: contemporary women artists make australian history

This catalogue is a unique tribute to the exhibition ‘So Fine: Contemporary women artists make Australian history’. Essays by Sarah Engledow launch the theme with discussion around paintings of historical events in Australia produced through the predominant white male lens of the last century. Leading on from here Engledow narrates the changes that have occurred and the achievements of women in art during the last 20 years and introduces the work of artists Nicola Dickson, Nusra Latif Qureshi, Fiona McMonagle, Shirley Purdie, Pamela See, Leah King-Smith, Valerie Kirk, Carol McGregor, Linde Ivimey and Bern Emmerichs, who were invited to create for ‘So Fine’. Richly illustrated chapters devoted to each artist are accompanied by artist statements, which have been sewn into the publication.…