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Art Almanac September 2019

Art Almanac is a monthly briefing on national art news, reviews and exhibitions. Since 1974, Art Almanac has proudly published the most comprehensive gallery exhibition listings in the country. The magazine features extended exhibition reviews and a national roundup of current shows as well as a dynamic and comprehensive online offering.

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sydney contemporary

The fifth edition of Sydney Contemporary will come to life at Carriageworks from Thursday 12 until Sunday 15 September with presentations from more than 90 Australian and international galleries, including special zones NEXT and FUTURE which showcase early-career artists and galleries, some offering work for under $5,000. Amongst the art spaces a collection of Australian art publications will be in attendance in dedicated media stalls, including Art Almanac at Stand M2! As well as the commercial arm of the fair, viewers will encounter unique performances selected by Jeff Khan and Katie Winten from the likes of Leila El Rayes, Archie Barry and many more, programs and 15 new site-specific installations from well-known artists curated by Dr Mikala Tai. Some highlights include – Movana Chen’s ongoing knitted work Deconstructing comprised of shredded…

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channels festival

‘Channels Festival: International Biennial of Video Art’ unites artists from Australia and abroad in a burst of creative reflection about our relationships with each other, with culture and society more broadly. Exhibitions, new commissions, artist residencies, film screenings, performances and talks are on across Melbourne venues until 15 September. Don’t miss ‘Composite Acts’ by choreographer Jo Lloyd and artist David Rosetzky, exploring non-binary sexual identities, social dynamics and power, for one night only, ‘Digital Nation’ by First Nations artists investigating the relationship between tradition and technology, connection and country with experimental video and Virtual Reality, and look out for work by Mike Parr, Almagul Menlibayeva, Eugenia Lim, Shaun Gladwell and others. channelsfestival.net.au…

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eden unearthed

Through spring and into the summer months within the lush green landscape of Eden Gardens at Macquarie Park on Sydney’s north side, a dazzling display of sculpture, installations and interactive sound works are on show in ‘Eden Unearthed’, including a giant Kokedama ball (moss ball) – an ancient Japanese form of plant sculpting. Until 31 January, 2020 the public are invited to explore the gardens with the aide of an interactive catalogue, which tells the stories behind the works of 40 artists who have come together to show their concerns and ignite conversation about current and future issues surrounding the environment and sustainability while capturing the beauty and extraordinary qualities of all that exists in the world around us. edengardens.com.au/unearthed…

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the boyd legacy

Exclusive to Shepparton Art Museum (SAM), the first Victorian showing of Bundanon Trust’s touring exhibition ‘Arthur Boyd: Landscape of the Soul’ will be on display alongside SAM’s newly curated ‘The Boyd Family: a legacy of pottery’, from 14 September until 24 November and 14 March 2020 respectively. ‘Arthur Boyd: Landscape of the Soul’ offers insight into the artist’s powerful early grasp of the landscape as a subject; ‘Boyd’s profound delirium of light and dark, swinging between euphoria and apprehension through diverse notions of landscape over almost half a century, is the focus of this exhibition,’ says curator Barry Pearce. It features more than 40 paintings, including a group of masterpieces borrowed from major state art museums, plus 20 works on paper as well as letters, photographs and sketchbooks, featuring works from…

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ballarat international foto biennale

Through the lens of Australian and international photographers who see the world in unconventional ways and in unpredictable circumstances, the 2019 ‘Ballarat International Foto Biennale’ (BIFB), this year takes a deep dive into the world of human behaviour and human intervention across 30 exhibitions, 70 open programs, contemporary video, special events and public programs, indoors and out until 20 October. Core exhibition highlights include ‘Camouflage’ by photographer, performer and social activist Liu Bolin whose images need a second look to make out the meticulously painted human bodies hidden within the works – often his own. Indigenous artist Dr Fiona Foley’s mid-career retrospective ‘Who are these strangers and where are they going?’ celebrates 30 years of her arts practice with a display of key photographic works and a new musical soundscape. The…

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on artists

About a third of the way into his essay ‘On Artists’ Ashleigh Wilson is deep in a list of the nefarious, violent and predatory acts of, mostly male, famous visual artists, actors, musicians and poets from the Renaissance to today. Then, he asks ‘how much weight should we give to the life when decoding the mysteries of the art?’ The author toggles between these charges and the achievements of each individual, drawing out how evil and excellence co-exist, and considers the dilemma of presenting the artistic output to the public. Do we erase, boycott or display with context – risking a perpetuation of misogyny and further harm to survivors? Wilson concludes ‘we can’t ignore the artist, but that doesn’t mean we have to forgive them either.’…