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Art Almanac October 2019

Art Almanac is a monthly briefing on national art news, reviews and exhibitions. Since 1974, Art Almanac has proudly published the most comprehensive gallery exhibition listings in the country. The magazine features extended exhibition reviews and a national roundup of current shows as well as a dynamic and comprehensive online offering.

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the big anxiety festival

How do we cultivate empathy in place of stigma, fear and discrimination? Asks ‘The Big Anxiety Festival’ – the world’s largest mental health and arts event. On during Mental Health Month (October) through to 9 November, with the aim of encouraging Australians with mental health problems not seeking help – to reach out, the festival drives conversation towards a better understanding of these issues and the prevention of suicide by tapping community consciousness through creativity within the arts. Professor Jill Bennett, Artistic Director of the Festival says the festival ‘explores various ways for us to connect, hear and be heard; and to make change by breaking down barriers people experience and through building better futures.’ ‘The Big Anxiety Festival’ culminates in a diverse program of sound installation, visual art, discussion, film, radio podcasts,…

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artstate tamworth

Presented by Regional Arts NSW, ‘Artstate Tamworth’ is the third iteration of the organisation’s four-year program ‘Artstate’ established in 2017 as a platform to highlight the excellence in regional arts practice in the region. From 31 October to 3 November the township of Tamworth will be a hub for visual art, theatre, dance, film and conversation, across a dynamic program of exhibitions including ‘Exploded Textiles’, ‘Art Word Place’ and ‘Warrabara’ by Kamilaroi weaver Amy Hammond. A two-day conference will explore the theme ‘On Country – In Country and Arts in the Age of Uncertainty’, ‘Girrabul Murris (talented Murris)’ will take the stage for the open-air concert and five local artists including Reko Rennie will electrify building façades with a series of light projections. artstate.com.au…

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melbourne international arts festival

Melbourne International Arts Festival’s visual art events include the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art presenting a sonic installation by Haroon Mirza who responds to the ‘echo chamber’ the architecture their unique space creates. Mariana Castillo Deball exhibits for the first time in Australia with Monash University Museum of Art and across two spaces, Gertrude Contemporary and Margaret Lawrence Gallery, we find ‘Hope Dies Last’ which has us sit in the discomfort inevitable when we let go of optimism. Denton Corker Marshall architects examine the histories of four galleries — Melbourne’s United Artists, City Gallery, and the Sydney and Melbourne iterations of Anna Schwartz Gallery, where the show is on view. At Tolarno, teamLab’s interest in technology and futurism reflect on the splendor of the natural world. festival.melbourne…

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finkelstein gallery

Lisa Fehily has recently launched Finkelstein Gallery, representing established and emerging women artists. Having opened in September with a group show, in October a solo-exhibition ‘Primary Instincts’ by Coady will be on view. Noting a global and national shift toward recognising the critical contribution women make to the arts, from the National Museum for Women in the Arts, Washington, D.C., inviting their audience to support their campaign ‘Name Five Women Artists’ – since 2016, to the National Gallery of Australia’s new #KnowMyName project Fehily felt compelled to act, ‘Time is right to open this gallery’ she said. ‘After working with artists for many years, I have been witness to female artists being overlooked, not being put forward for important exhibitions, institutions predominantly considering male artists for collections and many other such…

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liveworks festival

Performance Space has selected outstanding experimental work from across the Asia-Pacific to be shared at Sydney’s Carriageworks this month. Kicking off on 17 October, audiences are invited to enjoy performances, installations, parties, workshops and conversations over 11 days. Two themes co-exist, ‘Feminist Sound’ and ‘Culture Disruptors’. Amongst the huge list of experiences we will name a few; Betty Grumble’s ‘The Unshame Machine’ is a bodily becoming performance, ‘A continuous self-vibrating region of intensities’ by Gail Priest and Thomas Burless creates a conduit for human voices to manifest in an enchanting display of visual patterns and effects and Vicki Van Hout negotiates expression with art, dance and comedy revealing the parts of Indigenous art-making that usually remain behind the scenes. performancespace.com.au…

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this is not art

The Newcastle CBD will become a haven for emerging and established artists to show us what they’ve got this coming October long weekend at the annual presentation of ‘This is Not Art’ (TiNA), a creative platform for inspiration, experimental art and fresh ideas. Across four days from 3 to 6 October performances, live music, panels, workshops, installations and special events will roll out across the city with the ‘Critical Animals Creative Research Symposium’, the ‘National Young Writers Festival 2019’ as well as ‘Crack Festival’ which will present performance-based work across two streams; GENERATE and PROTOTYPE and WE DON’T DANCE will introduce audiences to new local music talent. The full program featuring 200 artists and 170 events is available on TiNA’s website. thisisnotart.org…