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Artists Drawing and Inspiration

Artists Drawing and Inspiration

Issue 35

Drawing and the techniques to enhance your skills

Sunray Publications Pty Ltd
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6 min.
drawing wild

From an early age I immediately fell in love with the line, tone and the immediacy that pencil offers the artist. Although at that age I really didn’t put that into such clinical thoughts. I just knew that for me, pencil was the most fun to draw with, even more than my treasured box of 100 Crayola crayons! When anyone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, without hesitation I would reply, ‘an artist’. If they said, ‘A painter?’ I would always respond with, ‘No, I like to draw’. I was born in California and lived most of my childhood there. Long summers were spent outdoors in our backyard, and along the coastal beaches or camping in the big trees of the Redwood forests and Sierras. I…

12 min.
the devils hole

MATERIALS • Drawing Board • Acid free masking tape • Arches 300gsm Cold • Press Derwent Rag ‘Sketch paper and Wash’ pencils, HB and 4B • Derwent ‘Graphitint’ pencils, #01 Port, #04 Indigo, #14 Russet • ½” Taklon Dagger Brush • #10 Taklon Round Brush • #1 Series 7 Windsor Newton sable brush • Art Spectrum Artists White gouache • Staedler Mars ‘Karat’ Aquarelle pencils. #129-59 indigo and #124-79 brown • Staedler Mars 2.mm ‘technico’ pencils HB, 2B, 4B • Staedler Mars ‘barrel’ sharpener for Technico pencils, standard pencil sharpener for the Derwents/Karats • Blue tack • Cotton gloves STEP 1 Before I draw I like to meet the animal, to see it move, see it interact with others, listen to it, even smell it! When you sketch from life it helps you to work out the anatomy and form of the creature. Often you will…

1 min.
artist’s hints and tips

• Draw from life as often as • If you can do . not live near you a zoo or sanctuary, try drawing from videos. • Test your paper and pencils before starting. Avoid unexpected surprises. • When drawing fur and hair, keep your pencils sharp, sharp, sharp! At all times! • Be careful not to overwork the wet stages • Always allow your paper to dry completely before beginning the next layer. • Use LAYERS, not pressure to create your darks and tones. • Adding layers of colour under your graphite can help create richer darks. • Did I mention it? Keep your pencils sharp!…

7 min.
for the love of art

Born in Cardiff, South Wales I realised I was drawn to art during my school years. I looked forward to my art classes, not forgetting drama, and had visions of becoming an artist, or an actress, as some young girls dreamed of. On leaving school I was given the choice by my parents of attending Art or Business College. I would have preferred art but it was decided there would be more job opportunities in business, so my interest in art was put on hold and off to Business College I went. My fingers quickly mastered typing and shorthand skills instead of paints and brush strokes and I settled in to office work. After marrying and immigrating to the lucky country, ‘Australia’, I continued employment as a Secretary to three executives…

1 min.
autumn’s gift

MATERIALS • Board • Masking tape • 300gsm Arches Watercolour Paper • Brilliant Watercolour Wheel • Various Winsor & Newton Watercolour Brushes Sizes 0-10 • Large brush for wetting paper • Spray bottle filled with water • Paper towel • Gold Acid Free Ink Pen STEP ONE I tape my watercolour paper with masking tape to a board and dampen with a large brush. I load yellow paint on to my No. 10 wet brush and press firmly on the damp paper to create my under-painting. I continue layering from light to dark with my chosen colours. I pull paint out from the top corner to add flow and movement. The painting is looking rather loose at this stage. STEP TWO I squirt the paint with a spray bottle to encourage the colours to flow, mingle and burst. The outcome of the under-painting is determined…

1 min.
artist’s hints and tips

• Use quality materials to achieve better results. • Don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun as this is the only way you will expand your creativity. • When you discover a new technique that works, whether it be painting realism or abstract, write it down as it is so easy to forget how you stumbled across it. • You learn best when you enjoy what you are doing, so choose a subject you are passionate about. • Minutes disappear into hours when painting so be prepared and have refreshments at hand! • Count your failures as well as your successes as they too are part of your journey. • Follow your creative inner spirit and keep your dreams in sight.…