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July 2021
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Artists & Illustrators is the UK’s best-selling magazine for artists and art lovers, providing advice and inspiration every month. Published for almost 25 years, each issue of Artists & Illustrators contains a colourful palette of profiles and features, together with valuable practical ideas, expert technical advice and useful product tests. Whether you favour oils or watercolours, portraits or landscapes, abstract art or botanical illustration, Artists & Illustrators brings a refreshing blend of creativity and advice every four weeks throughout the year.

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It is time to start cherry picking. Now, I'm not talking about harvesting fruit – that will come later in the summer – but rather choosing what you do and don't want to take on board. It might sound like an obvious thing to say, but I've been thinking about this a lot while we put together this issue so hear me out. We can't learn everything. Though lockdown might kid you otherwise, there isn't enough time in the world to learn and remember every artistic technique and trick – and you probably wouldn't use them all anyway. So it is important as you grow as an artist to admit that fact, while cherry picking those lessons or tips that really resonate. That doesn't mean you should close yourself off from other…

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VITAL CALLS I’m writing in response to your “Keeping Connected” letter of the month [Issue 429]. I help run a small art class, Art & Soul, comprising a group of people with varying ranges of disability, such as Parkinson’s, strokes and mental health problems. Until lockdown, we met in a scout hall and the group bonded to become a cheery, supportive bunch. During lockdown we tried to keep the camaraderie going with fortnightly phone calls. These calls have been a vital source of contact for us all as most of the group do not have access to, or indeed ability to use, electronic devices. They have also helped ease the isolation of a number of members living alone. As well as providing a friendly voice, we set regular art challenges, such as…

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letter of the month

COMFORT AND SOLACE I really loved your super article on Dominic Avant [Issue 429]. What a beautiful artist. His work has been compared to John Singer Sargent, yet I immediately thought of Joaquín Sorolla – especially in Dominic’s painting Solace. Thank you for bringing this artist to our attention. I attach my attempt at a Sorolla painting [right], a version of Louis Comfort Tiffany, which was one of the exhibits at the Painting the Modern Garden at the Royal Academy of Arts in 2016. Fabulous! Julie Fielder, via email…

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1 TAKING A LINE FOR A WALK: JOHN VERNON LORD AND FRIENDS 20 May to 31 October Derbyshire-born illustrator John Vernon Lord is perhaps best-known for his children’s book, The Giant Jam Sandwich, a favourite of children in the 1970s. Never-before-seen drafts of the book will be a highlight of this new exhibition, featuring more than 100 of Lord’s pen-and-ink drawings, often for fables and English classics, alongside original artworks from his contemporaries, including Sir Quentin Blake, Chris Riddell and Helen Oxenbury (So Much, pictured). Ditchling Museum of Art and Craft, East Sussex. www.ditchlingmuseumartcraft.org.uk 2 PAULA REGO 7 July to 24 October If one artist can be credited with revolutionising the way in which women are represented, it’s Paula Rego. From her abortion-themed pastels to her Dog Woman series, the Lisbon-born artist has been calling out…

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pastel glories

1 Consider the support. The colour and type of surface will have a profound effect on your final painting. Decide whether to create harmony with a muted background or contrast with a vibrant, clashing colour behind your subsequent layers. 2 Work vertically. Pastel dust is unavoidable so try working at an easel or with your paper pinned to the wall so that any unwanted particles can easily fall away and avoid contaminating the colours elsewhere on your painting. 3 Mix hard and soft. Try using two sets of pastels: a soft pastel like Unison or Sennelier, and a hard stick, like a Conté crayon. Start with the soft, as they need more tooth to hold onto, then add the harder pastels for crisp marks with a slight sheen. 4 Don’t over-blend. Using your finger to blend two…

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fresh paint

David Storey The winner of our inaugural British Art Prize, announced on page 20, will be given the opportunity to work towards a solo exhibition with the prestigious central London gallery Panter & Hall. In doing so, they will find themselves in exalted company, exhibiting in a space reserved for many of Britain’s most popular and creative talents, including Mark Demsteader, Una Stubbs, Sam Toft and David Storey. Fading Light Woman Sitting on a Gate “Whenever I’m in London, I often visit the British Museum and look at the Elgin Marbles,” explains the painter. “I find they have an extraordinary haunting presence, and the fact that they are missing arms and faces seems to work as a metaphor for memory.” David works out of a Brighton studio in an old, converted dairy and he…