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ASIAN Geographic Issue 2 - 2016

ASIAN Geographic is the bi-monthly magazine that scours the region to bring readers the most compelling stories and images from the world's largest and most diverse continent. Readers enjoy a unique melting pot of breathtaking photography and in-depth features covering culture, nature, sustainability issues and exploration into the history of this diverse region. A regular 'Exploration' segment follows brave field editors as they travel deep into Asia's unexplored regions to take readers on a journey.

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an urban oasis of calm

Hotel Clover 33 Jalan Sultan is a veritable oasis in the heart of town. With its nature-inspired features set in a heritage neighbourhood, there’s no better place to find refuge after a hot and humid day of sightseeing around Singapore. One of Hotel Clover’s suite of five boutique properties in Singapore, the hotel is housed in a row of 17 double-storey heritage shophouses. Located in the vibrant Bugis enclave, the area is home to Arab Street and the Sultan Mosque that are known for its colourful past, rich history and charming tea shops. With its interiors and exteriors kept original, the simple yet luxurious property has a total of 88 rooms and suites to choose from, all of which feature warm wood interiors and intricate designs. Enter the lobby and you’ll be…

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editor’s note

“The planet can provide for human need, but not for human greed”– Mahatma Gandhi There are two camps in the climate change debate – one that believes its cause is natural, like variations in the sun and the altering of Earth’s orbit. The other believes it is a result of human activity, like deforestation and our increase in consumption as we modernise. In this issue we explore both causes – Arctic icebergs melting (p.10), sulphuric volcanoes erupting (p.58) and Cambodian villages wiped out because of a hydropower dam construction (p.46). All these seem to paint a grim picture of a deteriorating world, but herein lies the principal of stewardship. Stewardship is the managing and looking after our home on planet Earth, and it always begins with us. There is no use in saying…

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melting earth

2015 was the warmest year recorded on the planet, and over the past century, mountain glaciers and ice caps, together with the melting of, or the “calving” off of icebergs, have been contributing to rising sea levels. The increase in extreme weather conditions and the melting of the polar ice caps in the Arctic region may mean that the very homes and livelihoods we have lived by for thousands of years are effectively starting to disappear. Climate change is real and has been happening in front of our eyes for a good part of the last century. With the Earth’s temperatures rising at an alarming rate, scientists have predicted that if this continues, we will face a world that is unfit for human life in as short a time span as the…

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changing the ratio

SRI LANKA ACHALA ABEYSINGHE Climate change is now evidently the world’s most pressing issue, but female voices are still few and far between when it comes to climate warriors. But there is probably no one more clued in on the legal issues that surround international climate change negotiations than Achala Abeysinghe. Hailing from Sri Lanka, Achala is currently the legal and technical adviser to the Chair of the Least Developed Countries (LDC) within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The LDC group of countries prove to be the poorest nations that are most susceptible to the effects of global warming. Her interests run into equity and fairness issues and she works on policy frameworks surrounding climate change as well as financial mechanisms under the UNFCCC regime. She also heads the European…

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turning over a new leaf

In 2014, New Delhi was declared by the World Health Organisation as the most polluted city in the world At the start of 2016, India’s capital city implemented yet another breakthrough initiative in a push to lose the reputation of being Asia’s most polluted city. In addressing concerns that surround the issue of environmental pollution within India, the government has taken the stance that quick solutions are needed. As a result, over the last few years, New Delhi is fast becoming a city that has some of the most revolutionary greening initiatives. Among the latest of these initiatives within the transport sector in the city is the selling of an eco-friendly alternative to diesel fuel, Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) at a discounted rate during off-peak hours in and around the capital city. India’s…

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the paris climate agreement

The talks that took place in Paris from 30 November to 12 December 2015 indicate that most of the world agrees that protecting our environment and tackling climate change together is a duty. A key result of the talks was the Paris Agreement, which sees 195 countries agreeing to and adopting the first universal climate agreement. Climate change is a divisive topic. Its proponents say that the Earth’s rising surface temperatures, also known as global warming, is due primarily to human activity, namely, the burning of fossil fuels, which releases carbon dioxide and other – now commonly known as “greenhouse gases” – into the air. Climate change activists and those lobbying for our reduced “carbon footprints” range from the United Nations to the David Suzuki Foundation to secondary school children in Southeast…