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ASIAN Geographic Issue 5 - 2016

ASIAN Geographic is the bi-monthly magazine that scours the region to bring readers the most compelling stories and images from the world's largest and most diverse continent. Readers enjoy a unique melting pot of breathtaking photography and in-depth features covering culture, nature, sustainability issues and exploration into the history of this diverse region. A regular 'Exploration' segment follows brave field editors as they travel deep into Asia's unexplored regions to take readers on a journey.

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achievements through the years

1999 SEPTEMBER Inagural Issue AG No.1 Issue 1/1999Publisher/Editor-in-Chief: Christopher Lee Executive Editor: Michael Aw 2002 ARK TRUST INTERNATIONAL AWARDS 1. Genesis Award AG (Bear Witness) No.7 Issue 2/2001 Text: Cortian Bennett Photo: Paul Hilton ASIAN GEOGRAPHIC PHOTO COMPETITION Images of Asia 2006 ASIA TRAVEL & TOURISM CREATIVE AWARDS 2. Travel Photograph Scenic | Winner AG No.33 Issue 6/2005 Photo: Lester V. Ledesma 2008 ASIAN GEOGRAPHIC PASSPORT Inagural Issue AGP was launched in August 2008 ASIAN GEOGRAPHIC EXPEDITION Himalayas Expedition 2008 ASIAN GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY One Asia, One Heart A non-profit, scientific and educational society dedicated to the conservation and promotion of Asia’s environment, culture and wildlife. 2009 MPAS AWARDS 3. Best Visual/ Photography AG No.61 Issue 11/2008 4. Best Cover/ Feature Story AG No.58 Issue 8/2008 ASIAN GEOGRAPHIC JUNIOR Inagural Issue AGJ was launched in April 2009 2009 SEPTEMBER 10 Anniversary Issue AG No.67 Issue 6/2009 2010 WAN IFRA AWARDS 5. Best in Photojournalism AG No.64 Issue 3/2009 ASIAN PUBLISHING AWARDS 6. Best Design & Layout | Excellence AG No.70 Issue 1/2010 MPAS AWARDS 7. Best New…

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publisher’s note

ASIAN Geographic specialises in bringing compelling stories, groundbreaking research features and exciting news updates about Asia to readers across the region. The largest and most populous continent, Asia boasts 4.4 billion inhabitants, accounting for 60 percent of the world’s population. The world’s two most populated countries, China and India, together constitute about 37 percent of the world’s people. It is unsurprising, therefore, that our coverage has demonstrated that there is a never-ending reserve of fascinating stories behind Asian culture, society, history and science. “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.”Nelson Mandela When it comes to the spoken and written word, Asia is also blessed with an astonishing diversity of languages…

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faces of asia ...“ a portrait is a landscape of emotions. ”

1 MANDALAY, MYANMAR Postcard vendor at U Bein Bridge: His beard and moustache accentuate the air of quiet confidence and mysticism about him. 2 PUNAKHA, BHUTAN A mysterious caretaker at a small village monastery. 3 PUNAKHA, BHUTAN A farmer's weathered face and hands, as well as the religious beads around his neck, speak volumes about the kind of life that he leads. 4 BANGALORE, INDIA Drawing attention: This construction worker at a hotel has an arresting stare. 5 TOKYO, JAPAN A picture of traditional Japanese culture, this geisha works as a professional entertainer at a traditional Japanese teahouse called Ochaya. 6 SIEM REAP, CAMBODIA An impeccably-dressed little girl at a souvenir shop. 7 PUNAKHA, BHUTAN Children in Punakha walk kilometres to attend school. Their school books are treasured possessions, which are usually shared as there are not enough copies to go around. 8 TAMBLINGAN,…

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the most spoken languages* in the world

Chinese Spoken by the Han majority and many other ethnic groups in China, and also by nearly 1.2 billion people around the world, the metalanguage Chinese comprises numerous mutually unintelligible varieties. Spanish Spain’s colonial history in Latin America left a strong linguistic legacy. Originating in the Castile region in Spain, the language now has an estimated 570 million speakers in the world. Spanish is the native tongue in 35 countries and is spoken by about 472 million people as a first language. English A total of 339 million people speak English as their native language, 225 million of them in the United States. English is spoken in 110 countries, more than any other language.…

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on the edge of extinction

Naukan Yupik CHUKCHI PENINSULA, 70 SPEAKERS Naukan Yupik is the native tongue of a meagre 50 people living mostly in Lavrentiya, Siberia, but who originally hail from the village of Naukan, East Cape, Siberia, across the Bering Strait from Alaska’s Seward Peninsula. It is also spoken by a small handful of people living on the Chukchi Peninsula, the northeastern extremity of Asia, making a total of 70 people worldwide who are privy to this language. Despite the group’s paltry size, the lexicon of this language was first documented long ago – all the way back in 1732. Though only spoken in Siberia, Naukan is a linguistic intermediate between two other languages: Central Siberian Yupik of St. Lawrence Island and Yup’ik Eskimo, a tongue exclusive to southwestern Alaska. On its evolutionary path lies a…

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revisting the samurai the languages of edo

The Samurai were the warrior clans of medieval Japan, immortalised in literature and in art. Today it is Tokyo but once, many lifetimes ago, the city was Edo, the imperial capital of Japan. Amidst the marks of modernity - the skyscrapers, the flyovers and the neon signs - are hidden hints of a world many think of as lost, but which is just waiting for the eagle-eyed to discover. Together with Satoko Hirakawa, my walking tour guide, I stand upon the Nihonbashi Bridge, looking in the direction of Mount Fuji. High-rise buildings now obscure the view, but as an ancient milestone by our side shows, this was once point zero on the map. In Europe, they say all roads lead to Rome; here in Japan, it was Edo that was the central…