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Attitude Magazine October 2020

The World’s Best Gay Magazine. We pride ourselves on exclusive content and we are the premier destination for film, music, sports and pop stars plus LGBT heroes and allies that want to speak directly to gay men. Each issue has a balance of features on a diverse range of subjects, with block busting A-list celebrity exclusives and in-depth analysis of news and issues affecting the LGBT community. No other gay magazine can come anywhere near Attitude’s star pulling power, with celebrities such as James Franco, Tom Hardy, Elton John, Sacha Baron Cohen, Ian McKellen, Liam Payne, Take That, Matthew Lewis and countless more giving exclusive gay press interviews to us. Plus we have the likes of Paris Lees, Matt Lucas, David Furnish, not only appearing in the magazine but also writing for it.

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meet the team

Tom Stichbury, features editor Whenever cobwebs of anxiety gather in my mind, I reach for my tennis racket and unleash my inner Rafael Nadal (minus the bulging biceps, sadly). There is no better way of blowing off steam than smacking the shit out of a ball — it really is, ahem, ace. Gary Simons, art director The calm and big skies of the beach have always been an escape for me. Living in Brighton, I’m lucky enough to be able to get my fix as often as I want. During the summer months, I’ve loved going for long runs along the beach, before jumping in the sea to cool off. Perfect. Mohsin Zaidi, author and barrister A well-told story can transport you somewhere else and reading is the surest way to take my mind off…

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up & down

IT’S A KNOCKOUT! Nicola Adams makes Strictly history as part of the show’s first-ever same-sex couple WAKANDA FOREVER Chadwick Boseman. Rest in Power JENNY FROM THE LGBTQ BLOCK J-Lo spreads love for her trans nibling HRH LESLIE JORDAN …on Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s WAP is everything. Watch + repeat THE ONE AND ONLY SPARKELLA Channing Tatum cancels toxic masculinity with new kids’ book BACK TO THE OFFICE No more Zoom meetings in our underwear LEAVE JEFFREY ALONE! Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman deletes Twitter after being harrassed by Drag Race fans PPE POLLUTION The sea is full of COVID rubber gloves and face masks TRUMP VS BIDEN This is going to get messy FORGOTTEN PASSWORDS! How can we be expected to remember so many different combos of letters, numbers and punctuation?! HELP!…

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editor in chief’s letter

Relationships are tricky. Whether platonic, sexual or romantic, they require patience and nurturing if they’re to evolve. As we change and grow, so do our connections with people, and encouraging each other’s mutual growth is the test of any relationship — be it with a partner, friend or family member. Sometimes we irk our boyfriend if we’re having a rough day. We may irritate friends with our habits. Or family members can rile us with a simple comment. Lucky as I am to have a caring birth family, they don’t know as much about my personal life as my chosen family — the friends we allow into our lives. That’s not because I love my biological family any less, but our chosen families understand and see us in a way in…

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attitude loves

LEVI’S X LEGO Now this is what you call a perfect fit — iconic heritage brands Lego and Levi’s have assembled to put the fun back into fashion. The two powerhouses have created a customisable Lego breastplate for Levi’s vintage stonewash classics, where you can make patterns and pictures out of your favourite building bricks. From the trucker jacket and the classic Levi’s 501 jeans to sweatshirts and hoodies, the opportunities for self expression are endless. The collection launches on 1 October. levi.com THE MALE GAZE: STRIKERS & DEFENDERS Work up a sweat from the footy field to the locker room with these drama-fuelled four films from Germany, France and the UK. Exploring how team rivalry can spill over into teacher-pupil relationships, high-school crushes and brotherly compassion, the movies’ stars include Matthieu Lucci, Pierre…

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the rules …for being fashion forward

‘L’ IS FOR LEWKS. Get yourself an iconic lewk, like Conchita’s beard, Christeene’s shit-stained bodysuits or Brooke Candy’s sex alien schtick. Do it on the cheap by sticking together Poundland bargains or sifting through Sink the Pink’s lost property box! ‘G’ IS FOR GETTING AROUND. Flirt with bigwigs on LinkedIn, double-tap sexy guitarists on Instagram or hook up with a straight ally to spread yourself about. Get your face seen and be a networking harlot. It’s all about being professionally promiscuous, schweetie darlin’. ‘B’ IS FOR BALLS-OUT ATTITUDE. You gotta have big ol’ ones to smash through those patriarchal walls that keep us queers out of the industry. Imagine you are Miley’s wrecking ball and giant hammer. If it doesn’t work the first time, give your hammer a lick and try again. ‘T’…

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maybe baby

Although surrogacy has flung open the door to LGBT couples and single individuals wanting to start a family, from a legal perspective, Britain is lukewarm to the practice. The law governing surrogacy in the UK, the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008, was drafted when surrogacy arrangements were tolerated but not encouraged, and this means that surrogacy in the UK is a leap of faith, with would-be LGBT parents encountering several obstacles. For instance, although surrogacy is legal in the UK, any surrogacy contract is unenforceable — instead, all parties have to trust that the agreement will be fulfilled. The law also states that the birth mother is the child’s legal parent, and if she is married or in a civil partnership, her spouse will be the child’s second parent at…