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Attitude Magazine January 2021

The World’s Best Gay Magazine. We pride ourselves on exclusive content and we are the premier destination for film, music, sports and pop stars plus LGBT heroes and allies that want to speak directly to gay men. Each issue has a balance of features on a diverse range of subjects, with block busting A-list celebrity exclusives and in-depth analysis of news and issues affecting the LGBT community. No other gay magazine can come anywhere near Attitude’s star pulling power, with celebrities such as James Franco, Tom Hardy, Elton John, Sacha Baron Cohen, Ian McKellen, Liam Payne, Take That, Matthew Lewis and countless more giving exclusive gay press interviews to us. Plus we have the likes of Paris Lees, Matt Lucas, David Furnish, not only appearing in the magazine but also writing for it.

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voice of reason

This has been a tumultuous year for us all. The COVID-19 pandemic brought added challenges for the more vulnerable people in the LGBTQ community. The Black Lives Matter movement gathered momentum in the wake of the Breonna Taylor and George Floyd murders. Meanwhile, violence against the trans community continues to rise. All the while, the divisions between trans people and Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists (TERFS) has never been greater since J.K. Rowling’s misguided essay emboldened the TERFS’ position. Throughout this, Munroe Bergdorf has used her platform to pick the conflicts apart, breaking the sometimes complex language down into clear, concise facts that highlight the injustice at the heart of each issue. When she’s not challenging outspoken bigots including Baroness Nicholson, Munroe works closely with charities such as Mermaids and Stonewall Housing…

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on the covers

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editor in chief’s letter

There’s not much to say with regard to the fuckery of 2020 that hasn’t already been said. The challenges have been myriad for each of us, personally and professionally, for all manner of reasons. Here at Attitude Towers, the magazine faced its biggest challenge ever in its bid to survive as an independently produced title, printed every four weeks, and without the support of a larger publishing house. It was a case of refocusing our capabilities, with each and every member of the team going above and beyond what is expected of them to make sure we made it through to now. Bring on 2021, the year of the vaccine. (And goodness knows what other surprises…) As for the Attitude Awards, the uncertainty meant we had to re-write our plans on a…

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living in limbo

SOUL Jamie Foxx, Tina Fey, Graham Norton, Richard Ayoade It wasn’t supposed to be like this for the latest ambitious animated blockbuster from the Pixar stable: plans were afoot for a glittering premiere at Cannes Film Festival, whereupon it would go on to take the summer box office by storm. Instead, thanks to a certain global pandemic, Disney has decided to forgo cinemas entirely, instead releasing it directly to the Disney+ platform on Christmas Day. Bad news for cinema purists, great news for families over the holiday. The film is top-tier Pixar, a sophisticated, dizzy, moving tale of jazz pianist (Foxx) who winds up in limbo between life and death, charged with teaching an unborn soul (Fey) that living is worthwhile. It sounds daft, but there’s wisdom amid the winning silliness, with…

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big in a wig

“My biggest turn-on is stocky men with hair — I like meat with my taters” What were your rejected drag names? I started sneaking into gay bars to perform in drag when I was 15. My original name was Pumpkin – the show director was, like, “You’re not going on my stage with that name!” So I decided to go with my biggest country inspiration: Priscilla Presley. Describe yourself in three emojis. Describe your drag style in five words. Appalachian. Porkrind. Honky-tonk. Trash. Butter. Best pick-up line someone has said to you? “On a scale from 1 to America, how free are you tonight?” What’s the worst thing someone could say to you in bed? “Why is your dick bigger than mine?” How would (or does) your Grindr profile read? “Transphobia is ugly. Don’t want to see your downstairs until after…

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pixel perfect

When the Rocket Man himself is fired up about your song-writing skills, you know you’re doing something right. Sir Elton John is a passionate ‘pixel’ – the name Rina Sawayama’s diehard fans have christened themselves – anointing her debut album, Sawayama, as “the strongest album of the year by far”. Indeed, when the record was snubbed by the Mercury Prize (more on this later), the music legend proclaimed that it had been criminally overlooked. Still, Rina was somewhat surprised to receive a phone call from the man himself. “It was completely out of the blue, he just FaceTimed me one day,” she gasps. “Can you imagine, opening FaceTime and there’s Elton John?!” The threat of having to FaceTime with anybody is pretty spine-shuddering… Never one to resist stirring the pot when it comes…