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4x4 Magazine Australia March 2020

4x4 Australia takes you to Australia’s most exciting and remote destinations , and we show you how to get there! We test the latest and greatest new and modified vehicles, as well as new camping and outdoor adventure equipment. We introduce you to loads of interesting people, show you heaps of awesome holiday trips and destinations, and we put you in the driver’s seat to tackle the country’s toughest off-road challenges. It’s a whole lot of dirty fun every month!

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the lion sleeps

NO MATTER what marque you follow or support, the final death of the Holden brand was a massive blow to automotive enthusiasts in Australia. Holden was Australia’s car, and for generations it was the only game in town. Even the other local manufacturers of the time rarely came close to Holden’s popularity with the masses. Holden didn’t change with the masses and the public weren’t buying what the Lion-brand was offering, so it’s been a fast ride to the scrap heap in recent years. Perhaps if Holden built a 4x4 vehicle designed, developed and manufactured here for Australians this would be different today. If you disregard the Arthur Hayward-developed and -built Overlander Holdens of the late 1970s, Holden’s history of 4WD vehicles has been closely tied to another former GM affiliate, Isuzu.…

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check out our website

VISITORS to our digital space at 4x4australia.com.au will notice our homepage resides at whichcar.com.au/4x4australia. All remains the same, with up-to-date news stories, in-depth new-car analysis and insane custom write-ups. We’ll also tick more travel items off our bucket-list, and continue to bring you the best aftermarket product advice from gear manufactured here and abroad. Alongside our 4x4-related content, you’ll also be able to find the best of motoring on the new website, with our sister magazines MOTOR, Street Machine and Wheels all just a convenient click away.…

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holden colorado and mercedes-benz x-class to be gone by 2021.

One-tonne 4x4 utes might be the hottest segment of the new car market in Australia, but that isn’t enough to keep some of the also-rans in the game. January saw the announcement that Mercedes-Benz will kill off its X-Class ute globally as of May, and General Motors’ announcement that it is ending its operations in Thailand and Australia at the end of 2020 spells the end of the Holden Colorado. Mercedes-Benz expected big things for its Nissan Navara-based X-Class, predicting the midsize pick-up segment could grow to three million units worldwide in the 10 years from 2016. Benz wanted in on the action but didn’t have a vehicle to slot straight in to the market, so looked to fill the void in its line-up as a fast as possible. “With the Mercedes-Benz…

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sign up for the 2020 outback challenge

IF YOU’RE keen to witness one of Australia’s most coveted off-road events, then now is the time to sign up as a spectator for the 2020 Outback Challenge. Held this year from September 19 to 26, the 2020 Outback Challenge will once again see the best 4x4 steerers and navigators converge on Broken Hill, NSW, for a brutal seven days of extreme off-roading. Throughout the week, teams will navigate from waypoint to waypoint via GPS, punishing their 4x4s – loaded with extreme suspension setups and state-of-the-art winches – on some of outback NSW’s most relentless terrain. “It’s the smart competitors with teamwork and reliable machinery that prevail,” the Outback Challenge website says. Outback Challenge Spectator Adventure packages are strictly limited, so entry is granted on a first-in, first-served basis. Spectators will be granted exclusive access…

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travel bulletin

OUTBACK CYCLING EASTER (NT) If you’re fit and have a passion for two wheels as well as four, make sure you check out Outback Cycling Easter, a three-day mountain bike stage race that takes place on singletrack out of Alice Springs from April 10 to 13, 2020. According to organisers, the event is suitable for all riders with a reasonable level of fitness and MTB skills, and racers can choose to ride the Full or Midi length, or just a Single Stage. For information, see easterinthealice.com THE MAN FROM SNOWY RIVER BUSH FESTIVAL (VIC) The organisers of the annual ‘The Man From Snowy River Bush Festival’ recently announced that 100 per cent of the profits from the event will go towards bush fire recovery. The 2020 festival will run from April 2 to…

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SINCE ol’ mate Karl Benz invented the automobile some 135 years ago, car designers and engineers have been trying to improve it, and there’s no doubt they have, in a very big way. From what was once seen as little more than a horseless-buggy oddity, the automobile has come a bloody long way. Today we can buzz up and down freeways at more than 100km/h in supreme comfort, with windows up and climate control set to 21.5°C, and never really gain a true appreciation of the conditions outside the vehicle, other than seeing the wipers sweep across the windscreen if it starts to rain or watching the lights come on when the sun drops below the horizon. Many modern vehicles will accelerate from 0 to 100km/h quicker than you can select your…