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Organic Gardener Magazine is a guide to organic gardening, providing informative and inspirational stories on everything you need to know to grow your own fruit and vegetables- without the use of harmful chemicals. Each issue includes practical tips and advice from leading organic gardening experts.

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suddenly awake

As it turns out, my bushfire experience in November, which I wrote about last issue, now seems minor in comparison to the devastation wreaked on people, communities and our forests and wildlife this summer. So much has already been said about what should have been done, what could have been done better and how to move forward. All I know is the story has changed forever. At least one positive thing has come from the ashes, heartbreak and loss. The world and (most) Australians have woken up to the climate emergency and know that it is real and can’t be denied. As well, it means action on climate change around the world will become more urgent. We know now that the effects of the climate crisis are not 50 or 100 years off…

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DIRTGIRL SINGED BUT SAFE When Cate McQuillen, creator of the children’s TV gardening show Dirtgirlworld, celebrated the program’s 10th birthday in December, the party took place in a charred landscape. Bushfire had come within one metre of her home in Whiporie, northern NSW. The surrounding bush, and Dirtgirlworld’s potting sheds and gardens, were destroyed. Guests at the party included some of the firefighters who had saved McQuillen’s home, and children from nearby Rappville Public School, who had seen their own community devastated by bushfires. “The kindness and determination to save Dirtgirlworld was overwhelming,” McQuillen says. “The humbling thing is how the RFS, communities, neighbours, emergency services and strangers stood together over and over to protect, to care, to save… time and time again.” The Dirtgirlworld team are already replanting forest and McQuillen has launched…

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LEARNING FROM LOCALS The Sydney Edible Garden Trail, is a celebration of the many ways that Sydney residents are creating food security, saving money and the environment, while enjoying the many health benefits of homegrown organic fruit and veg. Founder Bridget Kennedy (who has been working on her own edible garden for the last 18 years) was inspired by a visit to the Blue Mountains Edible Garden Trail last year, and wasted no time in organising a similar event in Sydney. As a result, backyard growers, large and small, from various suburbs north of Parramatta River, will open their gardens to the public on the third weekend of March, sharing their passion and knowledge. This is a community event with profits going to participating school and community edible gardens. WHEN: March 21 and 22 DETAILS:…

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SAVING WORM FARMS Thanks so much for your magazine. We have been gardening for around 40 years but still find we learn something each issue and I continue to find better ways to make things work for us in the garden. Just wanted to share this one with you. I LOVE my worm farm but we do find the hot weather a problem (we live just outside of Ballarat – think extremes!) with the worms often going down, seeking a cool refuge and then drowning in the liquid collecting basin below. So, this summer I thought I’d utilise the ‘Coolgardie safe’ method, putting an old towel into a bucket of water and then under the hessian bag on the top of the farm. I always keep the lid open, otherwise they really…

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you and your garden

Donna is very busy @thehomegarden, growing all sorts of goodness in her backyard, including these beautiful pomegranate flowers. “I am a teacher and mum of three and have had a love of gardening ever since I can remember! I love that gardening is something universally shared by all and a great way to connect with people from all walks of life.” Visit Monique @_welcometomygarden_ and you’ll see the results of someone who loves gardening. “Although we started with mostly ornamentals our garden is now full of fruits, vegies, flowers and herbs. My favourite thing to grow is fruit – probably for the sweet reward! Blueberries were the first edible I ever grew. My husband bought me a potted blueberry which is now absolutely thriving seven years later.” FOLLOW AND TAG US ON…

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trusting organics

Established in 1987 as the Biological Farmers of Australia, Australian Organic Ltd (AOL) has been a major force in ensuring organic standards remain robust and are in line with global export markets. It has also played a key role in the education of consumers as to the benefit of ensuring the products they purchase are certified organic. Using the ‘bud’ logo, which identifies products that have undergone an independent certification process, AOL has provided consumers with a tool that helps them make educated choices. “Australia was one of the first countries outside of the EU to develop an organic standard launched in 1992,” explains AOL CEO, Niki Ford. “The industry has developed over the years into what is now a $2.6 billion industry.” This growth is expected to continue as more consumers…