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November-December 2019

AdNews is Australia’s oldest and most reputable advertising, marketing and media industry publication. Published monthly except for January, AdNews covers each of the industry’s many diverse sectors including marketing and advertising, media, research, sales promotion, digital, direct marketing, design and creative through breaking industry news, case studies and in-depth special reports.

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pay confessions: work for nothing and clicks for free

I have only met one person who admitted he once had a job where he felt he was being paid a bit more than he was worth. This sad confession came near the end of a big lunch. His long-lost benefits included a bulging bag of cash, a car and a driver on call 24 hours a day, an apartment overlooking Hong Kong Harbour, someone to book impossible tables at the best restaurants and a long line of sycophants who stood on the other side of shy when it came to telling him how clever he was. But most of us are governed by a universal law that says: you will never be paid what you’re worth. That just-got-a-pay-rise feeling is good for a short time before underappreciation kicks in again. But pay…

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adland’s battle of the pie

Ending the year answering one of the biggest questions across adland, AdNews called on DDB Sydney to create a cover to reflect our investigation into where CMOs are spending their budgets. The resulting cover sees an industry dinner party turn into a “battle” with executives from across the advertising and marketing sector vying for a piece of the pie. AdNews journalist Paige Murphy spoke with DDB Sydney about how all these industry heavyweights came together for the big adland spoof fight. What were your initial thoughts on the brief at hand? The theme has never been more pertinent. As an industry there are a plethora of channels and partners for marketers to choose from and often smaller budgets. Post first brief chat, what went through your mind and what were the next steps? Over a…

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manly’s digital bossdog

Time in current role/time at the company? BossDog. How would you describe what the company does? Type continuously, eat really yummy-looking food, and let strangers into the office even when I’ve almost scared them away with my ferocious bark. What do you do day-to-day? Mostly stare at my favourite ball until someone throws it. I also love a good cuddle or two. Define your job in one word? Protect, greet, fetch. I got into digital marketing because? It runs in the family. Where do you turn for inspiration? My high-bounce ball. It has taught me to always keep at it. As long as it’s rolling, I’m chasing. Who is your right hand person/ who guides you day to day? Mum brings me into the office. I like to think everyone is my right-hand man. Pick up…

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tv is dead, long live tv

“Good evening, and welcome to television.” Those were the first words uttered on Australian television in 1956, when we welcomed the television set into homes for the first time. A lot has changed since Bruce Gyngell said those words. But a lot hasn’t. We’re now staring down the barrel of a new decade, but before we talk about the future of television, let’s indulge a look back first. TV fast became a dominant feature in Aussie homes, with shows that became household favourites and part of the fabric of Australian culture. Four Corners and Play School have been with us since the 60s. In 1975 the ABC brought colour to living room screens for the first time, the 90s brought subscription TV and the 24/7 news cycle and now, courtesy of…

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the best people doing their best work

The year 2019 has been a challenging one. With a slowing economy (resulting in stagnating or reduced client spend), and the ever-increasing demand to create more for less, the pressure continues to mount on growth in our sector and in our business. Our industry model is experiencing dramatic and necessary transformational change, driven by technology. A commitment to, and investment in, upskilling employees and building capacity in our martech capabilities is essential for our future, and that of our clients. In 2020, we predict similar headwinds with economic uncertainty driven by local and global factors including housing, stagnant wages growth, low inflation, consumer spend, Brexit and global trade wars. All of these impact consumer confidence and community sentiment. This will continue to put pressure on our industry and our businesses. At the same…