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AdNews Annual 2018

AdNews is Australia’s oldest and most reputable advertising, marketing and media industry publication. Published monthly except for January, AdNews covers each of the industry’s many diverse sectors including marketing and advertising, media, research, sales promotion, digital, direct marketing, design and creative through breaking industry news, case studies and in-depth special reports.

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people are the commodity

WITH a mission to create awesome covers each month, AdNews hand-picks an agency to work its magic. For this year’s Annual we called on R/GA to take on the challenge. Art director Long Truong and copywriter Jonathon Shannon explain the thinking behind it. WHAT WERE YOUR THOUGHTS ABOUT THE BRIEF? JONO: Trying to predict the future is notoriously difficult - everyone gets it (hilariously) wrong. So instead of just making a prediction about the future, we wanted to provoke a discussion about it. LONG: Don’t fuck it up. No pressure, it’s just the most important cover in the history of AdNews. FROM THEN WHAT HAPPENED? JONO: To look 90 years into the future, we started by looking 90 years in the past. In 1928 people had an expectation of privacy, but now our personal data…

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editor’s letter

THE IRONY of asking a digital agency to create the front cover of a 90-year-old anniversary edition for AdNews was not lost on me. With it being such an important milestone, I was full of trepidation approaching the R/GA boardroom, where I was met with a bold idea that immediately raised eyebrows. Overwhelmed and delighted by such a provocative stance, it made perfect sense — it’s not AI and robots that will become of the utmost importance to the advertising landscape in the next 90 years, it’s bigger and deeper than that — it’s us as people, as commodities, that will become increasingly sought after. Our data has already become nectar for the buzzing brand gods that attempt to syphon details of our every move, click and purchase. Take Qantas’ points lure…

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david yaffa, an empire builder who shunned the limelight

DAVID YAFFA was once called the 'Greta Garbo of Australian publishing', a reference to the actress’s famous plea, “I just want to be left alone”. He was an intensely private person who rarely ventured beyond the closed door of his office, but that was just the way he liked it. He was in there every day from 8.45 in the morning until six at night, much of his time spent on the phone to his senior management. In this respect, his style was ultra hands-on, in other respects he was somewhat invisible, most notably through his reluctance to hold management meetings. He preferred one–on–one discussions, or meetings of two or three people — three at the most — since there were only three chairs in his office. In later years, he did hold…

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celebrating creativity

KICKING OFF IN MAY THIS YEAR, we handpicked an agency each month to work their magic and produce a cover image for the monthly magazine. Each cover reflects the edition's investigative feature and who better to enlist for the challenge than some of the nation's top agencies. We've tackled some big issues throughout the year, from diversity in the industry to data privacy and more - with each cover often dividing opinion. Agencies including CHE Proximity, The Monkeys, The Royals, 72andSunny, Saatchi & Saatchi, Colenso BBDO in New Zealand and R/GA were given briefs that challenged their teams, but ultimately showed the abundance of talent in our thriving creative industry. AdNews readers can vote for their favourite cover on AdNews.com.au but in case you missed any, we have the full 2018 wrap right…

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silver screen primed for hits

VAL MORGAN is long steeped in history. Operating for more than 124 years, it has seen cinema retain a special, unique position in the lifestyles of Australians and remains the country’s number one pastime. The success of cinema as a medium is demonstrated by the fact that movies are the number one form of ticketed entertainment in Australia, outperforming all sporting and out of home events. This is set to continue in 2019, with a whopping box office forecast of $1.3bn and more than 94 million estimated admissions over the course of the year. Val Morgan Group has also been busy behind the silver screen supporting the movie universe by partnering with the world’s largest entertainment site, Fandom. The deal – which kicks off on January 1 2019 – will see Val Morgan…

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creativity the beating heart of adland

MANY fads, styles of leadership, innovations, technologies, structures and even company cultures come and go, but what remains a constant is the need for creativity in this industry. Many deem the work to be the core of this industry and, without truly great work, creative souls, and active, inspired minds, where would we be? Creativity is, however, as we know, subjective, and one's perceived genius idea can be a trite proposal and passé move to another. Whether it’s gaining control over font or being given permission to create bouncing breast–shaped balls for a bra ad, creativity comes in all shapes and sizes. In these next few pages we ask an assortment of brands, from a range of backgrounds and eras, to share what creativity means to them and how important it is. Given AdNews…