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AdNews April 2017

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I was never really one for science in school. I did pretty well and got the grades, but I never really had a passion for it. But I could see how it different from the arts and humanities. It wasn’t subjective like literature and art. It wasn’t open to interpretation and analysis like history. The answers were there. Our cover feature on marketing science looks at how scientific rigour is being applied to marketing to deliver growth. What the Ehrenberg Bass Institute and Dr Byron Sharp do is try to bring some robust research and rigour into the discipline – which is utterly lacking elsewhere. While not everyone may buy into all the principles, it’s hard to argue with any effort to make advertising more effective, accountable and credible as a discipline. A…

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tough transparency lessons

A lack of transparency in the digital media supply chain holds back growth and inhibits ROI, marketers were told at an event hosted by the AANA. Marketers and agencies were confronted by some home truths about the lack of transparency in the digital media supply chain, revealing that things are even murkier than they might have thought. Nick Manning, chief of strategy at auditing firm Ebiquity gave a brutal presentation shining a light on the failings of all areas of the supply chain that have led to the lack of transparency and some action points for how to tackle it. Contracts, poor marketing knowledge, a complex fee structure, ad fraud and viewability are all part of a much bigger issue. Programmatic got a particularly heavy beating as Manning said it rarely works or…

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accenture interactive’s media mission

Accenture Interactive has confirmed it intends to help clients bring their digital media buying in-house as part of a global strategy – a move that threatens to bypass an increasingly important and lucrative part of a media agency’s role. The move is motivated by discussions around programmatic trading, including concerns about transparency and fraud in the digital media supply chain “We offer programmatic trading locally and are focused on ensuring our clients get better transparency, connection to the end customer and are able to drive greater efficiencies within their marketing execution,” an Accenture spokesperson said. The threat of clients in-housing programmatic trading is a very real concern for media agencies. Yesterday, an agency head of investment told AdNews that more clients are looking to bring the function internally, but the idea isn’t…

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headache for coopers

Coopers found itself staring down the barrel of a brand crisis and a boycott following the release of a controversial piece of video content from The Bible Society. The content series called ‘Keeping it Light’ featured two Liberal MPs discussing marriage equality while drinking Coopers light ale. While Coopers had nothing to do with the creation of the video it copped a major backlash for aligning itself with an organisation that doesn’t support marriage equality. The Australian Brewer had previously partnered with The Bible Society to produce a range of limited edition cans celebrating 200 years of The Bible Society which would feature scripture quotes on cans. Consumers began boycotting as did pubs and bars, seeking a definitive position on the matter from Coopers. The brewer finally - after two days of radio…

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aussies have lowest trust in brands

At a time when content distribution has never been easier, it seems it has also never been easier to lose consumer trust. In a recent study from Havas Worldwide, which analysed 1500 brands and 300,000 people, results indicated that the global average for brand trust sits at just 57%. While this figure may be disheartening, it is Australians who have the lowest trust in brands globally, at just 25%. Clearly, consumers are becoming wary of this ‘cluttered’ content environment, and as a result, becoming more critical about the quality and relevance of it. Brands were measured on their ‘meaningfulness’ and benefits to the community, as well as contribution to the consumer’s wellbeing and quality of life. According to the study, Google was found to be the most meaningful to Australians, followed…

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agencies go national

Agencies are shifting their focus from state to national with three of Australia’s top agencies appointing chief creative officers in the first quarter of this year. First former M&C Saatchi Andy DiLallo resurfaced at TBWA as national CCO and most recently Jason Williams (pictured) stepped up to Leo Burnett national chief creative after 10 years as the Melbourne ECD – both new roles for the agencies. Creative heavyweight Pat Baron was also promoted to chief creative officer of McCann – a position that has been left vacant for three years after John Mescall moved to become global ECD of the group based in the US. The appointments reflect an increasing demand from clients for their brands to appeal to a national as well as APAC regional. It also allows agencies…