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AdNews August 2019

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authenticity, woke-washing and a tricky deal

Brand activism rules. Or it does when it’s done with authenticity and style. There is opportunity as well as danger. A slip-up can be credibility crushing. A well-conceived and executed campaign will pay off in reach and stickiness. Brands are recognising the power of putting marketing budget into good causes, according to world-first research by Amanda Spry, a Lecturer in Marketing at RMIT University, and a group of New Zealand academics. The key point to this is that a business is now increasingly judged by what it stands for, or against, as well as what it sells. Spry argues that historically brands have not engaged in social and political conversations for fear of potentially alienating customers. But that is changing. A word of warning: A brand must practise what it preaches or rather take action to match…

3 min.
screw you climate change

To reflect this issue’s feature that looks at climate change, we asked Host/Havas to take on the challenge. Who better to ask too, as the agency launches a new offering which seeks to aid clients in re-thinking the way they do business to move towards a more sustainable approach. While a lot of adland is still embroiled by mass consumerism – something many argue is fuelling the climate “emergency” – Host/Havas hopes to tackle the problem head on. AdNews journalist Paige Murphy spoke with Host/Havas to find out about the process of creating the cover. What were your initial thoughts on the climate change brief at hand? We were incredibly excited about the opportunity to work on this theme. Climate change is one of those things that everyone is aware of in the…

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agency dog of the month

We look at our furry friends working across the advertising, adtech, marketing and media sector, shedding a light on these stars and how they help adland get results. This month we speak to Photoplay muse, delivery guy liaison and director’s assistant-assistant Kramer. Time at the company? Four years. How would you describe what the company does? They do films ok and chicken lunch well. What do you do day-to-day? Sleep, liaise with delivery guys, chicken lunch, walk the block, guard the toilets. Define your job in one word? “Licky”. I got into production because? The complimentary chicken lunches. Who is your right hand person/ who guides you day-to-day? Dad. Whose job have you set your sights on in the future? Executive Producer/Partner Oliver Lawrance’s... (he gets the most chicken and backrubs). Where do you turn for inspiration? Wherever…

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have you been framed?

Do you have a pic for our September edition? Email adnews@yaffa.com.au ARN launches in Brisbane The Australian Radio Network (ARN) celebrated the launch of its Brisbane radio broadcast studios. Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk officially opened the new space. Zenith Zenith hosted a post-Cannes panel moderated by Zenith Australia CEO Nickie Scriven to discuss the major themes and key take outs for brands from the Media Lions finalists and winners. VERSA VERSA hosted a breakfast event to discuss the rise in voice with guest speakers from Microsoft, Zip Co, Nova, Amazon Alexa and Samsung. RYOT Verizon Media introduced 150 guests to its branded content arm RYOT Studio with an immersive experience at The Venue in Sydney. Guests were tricked into thinking it was another death by powerpoint presentation before a fire alarm went off and they were ushered to…

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print buying for the 21st century

In today’s technology-driven, globally connected environment, modernisation is the key which has to be adopted by media in transactions involving print advertising, and Buy on Platform (BOP) has been designed specifically to serve this requirement. BOP stakes a claim to be the world’s first full-function programmatic platform for print. BOP is wholly an Australian creation and developed in a country that is justifiably home to some of the world’s most recognised media houses. If we take a step back to view the bigger media picture over a longer time span, it is evident that print media has lost significant market share both in terms of value and volume. The fundamental reason for this loss is attributable to the high friction and multi-tiered transacting model employed in several countries, including Australia. This has led…

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popping the metro media bubble

Across Australia a marketing campaign is popping up in media agencies with the aim of selling regional media to advertisers. Called Boomtown, it argues that regional consumers have a higher disposable income than city dwellers which advertisers are severely overlooking. The campaign has the backing of Southern Cross Austereo (SCA), WIN, Prime, Imparja, Grant Broadcasters, Australian Community Media and News Corp Australia. It’s led by SCA Chief Sales Officer Brian Gallagher, who says the initiative has been needed for a long time. “When I first joined Southern Cross Austereo with Grant Blackley (SCA CEO) four years ago, one of the things we recognised from the very beginning is that regional is one of the biggest opportunities that we have in this company because the market is so under-served,” Gallagher says. “We had a lot…