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AdNews April 2020

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love in the time of total television

Data to the left of me, measurements to the right. The complex craft of judging the size of television audiences in Australia is reportedly getting simpler. The VOZ system, available from April, is billed as the start of a clearer picture of total audience for television, taking into account the varied platforms it can appear on. It’s all about getting a real view of how content is consumed over time and across devices. From this, we can more accurately plan campaigns and media owners can better spruik the value of their platforms. Early VOZ data shows that BVOD brings a significant reach gain across younger demographics OzTAM CEO Doug Peiffer: “VOZ data crystallises what we have long known intuitively was the case: reaching a target audience involves considering how all screens are used over…

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What were your initial thoughts on the PR brief at hand? It was like being back at AWARD School! It was a challenge to distil our thinking down to a single page. We had a lot of fun with it. Advertising and PR go hand in hand, but we found it interesting how [traditionally] PR supported an idea and stretched the conversation. Yet today we’re seeing ideas being led by PR and the conversation leading and launching more traditional executions. The partnership is still tight, but the balance has shifted. It’s a big shift in the way ideas are now formed. Post first brief chat, what went through your mind(s) and what were the next steps you took as a team? A whole lot of Whipple. And then research. We dug up AdNews covers…

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carsales’ pawfect cfo

Time at the company: 28 years (four human years). How would you describe what the company does? carsales.com Ltd (ASX: CAR) is the largest online automotive, motorcycle and marine classifieds business in Australia. What do you do day-to-day? When not fetching stress balls or getting a pugkin chai latte, I’m writing for the editorial and marketing teams or helping with car reviews. Define your job in one word: PAWfect. I got into editorial and marketing because: I’ve always been pawsonable and passionate about communication. My dad, Mike Sinclair, is the editor-in-chief at carsales and he has always encouraged my creative flair. Who is your right-hand person? Our chief marketing officer, Kellie Cordner, gives me lots of cuddles and is very pawsitive. Whose job have you set your sights on? I’ve gone from being the branch manager…

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the deceptive art of child’s play

Despite decades of brain-imaging studies, neuroscientists have been unable to define the circuitry involved in creative brilliance. To be fair, it often confounds the gifted themselves. Take the award-winning whiteGREY creative director, Ronojoy Ghosh, better know as Tin Tin Ghosh. Also a children’s book author and renowned illustrator, TinTin reveals, without apparent irony, that inspiration for his naïf works of art flows from listening to death metal music. “As a kid my favourite band was Iron Maiden,” recalls TinTin, 41. “And I still love listening to heavy death metal bands, like Obituary [hits include ‘Chopped in Half’ and ‘Ten Thousand Ways to Die’]. “It puts me in the zone for work. It’s a kind of music therapy, but the pictures I draw are completely different from what I’m listening to. I don’t know…

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what advertisers need to know in the age of advanced tv

The future heralds a golden age of crossscreen advertising. Advanced TV services are on the rise, shifting consumer viewing habits and ad spend. Streaming services like Apple TV+ and Disney+ have launched globally, and we’ve seen more local content in Australia from the likes of Foxtel’s Kayo Sports and Nine’s Stan. These new offerings have grabbed the attention of audiences who are willing to expand their subscriptions beyond those already established, like Netflix and Amazon Prime. With over 11 million Australian Netflix subscribers* and 31% growth of streaming video on demand (SVOD) services last year*, all signs point to continued momentum in the sector. This means consumers will only become more accustomed to ad-free content, presenting a real challenge for brands trying to reach viewers. Advertisers need to feel confident that ad spend is…

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stirring the television cauldron

Television, long a static piece of furniture, is off the couch and following the consumer, changing the whole game as consumption habits evolve and audiences migrate to mobile devices, watch streaming media using catchup apps and binge watching their weekends away. The changes bring opportunity, making addressable TV possible, delivering more targeted and personalised ads to specific groups in precise geographic areas. And the launch of a better audience measuring method, VOZ, and its window into BVOD (broadcast video-on-demand) promises to add a younger demographic, simplify what can be a complex exercise and present all screen consumption in one report. Last year was a tough one for television, and this year will likely be similar, with the added impact of the bushfires and the coronavirus on an already soft advertising market. But all agree…