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AdNews May - June 2021

AdNews is Australia’s oldest and most reputable advertising, marketing and media industry publication. Published monthly except for January, AdNews covers each of the industry’s many diverse sectors including marketing and advertising, media, research, sales promotion, digital, direct marketing, design and creative through breaking industry news, case studies and in-depth special reports.

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is daydreaming in a virtual office real?

If no-one sees you being smart, does it count? Visibility is a critical issue in a career. Demonstrating your worth and making sure someone notices is all part of the game of getting ahead, getting a pay rise, more responsibility and a new title. How then does this work when remote working? Many people embraced working from home, but coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic some very senior managers in the industry are quietly questioning its worth. A fine move during lock-down (as the only way to keep the business afloat and to maintain a bank of talent) but we should march back to the now safe-ish office where we can be more effective. But do we work better in an office? The remote experiment was a success. Virtual teams of employees in Australia adapted…

3 min
the mouldy cookie and roaches

With third-party cookies finally on their way out, AdNews called on Innocean Australia to come up with a cover that perfectly depicted their crumble. The result? Mould, cockroaches and a very unappetising cookie. What were your initial thoughts on the third-party cookie deprecation brief at hand? Google it. There are so many articles trying to explain it. So we decided our approach should be to get attention for this issue of AdNews, and let the specialists give their point of view. Post first brief chat, what went through your mind(s) and what were the next steps you took as a team? Imagining this decomposing digital cookie needed to be brought to life in the most real way. So casting the roaches was top of the list. And then decomposing a pretty tasty cookie. How did…

1 min
squeak e. clean first impressions

Time in current role/time at the company? Two years. How would you describe what the company does? They recruit new people to pat me every day. What do you do day to day? A lot of woofin’ around. Define your job in one word: Ruff. I got into advertising because? I’m great with words. Who is your right-hand person/ who guides you day to day? The one they call ‘James’. Whose job have you set your sights on in the future? That box everyone throws all their food in after they’ve finished their lunch. Where do you turn for inspiration? I like to take inspiration from the SubWOOFer in Studio 2. My best trick is? Swatting anything at knee height with my tail, including glasses full of water, laptops, and especially glasses full of water next to laptops. Tell…

17 min
the race to continue tracking

Third-party cookies have been critical to online advertising, credited with fueling its growth over the years, so their demise has been described as the most significant shakeup the industry has seen. “The online industry has been operating and relying on cookies and now all of a sudden after two decades it’s all about to go away,” says MediaCom head of digital Minsun Collier. “It’s one of those things that we all need to get to. It’s also an opportunity to get best practices into the digital advertising world because some things have been questionable so it’s a great time to pivot and be able to do some really good marketing.” Third-party cookies, which track users for targeted advertising, are to be phased out by Google in 2022 in the name of user…

3 min
5 minutes with…

We are starting to see greater collaboration between advertisers and broadcasters particularly when it comes to developing a unified audience identifier. The last year has accelerated change in consumer viewing habits, with CTV taking up more share than ever. How has the advertising industry responded? It’s safe to say that BVOD has been a star performer for television in Australia at 52.7% growth in the second half of 2020, with much of the consumption taking place on Connected TV devices. While COVID has accelerated many industry changes, increasing cross-screen consumption of premium content was already well underway. We are starting to see greater collaboration between advertisers and broadcasters particularly when it comes to developing a unified audience identifier. In parallel with improved user experience, thanks to technologies such as server-side ad insertion…

19 min
television’s irresistible post-pandemic appeal

Television is shining white hot in the media agency playbook as advertisers scramble to get their brands airtime, pushing ad spend growth numbers into positive territory for the first time in years. The restrictions and regulations of COVID-19 increased consumer time with television in all its forms, including free-to-air and the various catchup and BVOD. Brands joined the flow, following a hungry audience — attracted by the content and the safety of familiarity — to leverage the power of moving pictures and sound. Media agency booking numbers, after a long slide starting in 2008, have been growing since September 2020. TV’s total ad spend was 3.4% higher in January/February 2021 than in the same two months last year, according to Standard Media Index (SMI). “Fortunately, TV has benefitted from record levels of January/ February…