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AdNews February 2018

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I’m going into 2018, with a sense of optimism that this year will be a good one. For us at AdNews and for the industry. It’s a big one for us. We’ve got a lot on the agenda. We’re celebrating our 90th birthday. We started out in 1928 - that makes us even older than our US friends at AdAge, at a mere 88. Ninety years of authority, expertise and credibility is hard to beat. That type of longevity is hard to find, and while the publishing industry the world over is challenged, as in the marketing world, it's the brands that have invested in standing for something, that cherish their values, and continue to deliver a quality product, that will continue to thrive. Over those 90 years we’ve evolved. We started…

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is facebook about to separate publisher’s content into a separate feed?

The media and marketing industry have urged calm after Facebook's biggest algorithm change in years is likely to see professionally generated content fall down the pecking order on user's news feed. Experts have warned the changes could drastically reduce the organic reach of posts by brands and media companies, and it was already playing out and hitting some just days after coming into effect. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the changes are an attempt to bring Facebook back to its roots as well as improving people’s wellbeing. “I'm changing the goal I give our product teams from focusing on helping you find relevant content to helping you have more meaningful social interactions,” Zuckerberg said. Media executives told Ad-News the algorithm changes are the first step in a plan to split news content onto a…

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mastercard’s priceless evolves to experiential marketing platform

MasterCard is evolving its famous Priceless campaign further into the experiential space, recently becoming a sponsor of the cricket and upping its investment with Tennis Australia. The focus of the campaign has shifted from one of observing priceless moments and granting access to them, to more directly creating ‘priceless’ experiences them for MasterCard holders. The move means less focus on its now iconic TV ads, although MasterCard is not doing away with television altogether; it ran a new television ad around the Australian Open and says it views TV as an important brand platform. “Today we get consumers to co-create priceless experiences with us and make those special moments in their lives even more special,” MasterCard Australia head of marketing Sarah Pike tells AdNews. “What that means is our consumers become brand ambassadors…

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users lambaste snapchat and instagram changes

It wasn't just Facebook's News Feed shake-up causing havoc in the social media sphere. Snapchat's 'horrendous' redesign and Instagram's new 'hateful' feature caused quite a stir. Snapchat finally rolled out an update to its app which saw its Stories page disappear. Instead, both Stories from friends as well as personal content are now hosted together on one screen. To say the changes didn't go down well would be putting it mildly as thousands took to Twitter to lambaste the company. Snapchat announced it would be undergoing a redesign in November 2017 after the company posted slow revenue growth and missed its financial forecasts so users had time to prepare. However within minutes #Snapchat was trending online, largely preceded with comments describing how “horrendous” and “ridiculous" the update was. TechCrunch reported that…

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lamb side story: a meaty review

As has become Australian advertising tradition, eyes were peeled for the Meat & Livestock Association summer campaign in January. The bulk of MLA's ads throughout 2017 have been shrouded in controversy as it tackled inclusivity and diversity, though emotionally and politically charged subjects such as Australia Day and racism. For 2018, the brand has stayed with the theme of social commentary and bringing diverse people together, but it’s going for politics this year, and offering social commentary on the clash between left and right leaning factions over issues such as global warming, gay marriage, gender diversity, LGBT issues, religion, equal rights and more. Lisa Sharp, MLA CMO said the campaign aimed to “celebrate our nation’s ability to put aside our differences, no matter our cultural backgrounds or political leanings, and join together…

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fairfax innovates commercial restructure

This year will be pivotal for Fairfax as it implements its new commercial strategy that sees category specialists head up sales teams for its 10 advertising segments. The new structure was revealed at the end of 2017 and is already operational. In the past, Fairfax structured its commercial team around media agency groups, with a team for GroupM or Dentsu media agencies, for instance, or around direct clients. The four biggest teams will be around the key verticals of banking and finance, travel and tourism, auto and retail, which are Fairfax’s strongest ad revenue drivers. Up to 12 staff will work in each team. Other verticals, such as tech and telco, sport, food and drink, government, luxury and entertainment, have been identified as growth areas for the business and will have…