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data privacy – it matters

To reflect this issue of AdNews' investigative feature on data and GDPR, we have called on The Royals, who were crowned AdNews Independent Agency of the Year 2017, to take on the challenge. Editor Pippa Chambers spoke with the agency's creative partner, Nick Cummins. What were your initial thoughts on being asked to do the front cover of AdNews and your reaction to the GDPR/data privacy issue at hand? Obviously we were honoured to be asked as one of the first few agencies to work on a cover concept and we knew we had to do something that made people think. We’ve been having a lot of conversations at The Royals about the benefits of letting brands access your data and also the dangers, so this felt like a topic that suited…

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editor’s letter

For this issue's front cover, The Royals, AdNews Independent Agency of the Year 2017, took a thought–provoking and dark approach to the brief at hand. The poignant creative, with faceless organisations and a young innocent girl clutching the most personal item of all (her diary), is striking, clever and emotive. A nod to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and no doubt a strong contender cover year, once again AdNews is thrilled and grateful for the level of effort and creative brilliance. In 2018, you can barely take a step without data oozing out of you, sucked into your smartphone and rocketed through your cellular network architecture into a plethora of buckets that you just hope aren’t leaky. From blood alcohol content, inhaler usage, menstrual cycles, sleep patterns, social media activity,…

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have you been framed?

Nova’s night of nights Nova Entertainment held its annual Entertainment Awards in the Grand Ballroom at Sydney’s Royal Randwick Racecourse. More than 200 Nova employees flew in from around the country to attend the national staff event that rewards and recognises employees. Jacked–in to Twitter Twitter, in conjunction with the American Chamber of Commerce, hosted a fireside chat with its CEO Jack Dorsey chatting everything social with Sunrise host David Koch. How to get started in adland In our first NGEN podcast, AdNews journalist, Josh McDonnell, spoke to Mindshare senior media executive and Media Thursdays co–founder and NGEN member, Raymond Ly, about his work so far, as well as to get his advice on navigating the industry. Game on The independent media agencies’ team has been crowned Nine’s Agency of Origin for 2018, stealing the title from…

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ok pellegrino, what’s next?

When Jason Pellegrino joined Google in 2008, Android hadn't launched yet, YouTube wasn’t a monetised platform, Google was still predominantly doing search, and online advertising company DoubleClick was only a recent acquisition. Fast–forward to 2018 and its rapidly growing YouTube offering is a force to be reckoned with. Android, the mobile operating system developed by Google, is now one of the biggest computing platforms in the world. And DoubleClick is used by countless agencies, publishers and brands globally. Sydney–based Pellegrino said during the first eight years he witnessed more of a “consistent change” overall, but the last 24 months as MD Australia and New Zealand have gone at a “frenetic pace”. Pellegrino indicated while the multinational tech giant has seen rapid progress on understanding the adoption of tools at its disposal, such as…

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top of the box

Digital display ads aren’t giving appropriate cut–through, the finance sector has the largest under–allocation of TV ad spend, and marketers are still not optimising spend accordingly, a new study shows. In this AdNews exclusive, we take a first look at phase two of ‘Payback Australia’, undertaken by independent marketing analytics company, Ebiquity. In partnership with ThinkTV, Ebiquity analysed 21 brands over three years across the four categories of finance, automotive, fast–moving consumer goods (FMCG) and e–commerce. The results of the study showed these sectors could increase their return on media investment by more than $1 billion by optimising their media spend towards the most efficient media channels. For e–commerce companies, it means spending less on TV and more on search, and for finance, FMCG and automotive, this means investing more in television and…

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q&a: network ten’s rod prosser

In an era of fake news and unsafe digital media environments for brands, what are the inherent benefits of television as an advertising medium? It’s all about trust. As a starting point, free-to-air television is underpinned by some pretty strict broadcast regulations and if we fall outside of them, we run the risk of breaching our licence. In addition to that, we are a mass-reach medium and as such, we have an obligation to all Australians to produce safe and premium content that inherently offers advertisers a risk-free environment in which to promote their brands. “This is an important market for CBS and one that offers clear opportunities for growth.” Rod Prosser Are you seeing marketers turn away from online media and return to media they trust? We believe online still has an important…