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AdNews May 2017

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I can’t remember the last day that the word transparency didn't come up in conversation or a headline I've either written or read elsewhere. Can you? I doubt it. It’s everywhere. And for good reason. Not everyone agrees. A few wish we’d leave it alone and stop rattling the cage, and ask why the trade press is so insistent on making it an issue when marketers are sick of talking about it, and agencies would rather do anything but. Others, though, (and this is the larger group) urge us to keep writing about it, to keep asking questions (even though often we get no answers), to keep the pressure on because that’s the only way anything will change. We can’t win, as usual, but whichever camp you fall into - feel free to…

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ringing in a change

Airbnb tapped up Clemenger BBDO Melbourne for the first time to launch an ambitious campaign to push marriage equality. The project has no commercial agenda for Airbnb except voicing its position on the subject. ‘Until we all belong’ features a series of ads where people directly and indirectly affected by laws restricting same-sex marriage were invited to comment on the topic. The campaign is held together with a ring, which is avialable for purchase, to show support for the cause. The ‘Acceptance Ring’ is an incomplete ring, designed to be a visual representation of the legal and social gap in marriage equality in Australia. More than 29,000 of the $3.50 rings have been sold. It has been lauded as one of the most public declarations in support of marriage equality from corporate…

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don’t be an advertising zombie

Ogilvy Australia CEO David Fox made an inmpassioned plea to the creative industry to wake up and stop acting like the victims in The Walking Dead waiting to be consumed by zombie-like consultancies and media agencies moving into their space. In a broad-ranging iterview with AdNews Fox said the industry landscape is beginning to mirror the dystopic scenes from the TV show. He believes creative agencies need to get their priorities in order as the 'zombies' prepare to attack, referring to moves by the likes of PwC, which recently appointed Russel Howcroft as its chief creative officer and created a CMO council. “In the show, like in most zombie movies, the world is ravaged by some highly infectious disease which turns most of the population into flesh eating zombies with an insatiable thirst…

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pepsi attempts peace, the world says no

Social media has the capacity to tear brands and advertisers apart as Pepsi found out with its controversial Kendall Jenner ad. From celebrities to marketers and everyone in between, the soft drink brand felt the full brunt of the internet's wrath for suggesting that a can of Pepsi could solve the ills of the current political climate. A backlash began almost immediately after the ad's launch. Some drew similarities between the placards in the ad and those from the Black Lives Matter marches, and questioned why Pepsi was trivialising the issue. Others were quick to note that Jenner threw her wig at a black assistant. Many compared the composition of Jenner's can-handover scene to iconic photographs from resistance movements from years past and it wasn't a favourable comparison. Less than 24 hours…

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four corners dissects facebook

Facebook's ubiquitous power was tackled by ABC's Four Corners and the media industry watched as some of its biggest internal concerns were dissected in a public forum. Discussions about Facebook's grip have been simmering away for a while – with topics such as transparency, privacy and brand safety constantly under the spotlight – the 'Cracking the Code' episode vocalised these issues to people outside of the media industry. Four Corners spoke with security experts, ex-Facebook journalists, PwC's executive director of media Megan Brown-low, and found one common thread: people need to be asking more questions about the cost of handing over so much personal information to Facebook. The episode touched on Facebook’s ability to collect personal information, analyse behaviours, interpret what users are thinking and predict their next move. It grappled with…

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brand safety issues role on

Pressure on the likes of Google and Facebook is moutning for them to take greater responsibility for the media and content they carry. Brand safety continues to be a priority for marketers and a number of new issues have come to light in recent weeks that have prompted YouTube and Facebook to take action. Some of the biggest global and local brands have halted spend and pulled ads from the YouTube platform, and it coincides with the first slump in media agency bookings across digital in eight years, according to February SMI data. Facebook has also been found to have allowed illegal and offensive content to remain on the platform after it had been flagged to moderators, an investigation by The Times, in the UK found. It could face criminal proceedings. After the…