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AdNews November/December 2017

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shattered trust

TO ME, 2017 can only be defined by one thing. That is the shattering of trust. Every which way you look, trust was decimated. Like a wine glass dropped on kitchen tiles, a broken window, a cracked mirror looking back at the world, tiny fragments of what was previously taken from granted, believed in and relied upon, now lays scattered on the ground. “The leadership of the country is entrusted with the future of the nation, and yet cannot be trusted to declare, or even be aware of their own nationality.” Dramatic? Maybe. But it’s certainly the case that we are regarding the truth in a very different light. Donald Trump continues to rule the US with flagrant disregard for any kind of truth except that which he himself decides. His manipulation of…

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don’t look back in anger

JANUARY THERE’S no such thing as a quiet start to the year. January means Australia Day, and that means the Meat & Livestock Australia ads emerge. This year the brand skipped the Australia Day references opting for a celebration of modern multiculturalism. It played on the controversy of Invasion Day, depicting the nation’s first people searching for the perfect spot to fire up a barbie. It didn’t take long for the complaints to roll in. McDonald’s got into the spirit of big Australian things by way of the Big Big Mac in time for Australia Day and there was a disgraceful outcry over an outdoor campaign from RACV featuring young Australian women wearing the hijab. QMS was forced to remove it over safety concerns, but Dee Madigan led the industry to…

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reflections on trust

The theme of this year’s Annual and the Perspectives Series is trust. It’s been a funny old year for trust, and truth. Both in this business and beyond. Politically, economically, business-wise, in leadership, media and relationships, trust has been shattered. Promises have been broken and the truth has been undermined. We are post-truth. There is fake news and alternative facts. We’ve had measurement mistakes, high-profile sex scandals and more. Does the truth matter? Does trust exist anymore and can we ever get it back? What does it take to build, maintain and nurture trust, and what do we do when it’s broken. AdNews asked leading figures in marketing, media, advertising and adtech to take on the theme and how they saw its impact in the year gone by and into the year ahead. STEPHEN…

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showcase – clemenger

BEYOND GRAHAM In March, we named Clemenger Group our Advertising Network of the Year. At the same time, we named Clemenger BBDO Melbourne the AdNews Agency of the Year, an accolade that foretold the Melbourne shop’s stellar year. Clems put Australia back on the creative map being named Cannes Lions Agency of the Year and storming the award show earning 56 Lions overall. It was also named AWARD Agency of the Year, taking home 20 gold pencils and Best in Show. Clems Melbourne also had a brutally successful year at international awards shows including D&AD, where it was the most awarded agency in the world winning one Black Pencil and six Yellow Pencils, it won Best in Show at New York Festivals and won the regional Agency of the Year at the…

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the 2017 mock briefs

BRIEF 1 SAVE THE IBIS The Ibis achieved cult status this year with their own faux-Attenborough style documentary immortalising their city-dwelling habits. But the Ibis is a misunderstood creature. Maligned as bin chickens and dumpster divers - it’s time it got a fair go. Create a campaign to rebrand the Ibis as a native bird Australia can be proud of. BRIEF 2 POSTCARDS FROM GILEAD The Handmaid's Tale tells the story of the Republic of Gilead. The TV adaptation captured audiences' attention, but imagine a world where it’s a reality. Create a campaign for the Gilead Tourism Board. BRIEF 3 HUMANOID FOR SALE AI is taking over. For now, it’s Google Home and Amazon Alexa, but imagine a future where lifelike androids can do almost anything humans want. Create an ad for the first commercially available, [almost] sentient…

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attract, reflect and benefit – why enter awards?

AS the Founding Sponsor of the AdNews People & Culture Award we are extremely proud it was the most highly contested award last year. It’s an important award for us, as advocates of marketers, to know the companies we work with are interested in continually improving their culture, looking after their people and driving innovation. We look forward to seeing the directions taken over the past 12 months, and here’s three reasons why entry is worth considering. 1 EMPLOYEE ATTRACTION The best want to work with the best – awards are a great way to advertise to potential employees. Awards can inform the industry about the work you have created, the areas that you are succeeding in and how you treat your clients, partners and employees. A strong employer brand will attract…