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AdNews October 2017

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Think you know who your customer is? Think you know what motivates them? Think you know what their behaviours are? Think again. I just returned from spending three days on the road as part of the GroupM Out of Towners trip. It was the Sydney, Canberra, Wagga Wagga leg, so probably one of the more metro of the regional road trip, but still revealing. What was apparent was that the vast majority of us in this industry have certain perceptions of other regions, that aren’t backed up by the reality. That’s also the central theme of our November AdNews Live! event Reframing Australia. The 2016 Census revealed, ‘ordinary Australia’ no longer exists, but people’s perceptions are outdated. With that in mind, how can brands and agencies expect to connect with real audiences in…

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five-star naked ambition

Australian hotel chain Art Series, inspired and dedicated to contemporary artists, made global headlines for its ‘No Robe’ ad campaign, but what made such a risque idea a five-star campaign? Infusing a namesake artist's works and personality throughout a hotel to create unique art-inspired experiences sounds alluring in its own right, however The Art Series Hotel Group wanted more. It wanted to gain awareness with international travelers. The UK and the US were the main focus and the dream scenario was to go global, which this idea did in spades. In August Art Series sold its business to ASXlisted hotel business Mantra Group for $52.5 million. The acquisition saw seven luxury hotels, with more than 1,000 guest rooms and including a conference and event facilities, restaurants and luxury hotel-style amenities, added to…

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the value exchange: with great data comes great responsibility

Are you racing your way to data supremacy; chasing that superlative moment when all the data you collect becomes the ultimate driver of your business growth? If not, there’s certainly a case for why you should be. After all, the world produced one zettabyte – or one trillion gigabytes – of data in 2017. That’s a shed-load of information just begging to fuel your customer understanding and drive acquisition. Very soon, the way we use our data will be our core competitive advantage. Much has been said about the power of smart data usage and its potential to translate to increased revenue and profit. What’s less widely discussed, however, is the danger of being dumb with your data. Poor data practices are not just a missed opportunity for growth; they can have dire…

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vibrant cities: euro hot

At US$25 billion (AUD$31bn), the UK’s ad market is more than double Australia’s at US$11 billion (AUD$14bn), according to The Gunn Report. It is the fourth biggest ad market in the world with a population that is eight times that of Australia’s. Despite a huge difference in scale, Australia proves size isn’t everything, ranking third in the world, just behind the UK in the Gunn Report Creative Rankings. The UK is the largest advertising market in Western Europe and there are fears about what the results of the Brexit referendum will mean for the UK. It is yet to significantly depress ad spending, but it is playing on agency leaders’ minds. Andy Nairn, CEO of London-based Lucky Generals, says: “Frankly we are against Brexit and that’s a big concern; all of our…

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what australia can learn from european advertising

Diversity, diversity, diversity The diversity in European agencies puts Australian agencies to shame. Granted Europe is much more of a cultural melting pot than Australia, but they also seem to embrace the idea of a global community better than Down Under. On a creative brief, 72andSunny said it will often have a Brit, an Argentinian, an American, a Dutch, an African-American and an Australian. They believe this is the only way to create work that truly transcends physical barriers and permeates culture. The Sydney Melbourne divide isn’t necessary If an Amsterdam agency can service a British client, why can’t a Sydney office service a Melbourne client? Amsterdam’s Nic Owen was shocked to learn Australian clients will stick to a same-state agency rather than fly an hour to visit their agency and vice versa.…

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what european agencies think of australian advertising

Andrea Henao: “It is a very creative microcosm, even if remotely located they are often in the top of the game.” Andy Nairn: “Australian advertising seems to be undergoing a renaissance right now. The best work has rightly received a lot of global attention and more than a little envy. As ever, though, the trick is to make sure the quality goes up across the board. Hopefully the high standards set by the likes of TAC, Metro Trains and ANZ will inspire others in Australia, as well as all over the world.’’ Nic Owen: “Australia really cares about being creative. It’s in their DNA and they’re hungry for it. You can see it in the work coming out of there and in the great Aussies you encounter around the world.”…