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AdNews September 2018

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power 50 & emerging leaders

To reflect this issue's Power 50 and Top 30 Emerging Leaders, we called on Saatchi & Saatchi to take on the challenge. Editor Pippa Chambers spoke with the agency about the process What were your initial thoughts on the Power 50 and Emerging 30 brief? How often do you get the opportunity to have a crack at designing a cover for AdNews? Never. Our instant response was of mixed emotions: from initial elation and excitement followed quickly by fear and perspiration, especially once we realised the subject matter and the sheer power of the women and men we’d be promoting. The rollercoaster of emotions was a clear sign we needed to tread very carefully and think of all the egos at stake. Post–first brief chat, what went through your minds and what were…

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editor’s letter

This year's Power 50 looks at those who have the power and influence to shape key parts of the ecosystem, particularly now in this fascinating post–media reform era. With the impact of media reform changes coming into full swing, there has surely never been a more electrifying time to be part of the landscape as it evolves around us. Whether it's leading a soon–to–be–merged workforce of 7000 staff, having the final say on an acquisition, or being responsible for pumping millions of dollars in ad revenue into the sector, each person on the Power 50 list has the power and influence to shape the future of the industry. We start the list from scratch each year and creating it starts with a public nominations process, followed by several short lists, eventually culled…

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have you been framed?

Stock standard celebrations Shutterstock’s own employees celebrated the company’s 15th birthday in their own unique way by recreating some of the most popular stock photos on its own website. Graduation day The Communications Council revealed this year’s state graduates for the 2018 AWARD school program, with students displaying their final work across five separate events around the country. It’s always time for tiles Frank Walker from National Tiles, known for his quirky radio ads, took his notoriety to another level when he headed over to Adelaide’s Mix 102.3 Jodie & Soda Breakfast Show. Normally recognised for his love of “lovely polished floor tiles”, Walker instead lent his unique voice to the station for the entire show, which was heard across multiple segments. Thinking about TV ThinkTV hosted a CEO panel, moderated by Australian Financial Review managing editor, Joanne…

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booze ads: a real corker or a bit flat?

ADAM WHITEHEAD Creative director, 303Mullenlowe I’m sure each of the brands in this category have done numerous rounds of research into these executions, but my humble take–outs are: Champagne is the drink for wannabe astronauts, wine is for mountain climbers on the run, and whiskey is for plodders. JACQUI PATERSON Senior creative, Spinach Over the years there have been some cracking ads for alcoholic beverages. Done well, with a solid idea, they are entertaining and memorable. When I think of my top 10 in this category, they’re pretty much beer ads. Champagne, wine and spirits seem to follow a formula of familiar imagery, set to inspiring soundtracks. There are exceptions to this rule, but there are also a lot of fizzers. WES HAWES ECD, Marcel Sydney It’s tough at the top end of the spirits and wine market.…

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unpacked: publicis and the power of one

It’s been 18 months since Michael Rebelo was made Publicis Communications CEO for Australia and New Zealand amidst a raft of changes within the group to facilitate its shift towards the ‘Power of One’ model and stabilise the holding company in a rocky advertising climate. Following six years leading Saatchi & Saatchi Australia after spending the majority of his career within the Saatchi network, Rebelo was promoted alongside Melinda Geertz who was made national CEO of Leo Burnett. Andrew Baxter took on the role of Publicis Worldwide CEO and Publicis Communications chairman before his recent departure for KPMG. His duties were absorbed by Rebelo’s role The shake–up coincided with a global changing of the guard, with Arthur Sadoun taking over from global Publicis CEO Maurice Levy and subsequently putting a 12-month pause…

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how is it working?

Over the last 12 months in particular, Publicis has experienced “accelerated interest” in in its integrated model from Australian brands, James said. Clients have come to the realisation that multiple agencies create too much complexity and duplicity. So far, this restructure and philosophy, which is better known as the Power of One model, has been validated by winning the global creative for Mercedes–Benz and Campbell Arnott’s. “Locally winning the Campbell Arnott’s business was proof to us that major advertisers right here in Sydney can see our value to their business over other holding companies," Rebelo said. "It was a rewarding win for Publicis Group Australia." Both pitches entered specific briefs from Australia, so had to be won on the ground as well as globally. For Campbell Arnott’s, the APAC business is led from…