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AFAR September/October 2019

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AFAR is a different kind of travel magazine that guides and inspires those who travel the world seeking to connect with its people, experience their cultures, and understand their perspectives. Get AFAR digital magazine subscription today for intriguing travel stories told with beautiful photos and a fresh design.

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5 smart ways to travel happier

STEP 1 TIME IT RIGHT Visit a destination in shoulder season, when the weather’s good but crowds and prices are lower—like Scottsdale, Arizona in the fall. STEP 2 BOOK A VILLA Rent a family-friendly villa through a home-sharing site; it can be more spacious and less expensive than two hotel rooms. STEP 3 PACK SMART Bring mix-and-match layers to create multiple looks, plus a scarf to use as a handy cover-up at religious sites. STEP 4 HYDRATE. REST. REPEAT. Flying is very dehydrating, so drink plenty of water before you board and on the flight. Try smartwater! STEP 5 HIRE LOCAL GUIDES Well-vetted experts provide the inside scoop on important locales (and can teach you local lingo). Ask your hotel concierge for recommendations. For more smart ideas, visit drinksmartwater.com.…

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“night falls above jesús maría”

GERMAN PHOTOGRAPHER AND filmmaker Kirstin Schmitt finds artistic inspiration in people’s everyday lives. “I want to figure out who people are,” says Schmitt, who splits her time between Havana and Berlin. “By getting to know them, I understand their passions.” Through a friend, she began spending time among people in Havana’s LGBTQ and drag communities, Cubans who have only recently been able to live their lives more openly, though they still face discrimination and a culture of machismo. Their lives are documented by Schmitt and her husband, Cuban photographer Juan Aristides Otamendiz, in the project “Arroz Con Mango—The New Men.” Schmitt’s images capture the moments beyond the stage and at home, as in the shot above, which features the performer Haila preparing for a midnight gig at Cabaret Las Vegas…

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quite a trip

THIS ISSUE MARKS the 10th anniversary of AFAR. It is a humbling and gratifying occasion for us. When we started AFAR, the world was in the midst of the Great Recession. People weren’t traveling. Businesses weren’t opening. And that went double—OK, quintuple—for print magazines. But we were committed to the idea that travel, when undertaken with an open mind and heart, could enrich people’s lives. And that the more people traveled this way, the better off the world would be. If we could be the voice and inspiration for this mind-set, this way of travel—what a great thing to do with our lives. Thankfully, due to an incredible team of people here at AFAR, the support of many partners, and you, our readership of discerning, global-citizen travelers, we have found our place. Every…

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explore it in australia

Start with these 3 different trip options. People & Culture Head here to compare the modern and ancient Aussie lifestyles. • Sydney Do as the locals do and hit the beach to relax, then take a convict history tour of The Rocks. • Kimberley Region See the ancient rock art of Aboriginal people, who have been around for some 50,000 years. Icons & Wildlife Explore iconic sites in these amazing natural areas. • Great Barrier Reef Snorkel or dive to witness the colorful coral and fish; inland, hike the ancient Daintree Rainforest. • Uluru/Ayers Rock Marvel at this 1,100-foot sacred monolith at sunrise or as you dine under the stars. • Tasmania Add a trip here to explore dramatic national parks and luxurious eco-lodges. Food & Wine Combine cuisine with beaches and nature. • Melbourne Discover some of the world’s best restaurants in hidden laneways alongside innovative cafés. •…

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the joy of travel

ON A RECENT FLIGHT to Philadelphia, I was feeling glum: It was my third business trip in as many weeks, and I’d been missing my family since the minute I left my house. I was also sick. But when I landed in Philadelphia, I made a conscious decision to try to enjoy myself. On a whim I went for dinner at Zahav, recently deemed the best restaurant in the United States by the James Beard Foundation. What followed was a spectacular meal of Israeli small plates: fried cauliflower with labneh and mint, fresh hummus served with wood-fired laffa bread, and a beef kebab that I’m still thinking about today. As my food arrived, I started talking to the woman next to me, who, it turned out, was also in Philadelphia on…

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the travel happiness survey

HOW MANY VACATION DAYS DO YOU USE PER YEAR? HOW MANY TRIPS DO YOU TAKE PER YEAR? IN AN IDEAL WORLD, HOW MUCH WOULD YOU TRAVEL? WHEN I TRAVEL, I PREFER TO… WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE WAY TO CAPTURE YOUR TRIPS? WHICH TRIP WOULD YOU MOST LIKE TO TAKE? HOW MUCH TIME DO YOU USUALLY SPEND ON SOCIAL MEDIA WHEN YOU’RE TRAVELING? ARE YOU HAPPIEST TRAVELING… WHEN TRAVELING, WHAT TENDS TO MAKE YOU THE HAPPIEST? THE TOP 10 HAPPIEST DESTINATIONS, ACCORDING TO OUR READERS The crowd favorites? Tropical holidays and European getaways. 1. Italy2. Hawaii3. Mexico4. France5. Costa Rica6. Spain7. Ireland8. Jamaica9. Greece10. New Zealand WHAT’S YOUR HAPPIEST TRAVEL MEMORY? Thousands of you shared powerful stories with us. Here are two of our favorites. The Magic of Mexico My husband and I spent the night on the beach at Cabo Pulmo National Park while road-tripping…