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AirBnb Magazine Feb/Mar 2019

Airbnbmag is a travel lifestyle magazine featuring authentic experiences through the eyes of those who know best, the locals. Whether you’re planning or daydreaming your next journey, Airbnbmag offers both the familiar and the unexpected through a local lens and captured by top travel writers & photographers of the world. Airbnbmag is your passport to feeling at home anywhere! Your next adventure starts here.

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João Canziani was born in Lima, Peru, and has traveled to every continent except Antarctica, shooting for clients including Travel & Leisure and Esquire. Amy Hood is a designer and cofounder of Hoodzpah, a branding design and illustration studio that has worked with companies from Red Bull to 20th Century Fox. Ryan Johnsonis a freelance illustrator based in Oakland, California, whose work has been recognized by American Illustration, 3×3, and the Society of Illustrators. Alex Pappademas is a writer from Los Angeles whose work has appeared in GQ, the New York Times, Esquire, Grantland, and Rolling Stone. He will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today. Alpha Smoot is a NYCbased still life and interiors photographer whose work has appeared in Real Simple, the Wall Street Journal, and Cherry Bombe, among other places. Touré…

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travel that changes you

The magic of cinema is like the magic of travel: They both offer a transformative experience beyond the ordinary. No one understood this better than Walt Disney, who took the fantasy of fairy tales and turned them into a world that you could physically go to. Growing up, I thought the only magical place you could visit was Disneyland, but now millions of people are creating opportunities for you to have unique experiences anywhere in the world. One of the people who celebrates this idea of creating a world within a world is an inventor and Airbnb Superhost I recently met named Dan Shaw. He and his wife, Deborah, created Danville—a special “town” in Geneva, Florida. When you arrive in Danville, you can take a stroll down Main Street; dine at…

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discover a different side of florida

Sun-Kissed. Total Bliss. Kissimmee, Florida Kayak beneath the curtains of Spanish moss and oak canopies of Florida’s wetlands, and you’ll experience instant serenity. Soak up the sun, breathe in the natural beauty: This is a vacation haven like no other, complete with breathtaking views and luxurious vacation villas for absolute relaxation. And it’s not just the total tranquility—Kissimmee is also loaded with adrenaline-pumping activities! Just minutes away, you’ll find one-of-a-kind outdoor adventures and awe-inspiring parks. Book your dream retreat. Cozy abode, or lavish vacation mansion. Find your ideal spot to stay in Kissimmee, home to the world’s largest selection of vacation rentals. Get in on the action. Embrace the excitement and thrills of high-flying rollercoasters wild new rides, family favorites, and hands-on animal encounters at Central Florida’s world-renowned theme parks and attractions. Explore by…

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the reel world

I stepped into a cinema in Osaka last February—it happened to be my birthday—and was startled to see an elderly couple in the reserved seats next to me. On the other side, too. In front of me, as well. As the late-morning showing drew closer, more and more of these generally small, hushed, orderly guests kept filing in, till soon the place was almost entirely full. I knew there’d be large crowds for the screening of Paddington 2 I’d just missed—how could Japanese kids possibly pass up that joyous celebration of multiculti London?—but I couldn’t fathom why so many had arrived, before noon, for a showing of Kathryn Bigelow’s Detroit, a harrowing investigation of race riots in 1967. As the screen erupted into flames, the elders around me sat as silent…

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best supporting snacks

1. Japan Fujiya Milky, made with sweetened condensed milk, has been a favorite here since 1951. 2. Taiwan Lay’s Thai BBQ shrimp–flavored potato chips. Other popular flavors include Thai Spicy Crab and Fried Chicken. 3. Germany Shokomonk, a white-chocolate bar with pistachios, is named for Dominican monks who first brought chocolate to Europe. 4. Hawaii Hurricane Popcorn with mochi crunch and nori. The flavor pays homage to the Asian influence in Hawaii. 5. Norway Freia milk chocolate. Its 1906 slogan was “Cheerful chocolate that helps to preserve the mind’s joyfulness.” 6. India Samosas, fried pastries with a savory or sweet filling. About 30,000 of them were eaten daily at Mumbai theaters in 2010. 7. U.K. & Australia Maltesers, chocolate malt balls. Despite being based in the U.S., Mars Inc. didn’t bring the candy to America until…

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the star of the north

Vancouver has been masquerading as other locales on the silver screen for years—San Francisco in Big Eyes, New York in Fantastic Four, Seattle in the Fifty Shades series. By virtue of its dramatic landscapes, mild climate, historic districts, and favorable tax credits, it’s ranked among the world’s top five most filmed cities. But now, more than ever, its starring role is as one of North America’s most scenic metropolises. With mountains to the north, islands to the west, and wine country to the east, it’s a gateway to outdoor adventures. And yet, it’s also a beacon of sophistication full of shimmering skyscrapers and forward-thinking restaurants. Hopping between the following areas—all connected by a public transit system with announcements voiced by actor and native son Seth Rogen—will give you a good…