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American Craft August - September 2016

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cracking the dress code

ON SOME MORNINGS, YOU may feel too tired to make a decision. And yet, if you want to leave your house, there’s at least one choice to make: What will you wear? Nudity – though it’s the natural state of things – is not an option most places. At least once a day, you have to get dressed. And it matters what you wear. Peacock or mud hen, you’re making a statement. As I was reminded as we put together this issue, clothing is a powerful signifier – of identity, of stature, of savvy. I remember in my early 20s going with my husband one Saturday at dawn to pick up our friend John for a camping trip. John was a handsome guy, a drummer in a popular local band, fluent in…

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to the editor

Another Perspective In 2012 I wrote an article and curated an online exhibition of Erin Riley’s work for the American Tapestry Alliance. This gave her a great deal of coverage among American and international weavers – and demonstrated a high level of support from ATA. I received a lot of positive comments about the article and exhibition; I assume Erin did, too. In Neil Janowitz’s article [“Looming Change,” Jun./Jul.], Erin is quoted saying about ATA that she expected to be loved, but “wasn’t supported.” I suspect that Erin was referring to one or more of the juried biennial exhibitions that are sponsored by ATA. These large, international exhibitions each have a different juror and, as is true of all juried exhibitions, no one is pleased by every decision. Tapestry has a long…

4 min.
dakota tracht

The Personal Touch Call and response: “I react to materials so strongly. I wait to see what happens when I knit, then I respond and get my hands back into the fabric.” Favorite fashion icon: “I love Vivienne Westwood. She believes in community and is a champion for so many incredible causes.” Haute couture moment: A month working on Marchesa gowns for the spring/summer 2014 season. “I was dip-dyeing goose feathers and sewing them on lace. It was so fun.” Rage against the machine? “I have a complicated relationship with technology,” admits Tracht; she likes what it makes possible but not that it displaces skilled artisans. DAKOTA TRACHT MAKES GARments about identity and place – which, for her, are essentially the same thing. Modern and artful, her knitted wearables are her homage to the landscape…

5 min.
julia gabriel studio

JULIA GABRIEL KNOWS A THING or two about resilience. A maker of artful, architectural, and impeccably constructed handbags, Gabriel was nearing graduation from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2011 when she applied for a residency at Houston Center for Contemporary Craft. “I’m from Houston,” Gabriel explains. As a teen, she had attended the city’s High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, less than a mile away from HCCC. “I knew the center very well, and I knew I wanted to be a part of it. Like: I was going to be a part of it. It was a mission.” But she didn’t get a spot. Gabriel moved back to her hometown anyhow and applied again the following year. And again in 2014. The answer was still no. Undaunted, Gabriel continued to develop her…

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shows to see

CA / Laguna Beach Festival Art Show to Aug. 31 foapom.com A juried show of work by 140 artists is the hub of Laguna Beach’s Festival of Arts, a summer full of workshops, music, and the Pageant of the Masters – a separately ticketed event in which a costumed cast precisely re-creates works of visual art in the tableau vivant tradition, assisted by narration, an orchestra, and elaborate lighting and sets. CA / Los Angeles Hauser Wirth & Schimmel Revolution in the Making: Abstract Sculpture by Women, 1947 – 2016 to Sep. 4 hauserwirthschimmel.com Artists such as Ruth Asawa, Shinique Smith, Eva Hesse, Sonia Gomes, and Sheila Hicks have upended the sculpture universe since the mid-20th century. The gallery inaugurates its new downtown LA space with this show, co-curated by Paul Schimmel and Jenni Sorkin, of almost 100…

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labor of love

The Uppercase Compendium of Craft and Creativity Curated by Janine Vangool Uppercase Publishing Inc., $23 AN INDEPENDENT PUBLISHER with a quarterly magazine and a robust website, Uppercase is the multitalented Janine Vangool’s tireless effort to support creative communities. The Canadian editor-designer’s latest Compendium project documents and celebrates the achievements, struggles, and perspectives of contemporary makers throughout the world and provides a look at their fascinating studio spaces. Assembled to offset the internet, where content accumulates so rapidly it easily gets lost, this charming and colorful book capitalizes on the endurance of print to preserve and support what’s happening in craft now. Profiling 66 notable creative types – many of them focused on illustration and design – the Compendium offers relatable accounts of the good and the bad, the rewards and the sacrifices of pursuing a…