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American Craft December 2015 - January 2016

Get American Craft digital magazine subscription today for its memorable stories and images that inspire readers to craft a conscientious, expressive life they feel good about. The magazine celebrates the age-old human impulse to make things by hand, in order to communicate, learn, heal, and connect. Our readers value community, sustainability, quality and authenticity.

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welcome home

ARTISTS, I’D ARGUE, ARE MORE particular about their homes than the average person. Again and again I’ve seen this, as I’ve interviewed artists where they live and helped shape our Crafted Lives stories, which offer a glimpse inside the dwellings of creative people. An artist, generally speaking, won’t settle for any random kitchen table. An artist won’t abide bad carpeting. An artist won’t affix some generic print to the wall and call it a day. Artists need to craft their surroundings, the spaces where they relax, refuel, socialize, and sleep, as much as they need to craft their work – and they will spend their last dime doing it. Why should this be? Certainly artists, as a rule, are more visually sensitive than the guy on the street. They are more attuned…

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to the editor

With Gratitude My wife, Karen Judd, passed away on July 22, 2015, in peace at our home in Wisconsin. She had suffered for 10 years with a rare muscle disease. We met in 1983 as I was just starting my furniture business, and I literally had receipts in a shoebox. Karen managed the business, and we traveled to art shows together. She worked for a property management firm as well. We joked that the art fairs were our “vacations,” as that was all we could afford. For the 1990 ACC Baltimore show we had our 4-month-old daughter, Ellen, with us. Our baby slept while we drove, and she was awake all night; but we (and our marriage) survived. Karen founded her own business in medical billing as a way to be a…

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now online

American Craft is published by the nonprofit American Craft Council, which also presents craft shows in four cities each year, offers educational programming, and recognizes outstanding work through its awards programs. Read stories from the magazine, and find these extras and more at craftcouncil.org/extras. Diamond in the Rough Innovative jeweler Tara Locklear (page 72) discusses how she makes old skateboards into fresh, new jewelry, in a video that picks up where our feature story leaves off. 2015 Digital Bonus Issue This fall’s digital bonus issue is all about furniture. Browse a free copy online, or grab your tablet to catch up with Ariele Alasko, Colin Pezzano, Stephen Burks – and discover hot new chairs, fresh faces, and more. Holiday Lookbook It’s the time of year when we round up the handmade items we’d like to give…

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tried and true

REED HANSULD HAS SPENT nearly 20 years exploring wood. For a devoted craftsperson, that’s not an unusual figure until you factor in his age: 28. A rising star lucky enough to have found his vocation early, Hansuld began carving at 7 or 8. At 12, he built a wooden boat. “Finally, in high school, I had woodshop,” he says. “The shop and music – I played the trumpet – were the only things I was attracted to.” These days Hansuld works out of a communal shop in Red Hook, Brooklyn, producing primarily commissioned studio furniture, as well as designing for production and tending to Harold, a line of household goods he and a partner launched in March. “Part of what makes this career interesting and enjoyable to me is that I…

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pure form

SHELLEY MARTIN CAME TO clay as an architecture student, in a course spotlighting structure and shape. It was the sole ceramics offering in her department, so after taking it several times for sheer pleasure, she decided to investigate a class in the school’s art department. “It was so different. I thought, ‘What are you guys making? Why are you doing all this decorating?’ ” Martin recalls with a laugh. What had drawn her to clay in the School of Architecture and Design at Virginia Tech was a different approach, one that captivated her and hasn’t let go. “We focused on the pure form, devoid of decoration,” says Martin, who earned a bachelor’s degree in architecture in 2001. “We were studying things like Greek vessels and ancient pottery. It’s so reflective of my work…

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shows to see

CT / New Haven Yale University Art Gallery The Ceramic Presence in Modern Art: Selections from the Linda Leonard Schlenger Collection and the Yale University Art Gallery to Jan. 3 artgallery.yale.edu Ceramic artists such as Ruth Duckworth and Peter Voulkos have long been revered in the craft world but have been less familiar names in the wider universe of contemporary art. More than 80 objects from Linda Leonard Schlenger’s stellar ceramics collection mingle with works by artists such as Isamu Noguchi and Willem de Kooning, giving all the pieces a new context. GA / Atlanta Signature Gallery Same Old Guys, Same Old Stuff, Only Different: Ron Meyers, Ted Saupe & Sunkoo Yuh Dec. 12 – Jan. 2 thesignatureshop.com Ron Meyers’ lively and gestural surfaces, Ted Saupe’s intimate narratives, and Sunkoo Yuh’s blend of the personal with the cultural and political: Three…