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American Craft June - July 2015

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the art of reinvention

FOR THIS ISSUE, WE CHOSE THE theme of museums. Throughout the departments of the magazine – from Voices and Inside Track to Origins and Ideas – you’ll find noteworthy reading on that topic. We’ve talked to some key museum thinkers and explored what museums are doing today to make a difference in their communities. But there’s a subtheme in this issue, too, and that’s not something we planned. That serendipitous thread has to do with midlife, and the rich, sometimes transformational, time that it is. In our youth-obsessed culture, midlife is not always something to celebrate. And, to be sure, it has its challenges. First, there is the problem of staying current. You may scrap and strive in your younger years to accumulate knowledge and skills that, over the course of time,…

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to the editor

I Know That Guy! Hey, it’s my professor from Indiana University [“Dirt to Dye,” Apr./May]. Good going, Rowland! ~Amy Patrick via the website Kristin Diener is a treasure – as are her works. [“Protection,” Feb./Mar.] Love! ~Joe B. Nickels via the website Loved meeting Cliff Lee [“Call of the Wheel,” Feb./Mar.] and really enjoyed talking to him about his beautiful work. ~Amy Hau via Nebiur Arellano’s work is exquisite [“An Intricate Language,” Feb./Mar.]. A very talented artist; a beautiful person inside and out, and it shows in her work. ~Gabrielle via the website Cozy Craft Jason Lewis’ rocker jumped from the magazine [“Warm Fuzzies,” Feb./Mar.] into my heart a couple weeks ago. Seeing it today soothes my mind on a cold, snowy day. ~Cecelia Schmidt via The Right Move As a gallery co-owner and current ACC member, I want to say how wonderful…

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now online

Great Moments in MCC History In Origins (page 90), learn about the beginnings of the venerable Museum of Contemporary Crafts, now known as the Museum of Arts and Design. ACC librarian Jessica Shaykett and museum director emeritus Paul J. Smith culled a list of 10 memorable exhibitions from the MCC era to highlight online. Emerging Voices The American Craft Council has announced the recipients of its inaugural Emerging Voices Awards (page 44). The awards recognize one emerging artist, four finalist artists, and one emerging scholar or critic. Head online to see videos of the honorees: artist Jaydan Moore, scholar T’ai Smith, and finalists Ashley Buchanan, Thaddeus Erdahl, Matt Hutton, and Annie Vought, plus slideshows of their work. Blazing a Trail Female craft pioneers of the 1950s and ’60s influenced postwar visual culture by making art…

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On Our Radar Surfacing AS A GRADUATE STUDENT IN metal at Arizona State University, Katie Poterala found herself questioning the meaning of value – including the value of her own making. “I wanted to reject the traditional notions of jewelry, like carats and precious metals,” says Poterala, 28, who returned to her hometown of Greenville, South Carolina, to establish a studio after she graduated in 2012. “I wanted the pieces to look like they were in a state of decay. She wanted stones to “seem like growths or parasites instead of the focal point.” To achieve that look, she tapped into childhood memories of outdoor explorations, family snorkeling trips, and a fascination with sunken artifacts. “In my mind I had all these images of fungus and lichen and underwater scenes, especially from shipwrecks.” Indeed,…

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product placement board-certified

WHEN MICHAEL FARLEY AND Tyler Jorgenson went surfing together for the first time in 2013, they used borrowed boards, but they quickly decided they had to build their own. The Brooklyn duo, who met while studying architecture at the University of Arizona in Tucson, have an insatiable passion for making useful things, after years of collaborating on furniture and renovations in their spare time. “It’s nice to have something that you shaped under your feet,” says Farley, who works as a fabricator at an architecture firm. “We would have been defeated to buy boards off the shelf,” adds Jorgenson, who works in architecture as a project manager and was previously in the military. The two 29-year-olds taught themselves how to make surfboards, a process that involves meticulously carving and shaping a foam blank,…

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shows to see

CA / Pomona American Museum of Ceramic Art Honoring the Past, Embracing the Future: AMOCA’s 10th Anniversary to Jun. 28 amoca.org AMOCA’s permanent collection of more than 7,000 objects represents the best of world and British ceramics, American studio pottery, and ceramic sculpture. As it celebrates its first decade, the museum is honoring its generous donors with a dazzling display of treasures from its collections, among them baroque vessels, teapots and cups, figures, animalia sculptures, and experimental works. MA / Salem Peabody Essex Museum Audacious: The Fine Art of Wood from the Montalto Bohlen Collection to Jun. 21 pem.org In some 100 works – 47 of them recently donated by Robert M. and Lillian Montalto Bohlen – artists have taken wood beyond its traditional frontiers, carving, painting, turning, and burning it to create vessels and sculptures with…