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American Craft June - July 2016

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go, team

OCCASIONALLY I FIND MYSELF watching one of those HGTV shows where a couple is hunting for a new house. Too often for my taste, one partner dismisses the other’s wishes. He really wants a workshop in the garage; she says, “That doesn’t matter. I don’t care about that.” That gets me worked up – and talking back to the TV: “Hey, you boneheads,” I say, “if you’re committed to each other, you need to be committed to what the other wants.” The way I see it, if you and I are in a partnership, I need to be concerned with your well-being, with mine – and with this mystical, malleable organism called “us.” If you yearn for a workshop and I blow it off, I weaken us. I thought about this as…

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to the editor

Three Cheers I am so floored and impressed by your topical and thoughtful article about LJ Roberts [“Landing Places,” Apr./May] and their art and emergence. By highlighting this artist you have shown other transgender people that success lies beyond fear – that a path is possible for all people. It shows all of us that our wonderful craft world embraces diversity. This article not only focuses on a role model, but also is a template for inclusion in this complicated world. It does this by proving that transgender artists are already being accepted. Bravo/a/um! ~Tim Tate via email Hansuld Hypnotizes Mesmerized by the chairs designed and handmade by Reed Hansuld [“Tried and True,” Dec./Jan.]. ~Nate Burgos via United in Craft Marvin Bjurlin and Christina Rausa are a lovely couple – they run the Chautauqua shows in western…

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on the web

Community Outreach Need more of these [Gravers Lane Gallery, “Creative Commons,” Dec./Jan.]. ~Jim Cassidy via Thank-You Notes Happy to have Artful Home [Shop Talk, Feb./Mar.] featured in American Craft this month! ~Lisa Bayne via Many thanks to American Craft for this excellent piece [“Many Voices,” Feb./Mar.]. ~Rosanne Somerson via Keep in Touch We’ll publish a cross section of your notes as space permits; they may be edited for length and clarity. letters@craftcouncil.org @americancraft facebook.com/americancraftmag instagram.com/craftcouncil youtube.com/americancraftcouncil Team effort: Watch a video interview with artists Lisa and Scott Cylinder (above, page 30), who describe how they found their shared voice through their one-of-a-kind jewelry. Decades together: Steve Ford and David Forlano (page 38) met in art school and have been working together ever since. They recap their history in a new video. TV takeover: The American Craft Council took over Twin Cities Public Television in April for an…

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alicia dietz

WHEN IT’S SUGGESTED to Alicia Dietz that the arts world is not typically promilitary, she lets out a whoop of acknowledgment. “You’re telling me. My Facebook page is bipolar,” says Dietz, 37, an Army veteran and woodworker whose work examining the lives of soldiers has been garnering attention. “I’d say that in most cases the arts community and the military community are on opposite sides. But in a big way, that’s fueling my work. I feel like there’s a lot we all have in common. What I’m trying to do is to get to the core of people’s empathy. We’ve all experienced loss, pain, and camaraderie.” Some of Dietz’s intentions are directly traceable in her work, such as in the stark Fallen Soldiers (2015), whose centerpiece is a pair of carved wooden…

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siemon & salazar

Jewelry for the House Hot new product: The Antler, an asymmetrical arrangement of glass globes that can hang in a vertical or horizontal configuration. Why lighting? “At one point, people would buy a vase as a focal point for the table,” says Caleb Siemon. “Now a lot of them like to have really nice lights. They think of it as the jewelry of the house.” But ironically: Their own house could use more lighting. “I’m constantly squinting,” Carmen Salazar laments. “Why can’t I remember to bring home a light and hang it up? It’s ridiculous. Our friends make fun of us.” Speaking of friends: They’re still close to their art-school posse. “We’re bonded for life,” says Salazar. “It’s really special to find people you love that much.” IN THE EARLY DAYS OF BUILDING their glass…

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shows to see

CA / Fresno Fresno Art Museum Fiber Art Master Works to Aug. 28 fresnoartmuseum.org Twelve artists, chosen for their innovative approaches to fiber, show works in tapestry, embroidery, weaving, crochet, quilting, and appliqué. Scale is key: Seventeen of the works are huge, filling the walls of two galleries, while right alongside are eight small embroideries in their own petite space. Artists in the show include Lia Cook, Ramekon O’Arwisters, Michael Rohde, and Joan Schulze. CA / Pomona American Museum of Ceramic Art Dirk Staschke: Nature Morte to Sep. 18 amoca.org From the front, Dirk Staschke’s recent works appear as still lifes, elegantly framed. From the back, viewers can see the lumpy, bumpy clay from which those lovely images are formed. TMI about the creative process? Other pieces represent lavish stacks of delicately detailed desserts, again nudging viewers to ponder: What…