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American Craft October - November 2015

Get American Craft digital magazine subscription today for its memorable stories and images that inspire readers to craft a conscientious, expressive life they feel good about. The magazine celebrates the age-old human impulse to make things by hand, in order to communicate, learn, heal, and connect. Our readers value community, sustainability, quality and authenticity.

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IF ALIENS LANDED IN MY BACKyard, and it were my job to explain jewelry to them, I’m not sure I could. Jewelry, I might say, is small sculpture worn on the body. But I can hear my aliens now (speaking in perfect English): “Sculpture? On the body? What’s the purpose of that?” And they’d have a point: Objectively, jewelry makes no sense. People hang it from their necks, their chests, and their wrists. They festoon their fingers. Many have their ears – and in some cases their eyebrows, noses, and navels – punctured so they can wear more of it. This is painful, and sometimes results in infections, but nobody thinks twice about it. Jewelry is utterly commonplace – countless books and careers, whole galleries and museums are devoted to it. But…

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to the editor

Yen for Yarn The crochet work by Jo Hamilton in @AmericanCraft is blowing me away [“Two Threads,” Aug./Sep.]. Oh, the things you can do with yarn. ~Little L Designs via Local Gem Happy to see the Minneapolis Institute of Arts get a callout [“What Was the First Museum That Had an Impact on You?” Jun./Jul.]. I have been going there since I was 4 or 5, and every time I visit, I still find something that fascinates me. It wasn’t until I was in college that I realized how lucky I am to have such a great museum so close by. I can see works by Van Gogh, Monet, Manet, Picasso, and more – for free! ~Elisabeth Morley via Midlife Renewal Thank you so much for the wonderful editor’s note [“The Art of Reinvention”] and articles…

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now online

American Craft is published by the nonprofit American Craft Council, which also presents craft shows in four cities each year, offers educational programming, and recognizes outstanding work through its awards programs. Read stories from the magazine, and find these extras and more at craftcouncil.org/extras. A New Jewelry Resource This fall look for a new digital resource for the craft world. In conjunction with the Metal Museum and the Society of North American Goldsmiths, the American Craft Council is adding more than 16,000 slides from 300-plus metalsmiths to a new digital collection hosted online by the ACC Library. The images are from the SNAG archive, which was donated to the Metal Museum in 2004; they will be available for viewing and research. Crossing the Line At what point does a hobbyist become a serious artist?…

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A timely survey of shows, views, people, and work SCRIBBLES AND CLOUDS, wavy lines and wild colors: Sam Mitchell’s jewelry bursts with the verve of a happy kid’s drawings. She is, in fact, influenced by children’s cartoons, stories, and illustrations, but the exuberance in her work is the result of careful creative decisions made by a serious adult artist. Well, serious artist, for sure: She has a BFA from James Madison University and an MFA from the University of Iowa, and years of teaching, showing, and devoted work in the studio. Adult – yes, but with an asterisk. Growing up the middle sister of three in Harrisonburg, Virginia, Mitchell was doing laundry and making her own meals before she was 10 to help out her working parents. When she was 20, her father…

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good as gold

THE COURSE OF TRUE LOVE is rarely conflict-free, but here’s the good news: The rings you buy for those entwined fingers can be. At least they can if your jeweler is Bario Neal, producing designs using responsibly sourced materials. Co-founded in 2007 by friends Anna Bario and Page Neal, the thriving Philadelphiabased company has, from the start, been committed to the use of conflict-free materials, including reclaimed precious metals, fair-mined gold, and ethically sourced gemstones. “Whenever possible, we use materials from fair-trade operations, where the labor, health, and safety of workers is guaranteed,” says Bario. In contrast, economic exploitation and environmental despoliation are endemic to much of commercial mining. The partners’ mutual interest in these and other social issues, such as marriage equality, was one of the essential reasons they decided to…

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shows to see

CA / Berkeley Trax Gallery Julia Galloway Oct. 14 – Nov. 14 traxgallery.com Julia Galloway calls herself a “utilitarian potter.” The word captures the domestic functionality of her vessels – cups, pitchers, sugar bowls, and creamers – but does not suggest the elaborate and engaging ornamentation she endows them with: letters, numbers, architectural and natural imagery, in fine lines and glowing colors. CA / Pomona W. Keith & Janet Kellogg University Art Gallery, Cal Poly Pomona David Jang: Prequel to 2018 to Oct. 29 www.cpp.edu/~artgalleries David Jang’s raw material is the stuff of recycling bins – chip bags, window blinds, anything cast off and disused – which he turns into sculptures that probe the layers of meaning coded into everyday objects. CA / San Diego Mingei International Museum Made in America: Craft Icons of the 50 States to Feb. 21 mingei.org Mingei represents a coast-tocoast cornucopia of…