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APC March 2020

For people who love technology, APC is unique: it's the world's longest-published monthly tech magazine. Launched in May 1980, we were there when Apple's Macintosh and IBM's PC were born, and have been at the forefront of tech ever since. With a combination of insights, testing and tutorials APC lets you stay up-to-date with tech as it changes the world.

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is the surface pro x pointless?

On page 28 we have a review of the Surface Pro X, which some say is sort of the unpopular stepchild of the Surface family. I’ve been using one for the last month myself so wanted to chuck in some personal perspective of what this device is – and isn’t. This machine is fighting a perception and viable use-case war on several fronts. It’s up against the iPad Pro in many ways, and with that comes fiery fanboy arguments in comments sections and forums as it’s discussed. Secondly, it’s also being stacked up against the ‘proper’ Surface machines running a 64-bit Intel or AMD CPU. Meanwhile it’s fending of a flanking attack from the ‘small-Surface’ – the Go – which offers competing portability. Its Venn diagram also overlaps with Chromebooks. No wonder…

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exclusive software

ISSUE 478, MARCH 2020 Please note that these exclusive downloads will only be available for a limited time, from 24/02/2020 to 12/4/2020 ELIMINATE PESKY STORAGE HOGS REMOVE WITH NO TRACE, WITH ASHAMPOO UNINSTALLER 7.FULL VERSION WORTH $40 Ashampoo UnInstaller 7 makes it easy to install, test and uninstall applications. Unwanted software, browser extensions and toolbars are gone from your hard disk in just a few clicks! Never before has installation monitoring for leftover-free uninstallations been so extensive and easy to use. Even legacy applications installed prior to UnInstaller can be completely removed thanks to in-depth cleaning! Finally, the innovative super-fast snapshot feature helps you track all system modifications with ease and clarity. DOWNLOAD LINK: www.ashampoo.com/lpa/apc WEED OUT THE SPIES REMOVE TRACKERS WITH ABELSSOFT GCLEAN.FULL VERSION WORTH $26 GClean detects services like Google Search, Google Mail, Google Maps, YouTube,…

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inside apc

APC is Australia’s oldest consumer technology magazine – having been consistently in print for over 35 years, since our first issue way back in May 1980 – and we take that heritage and responsibility very seriously. While our focus is obviously on the personal computer – it’s in our name, after all – the very definition of the PC has changed and shifted markedly since the early 1980s. As such, we touch on many other areas of tech, too, from smartphones and apps to peripherals, accessories, online services and beyond. We have two main goals: to track down the best of modern tech and also to help our readers make the most of it. We’re also an open church in terms of platforms. We know most people aren’t wed to a…

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windows 7 is dead, but not enough people are moving to windows 10

After Windows 7 entered its End of Life phase on January 14, 2020, Microsoft was clearly hoping that people would ditch its old operating system and upgrade to Windows 10 en masse, and the latest report by NetMarketShare does suggest some movement — but perhaps not in the numbers Microsoft was banking on. The report shows a slight dip in Windows 7 market share, dropping from 29.57% from December to 25.60% in January, and Windows 10 has seen a proportionate increase, climbing from 53.36% to 57.08%. The fact that there was such a modest shift is a bit concerning for Microsoft, plus, as we move away from the date of Windows 7’s End of Life, publicity around it will fade, which means we could see fewer people being persuaded to…

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beware of what you’re opting into when installing free antivirus software

Avast is a name that inevitably comes up when discussing free antivirus software, and with good reason – the company claims it has over 435 million users. Avast’s reputation is under fire, however, following a joint investigation by Motherboard and PCMag into the extent it sells opt-in user data to third parties. According to the reports, leaked documents highlight the “secretive sale” of internet browsing histories and activities to a subsidiary called Jumpshot. That information is then packaged and sold, with Google, Yelp, Microsoft, Pepsi, Home Depot, and others among some of the bigger past, present, and potential clients. In some cases, clients paid millions of dollars for an “all clicks feed,” which includes website tracking data, clicks, and detailed accounts of movement across sites, according to the report. This only happens…

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gaming chromebooks might finally be on their way, according to leak

A leaked Chromebook spotted by Chrome Unboxed and codenamed “Mushu” may fall into Intel’s Project Athena program, and it seems that device includes its own dedicated graphics processor. It’s not clear at present which chipmaker is behind the GPU, although AMD and Nvidia are obviously the likely candidates. This would be a first for Chromebooks, and could deliver a new level of performance that the form factor has yet to see – particularly when it comes to gaming. Existing Chromebooks, even on the premium end of the spectrum, will only be able to handle running a small number of games from the already reduced library of Steam games readily supported on Linux. That equation will change with a dedicated graphics processor. And, depending on how well Valve and Google get…