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APC May 2020

For people who love technology, APC is unique: it's the world's longest-published monthly tech magazine. Launched in May 1980, we were there when Apple's Macintosh and IBM's PC were born, and have been at the forefront of tech ever since. With a combination of insights, testing and tutorials APC lets you stay up-to-date with tech as it changes the world.

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be brave, new world

First things absolutely first – the APC team and I send our hopes that you are faring as well as can be in this unbelievable, surreal, barely comprehensible crisis. The national statistics would unfortunately indicate that many of you reading this will have lost your jobs, or seen your income drop. Maybe by a whole lot. The unremitting numbers also mean that there may well be readers holding this issue that have been infected, and are feeling pretty awful right now. If that’s you, we all sincerely wish you a safe and speedy recovery. We all need to support our friends, family and the community, and we are indeed all doing just that. If anything good has come from this it’s the genuine care we see every day. I’ve experienced it…

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exclusive software

ISSUE 480, MAY 2020 Please note that these exclusive downloads will only be available for a limited time, from 20/4/2020 to 17/6/2020. BURN BABY, BURN CREATE STUNNING CDS, DVDS AND BLU-RAYS WITH ASHAMPOO BURNING STUDIO 2020. FULL VERSION WORTH $30 Ashampoo Burning Studio 2020 is a powerful disc burning software for CD, DVD and Blu-ray discs. The software quickly burns files, audio and video to all recordable disc types but also specialised media such as BDXL or M-Disc. The built-in disc ripping auto-detects track names and easily turns audio files into custom audio discs complete with individually designed covers and inlays. Playlists can be auto-generated during ripping for easy playback in the desired song order. The program can also finalise discs to make them playable on older retail players or car radios. DOWNLOAD LINK: www.ashampoo.com/lpa/apcmagazine FEND…

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inside apc

APC is Australia’s oldest consumer technology magazine – having been consistently in print for forty years, since our first issue way back in May 1980 – and we take that heritage and responsibility very seriously. While our focus is obviously on the personal computer – it’s in our name, after all – the very definition of the PC has changed and shifted markedly since the early 1980s. As such, we touch on many other areas of tech, too, from smartphones and apps to peripherals, accessories, online services and beyond. We have two main goals: to track down the best of modern tech and also to help our readers make the most of it. We’re also an open church in terms of platforms. We know most people aren’t wed to a single…

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intel launch high performance 10th-gen mobile cpus

Six new Comet Lake H 10th-gen mobile CPUs have been announced by Intel, and are expected to start appearing in partner laptops soon. These new CPUs compliment Intel’s lower power and lower performance Ice Lake 10th-gen CPUs, with Intel hoping these CPUs find their way mainly into gaming laptops. According to Intel “we’re focussed on frequency”, and the highest clocked CPU in the family – the i9-10980HK – peaks at an impressive 5.3GHz Turbo. All run at 45W at stock frequencies, but will run higher in Turbo mode, although Intel declined to reveal what that higher power consumption levels would be. We very much look forward to testing laptops equipped with these, and stacking them up against AMD’s 4000-series products. During the announcement Intel compared the CPUs with three-year-old products, claiming…

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ryzen mobile 4000-series

The notebook market has not been kind to AMD over the last decade – for a long time the company was only ever seen as the discount option for those on a strict budget. Fast forward to 2020, and notebook users are eagerly awaiting the arrival of products based on AMD’s latest Ryzen Mobile 4000 series processors, which combine up to eight Zen 2 cores and upgraded Vega graphics into a small CPU for the notebook market. These parts are designed for ultraportable notebooks, and AMD has a number of design wins lined up to show just how good an AMD system can be. The same silicon will also go into 45W-class notebooks, with a higher base frequency. These parts are geared more towards discrete graphics options, for gaming notebooks or…

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amd’s rdna 2 gaming architecture will fully support directx 12 ultimate

AMD has announced that its upcoming RDNA 2 gaming architecture will fully support DirectX 12 Ultimate. AMD RDNA 2 will power the next generation of AMD Radeon graphics cards and the Xbox Series X. The architecture has four key features, DirectX Raytracing (DXR), Variable Rate Shading (VRS), Mesh Shaders, and Sampler Feedback. DXR makes games look more realistic. AMD and Microsoft worked together to design DXR 1.1, which is an update to the original DXR. The newer version features better performance and improved efficiency for many raytracing effects. AMD states that when devices such as PCs and consoles support DXR 1.1 and AMD RDNA 2 architecture that gamers will “experience stunning, next-level visuals in games that support DirectX 12 Ultimate.” One of the main benefits of companies like AMD and Microsoft working…