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Architecture Australia September 2015

Ask architects which Australian magazine they choose to read or to publish their work and the answer is most likely Architecture Australia. If you want to be up to date with the best built works and the issues that matter, then Architecture Australia is for you. Its commissioned contributors are independent, highly respected practitioners, architectural thinkers and design commentators and each article is supported by images from leading architectural photographers. Provocative, informative and engaging – it is the national magazine of the Australian Institute of Architects.

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In recent years architects have been faced with many challenges in practice and so too has the Australian Institute of Architects. Our organization has achieved many significant successes; however, the reality is that our resources are limited and our team has been overstretched in order to meet the increasing expectations of our members. We can do a lot … but we can’t do it all. I’ve had the privilege of sitting on National Council for a couple of years now. Looking back, one thing that stands out for me is the way in which the Council has become united in its objectives to serve the needs of all members in an equitable manner and with appropriate and balanced respect for both small and large chapters. National Council has recently commenced a process…

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Over the past two hundred years the holiday has evolved from a rarefied pursuit of the wealthy and aristocratic to an annual employee entitlement. The holiday also has an enlightening architectural story – from the Grand Tours embarked upon by Robert Adam, Le Corbusier and Harry Seidler to the holiday houses designed by John Nash, Charles Moore and Glenn Murcutt. The so-called Bilbao effect created in the early 2000s by Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim Museum Bilbao is arguably the apotheosis of architecture as catalyst for tourism. Since then, top-down, taste-making cultural experiences (and the architectural bravado that drove them) have lost currency as disruptive digital technologies and the sharing economy reshape the way we travel (and experience architecture). Postcards, smartphone applications, package tours (and many other things, including buildings) are cultural…

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news and projects

Advanced Manufacturing and Design Centre by Wilkinson Eyre Architects opens Swinburne University of Technology has launched a $100 million Advanced Manufacturing and Design Centre by Wilkinson Eyre Architects in partnership with Jacobs Australia. The eleven-storey building in Hawthorn, Melbourne, includes the Training Centre in Biodevices, a facility for exploring innovative medical technologies. The Factory of the Future space on the ground level was designed by H2o Architects and hosts specialist studios where designers will create prototypes and research manufacturing methods. READ MORE ABOUT THE ADVANCED MANUFACTURING AND DESIGN CENTRE architectureau.com/articles/swinburne-opens-100-m-centre Amanda Levete reveals MPavilion design Architect Amanda Levete has unveiled her design for the Naomi Milgrom Foundation’s next MPavilion, which is set to inhabit Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Gardens from October 2015. Inspired by forest canopies, the structure reads as a series of delicate, petal-like shapes…

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housing as a proving ground for ideas

The importance of housing as a proving ground for ideas in architecture has been demonstrated by this year’s Houses Awards entries. The number of awards given to younger architects reinforces how important the single dwelling is as the first vehicle for a practice to investigate and show its design intent. That aside, all of the winners show ability in one way or another to thoroughly prosecute an idea from inception to realization and it is this trait that allowed them to create projects worthy of awards. Across a breadth of climates and locales, ten awards and thirty-one commendations were given. These were chosen from a shortlist of 135 projects, gleaned from a record 329 entries. A home designed for a simpler life, Jesse Bennett Architect’s wonderful Planchonella House in Far North Queensland,…

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in conversation: enrico taglietti

Architecture Australia: Let’s start with Milan. You received your architectural education at the Polytechnic University of Milan, between 1947 and 1952. What was the core of architectural education at that time? Enrico Taglietti: When I came back from Africa and joined the Politecnico, it was following the direction of the Bauhaus, which at that time I considered to be almost a bit fascist. I felt that if one has to follow a rule because everything is codified, like in the Bauhaus, then it is no use for an architect to be there because he has no freedom. I had a lot of discussion with Pier Luigi Nervi, the engineer. His idea was that if you give ten people the same problem to solve, and they solve that problem properly, everyone should…

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uq oral health centre

KEY 1 Public entry plaza2 Reception3 Children’s clinic4 Adults’ clinic5 Plant area6 Loading7 Kitchen8 Cafe9 Bookshop10 Campus services foyer11 Academic entry foyer12 Virtual learning centre13 Lecture seminar14 Lecture15 Metro North Oral HealthServices clinic16 Library17 Staff workstation18 Undergraduate studentcommon room19 Undergraduate studentcommon room – terrace20 Breezeway foyer21 Breezeway22 Preclinical lab For many, and I count myself among them, there is an irrational fear associated with a trip to the dentist. I say “irrational” because my own dentist is a very nice person and good at his job and the procedures are not particularly painful. He is a sole practitioner whose clinic is located in a beautiful, heritage-listed building in the centre of the city. From a busy pedestrian mall, you enter an intimate, richly detailed lobby and take the timber-and-brass-lined lift to the…