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Architecture Australia September 2017

Ask architects which Australian magazine they choose to read or to publish their work and the answer is most likely Architecture Australia. If you want to be up to date with the best built works and the issues that matter, then Architecture Australia is for you. Its commissioned contributors are independent, highly respected practitioners, architectural thinkers and design commentators and each article is supported by images from leading architectural photographers. Provocative, informative and engaging – it is the national magazine of the Australian Institute of Architects.

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agents of change: awards and advocates

(Photography Toby Scott)One of the great pleasures of the national president’s role is to attend the state, territory and international chapter awards nights. The awards program is one of our most significant undertakings as an institute and one of the profession’s key advocacy opportunities for the critical role of design in the development of our cities and towns. It is important that we not only understand its value to the industry, but also ensure that it continues to evolve to reflect this primary role.Within the awards themselves, there is certainly an emerging understanding that successful projects have an immense opportunity for positive influence – perhaps even an obligation – beyond the site or the occupants. The 2017 awarded projects’ citations rightly focus on the way these projects place the broader…

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a call to action from the chapters

This issue records the outcomes of the Australian Institute of Architects’ 2017 chapter awards, telling the story of Australian architecture and its achievements over the past year (page 43). The chapter awards are presented across the nation’s six states, two territories and internationally in the lead-up to the National Architecture Awards, presented in Canberra in November. The gala events that announce the winners are an important platform for peer recognition, a forum for professional camaraderie and an opportunity for advocacy and solidarity.In 2017 there was a rousing call to action in many of the speeches by the chapter presidents. In Victoria, Vanessa Bird encouraged the profession to speak with one voice as it responds to continuing de-professionalization. She observed that “competition is healthy, but there has never been a better…

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ArchitectCarrAt Jackalope Hotel the flux of the changing conditions on the Mornington Peninsula is enhanced by a theatrical use of metallic and reflective surfaces.While the project is calibrated to an international audience, the main building takes its cues from the regional Australian agricultural shed.The motif of the mythological jackalope runs throughout the hotel, and visitors are welcomed by Emily Floyd’s antlered rabbit sculpture in the hotel’s forecourt.When we were little we all had a delicious fascination with the monster under the bed: the peculiar beasts that lurked at night, reminding us of how cosy and safe we really were. Often half cuddly, half fierce, hybrids of familiar animals made strange by recombination, monsters and mystical creatures have long been a way to negotiate conceptually between the known and the unknown,…

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architect woods bagot

In 2009, then lord mayor Campbell Newman launched Brisbane’s “New World City” campaign, presumably seeking to put distance between the aspirational, rapidly developing region and its historical reputation as a big country town. Disposing of unflattering and difficult comparisons with Sydney and Melbourne, the New World City slogan positioned Brisbane as a dynamic hub for the Asia-Pacific region, on a fast track to global connectivity and prosperity for the residents of South East Queensland. Much more than just a piece of urban marketing, the New World City campaign might also be read as a manifesto for 1 William Street, designed by Woods Bagot, Newman’s first major architectural project as Queensland’s thirty-eighth premier. Elected in March of 2012, the Newman administration immediately put its full power behind the 1 William Street…

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architect sjb

In the six or so years that it took 41 Birmingham to assume its final form, its suburban surroundings changed dramatically. The SJB project – comprised of twenty-three apartments with a ground-floor commercial space – was conceived relatively early in Alexandria’s recent transition from an industrial hub to a vibrant mixed-use suburb in Sydney’s inner east.Dubbed “the Birmingham of Australia” in the 1940s, Alexandria retains an urban grain broadly consistent with its industrial past, but the area is now also home to cafes offering specialty coffee and locally sourced produce, artisanal bakers, cheese merchants and small-batch breweries. A number of residential developments also looking to capitalize on Alexandria’s popular industrial aesthetic are currently being or have recently been constructed around the edges of the suburb.As you stroll up Birmingham Street…

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architect bkk architects

The Cirqua Apartments by BKK Architects, located on a busy arterial in Melbourne’s inner-eastern suburb of Ivanhoe East, were developed amid a perceived glut of apartments saturating the market. Despite an ever-growing population, calls for increasingly dense urban centres and a general lack of affordability in detached housing, there persists a notion that we are in danger of supplying too many.Right or wrong, this perception gave the team developing Cirqua the impetus to shift away from apartments as “financial instruments” and to think of them as homes. Steering the development toward the owner-occupier camp made sense given the current trend of suburban couples downsizing from large family homes to inner-city apartments, releasing significant capital and getting a bit closer to the “action” at the same time.So how does an apartment…