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Artichoke Issue 69 December 2019

Artichoke, Australia’s most respected interior architecture and design magazine, presents inspiring examples of design excellence and engaging discussion of design issues to industry professionals and a broader audience of design-savvy consumers. It reviews significant new projects, profiles designers, showcases new products and explores creative design collaborations. It is the national magazine of the Design Institute of Australia (DIA).

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the most beautiful timbers in the world

A Full Colour Palette “Tasmanian timbers are most definitely at the top of what Australia has to offer. We’ve got access to the most beautiful timbers in the world. They provide me with the palette I need, from dark chocolate to blond and everything in between,” says Tasmanian Timber Ambassador Designer-Maker Jon Goulder. “To exclusively use Tasmanian timber is a no brainer for me.” Tasmanian Timber is the perfect timber for internal applications. It is available in Blackwood, Tasmanian Oak, Celery Top Pine, Myrtle, Sassafras and Huon Pine. Products include solid timber, flooring, linings, mouldings, veneer and thick cut veneer, as well as structural products. “I can’t see myself using any other timbers for the rest of my career.” Workability and Unmatched Stability “There is so much variety in the density, in the strength – Tasmanian…

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It doesn’t get more Melbourne than Cumulus Inc. Since it opened in 2008 in a former art gallery on Melbourne’s Flinders Lane, the trend-setting eating house has served as the great all-rounder – a relaxed, all-day dining experience in a space elegant but not pretentious. This isn’t as easy to achieve as it seems. Back in 2008, a restaurant doing breakfast to dinner service with a fine dining ethos was new. But the design by Pascale Gomes-McNabb, which draws on the warehouse feel of the space and the north-facing windows to create a generous, open and timeless interior, helped to define this approach. This is why Cumulus Inc. is our very worthy 2019 Eat Drink Design Awards Hall of Fame inductee. The venue and interior has thrived for more than…

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design must lead

In December 1976, the much-admired German designer Dieter Rams gave a speech in New York. “I am convinced,” he told the crowd, “that a well thought out design is decisive to the quality of a product. A poorly designed product is not only uglier than a well designed one but it is of less value and use. Worst of all, it might be intrusive.” Rams was consumed by the question of what makes a good design. In his effort to create some structural scaffolding around the creative process, he came up with his now famous ten commandments. Among other things, good design must be innovative, useful, long-lasting and environmentally friendly, and as little design as possible. Fifty years later – in a world totally unimaginable to anyone living through the seventies –…

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the edit

Reeno bench from Grazia & Co The Reeno bench designed by Grazia & Co features a timelessly simple yet refined shape, which makes it adaptable and able to sit comfortably in a residential, commercial or hospitality space. Proudly made in Australia, it is fully upholstered and made with commercial-grade fire-retardant foam. The bench is offered in a textural wool boucle, however custom fabrics can be specified. Two sizes are available – the mini version at 650 mm long and the longer 1300 mm version. Grazia & Co — graziaandco.com.au Urbanstone’s Keope Collection from Brickworks Designed for landscaping applications, Brickworks’ Urbanstone Keope Collection includes four finishes (Pecorsi Quartz, Pecorsi Extra, Pecorsi Smart and Soul) and has been inspired by the natural landscape of Italy. Keope porcelain stoneware reflects a true Italian craftsmanship that is synonymous…

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coastal comfort, from sydney to the world

For more than forty years, Harbour 1976 has specialized in designing, manufacturing and distributing high-end furniture, with its collections specified in prominent projects around the world. From humble beginnings in 1976, when Harriet and Jim Condos founded a furniture business based on a commitment to detail and design perfection, the company has grown to become an international lifestyle brand, inspired by Australia’s famous coastline. The couple passed on an appreciation for the intricate details of craftsmanship and minimalist design to their sons Harrison and Nicholas, who created the export business now known as Harbour 1976. “A love of craftsmanship and obsession with the finer details is what was passed on from the moment we picked up the furniture tools,” said the brothers. “It is in our opinion, the reason why our…

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from the jury 2019 jury

From the jury — It sounds like the beginning of an overly complex joke: an architect, an editor, a restaurateur, a food critic and a designer walk into a room, and barely come out for two days. What happens when five highly opinionated people from markedly different professions and backgrounds spend hours and hours poring over thousands of photos? We braced for diverging opinions and heated debates, but remarkably, there were few. In almost every case, the winners of this year’s Eat Drink Design Awards were unanimous and clear. There was one word that arose over and over during our deliberations at the Artichoke offices in South Melbourne: restraint. The winners of this year’s awards are exceptionally diverse, in their locations and aesthetics and functionality. But the principle of restraint marked every…