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Artichoke Issue 59 June

Artichoke, Australia’s most respected interior architecture and design magazine, presents inspiring examples of design excellence and engaging discussion of design issues to industry professionals and a broader audience of design-savvy consumers. It reviews significant new projects, profiles designers, showcases new products and explores creative design collaborations. It is the national magazine of the Design Institute of Australia (DIA).

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This issue celebrates the outcomes of the 2017 Australian Interior Design Awards, a partnership event of Artichoke and the Design Institute of Australia.If you’re a regular reader of design magazines and blogs, you’ll already know Sydney house Indigo Slam very well. The client briefed Smart Design Studio to make it the best home in the world, and after winning numerous national and international awards since its completion, it’s arguably achieved this goal. In studying Indigo Slam’s sculpted concrete facade, masterful use of light and elegant restraint, the AIDA jury was captivated too and awarded it the 2017 Premier Award for Australian Interior Design (page 42). Indigo Slam is a triumph, worthy of all its accolades and celebrity, and a worthy addition to the annals of the Australian Interior Design Awards.This…

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design-based thinking in our schools

The word “design” is somewhat slippery in common usage. How can we clarify its meaning to better communicate its benefits to Australia? And what benefits could accrue from introducing this kind of thinking into secondary education?The design profession in Australia emerged in the late 1940s and developed rapidly, but public awareness and education did not keep pace and went down different paths, determined in part by the media. Design is now unquestionably a potent tool for social development in almost everything humans need or want.My interest in establishing a design-based approach in schools to provide more effective learning goes back to 1965, when I visited a high school near Birmingham in the UK. I saw how a new way of teaching and learning the secondary school curriculum could be achieved…

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in brief

Glass tableware by AnnaVasilyCreated by Greek designer Anna Papaharisi, AnnaVasily tableware is crafted from high-quality durable glass. The AnnaVasily collection embraces pattern and colour fused with uniquely shaped designs. Each piece is characterized by natural textures and soft, flowing lines that are achieved by using glass. AnnaVasily’s Autumn/Winter range features a seasonal colour palette of midnight blue, metallic browns and golds.AnnaVasily — annavasily.com.auWorld of Colour Series II By DuluxFor the first time in a decade, Dulux has introduced more than five hundred new colours to its range. Dulux World of Colour Series II includes new and improved greys, neutrals, naturals and dark shades, along with a wide selection of cleaner and brighter vibrant colours. Dulux World of Colour Series II includes over 4,800 Dulux colours, marking an extensive range to…

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Hardy Brothers store by Design PoetsJewellery retailer Hardy Brothers has opened a new retail store at Pacific Fair on Queensland’s Gold Coast, designed by Brisbane-based Khoa Nguyen from Design Poets. Nguyen was briefed to take the Pacific Fair Hardy Brothers store in a new direction, steering away from its traditional heavy and masculine feel. “With Hardy Brothers, I had to wrap my head around the security requirements – to design the space I had to think like a thief,” Nguyen says. Nguyen leant toward muted tones and focused on ensuring the product was illuminated to best effect. The studio used a light milk wash on American oak to allow some timber grain to be visible, and incorporated subtle brass accents.Photography — Toby ScottDesign Poets — designpoets.com.auSuba tapware from SussexThe Suba…

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utopia goods

Bruce Slorach and Sophie Tatlow of Utopia Goods. Photography: Mick Bruzzese.Slorach’s illustrations are lyrical and the subject matter is typically Australian. Photography: Sam McAdam-Cooper.The Firewheel Sky print is a homage to the bold flowers that cover the canopy of the Stenocarpus sinuatus tree in summer. Photography: Marcus Eno.Slorach hand illustrates Utopia Goods’ designs. Photography: Marcus Eno.It takes Slorach between three and four months to complete illustrations for the collections. Photography: Terence Chin.“ While the subject matter is typically Australian, Slorach’s inspiration is internationally flavoured, from William Morris and the Arts and Crafts movement to the botanical illustrations of Lucien Henry and traditional Indian and Middle Eastern textiles.”Sophie Tatlow and Bruce Slorach’s motivation to start Utopia Goods was simple. The Sydney-based husband and wife team and co-directors of multidisciplinary studio Deuce…

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the day after the night before christmas party

The Day After The Night Before Christmas Party — 3 October 2016 – 31 January 2017 The Johnston Collection East Melbourne Vic 3002The exhibition was inspired by a decadent 1970s house party, like that which antique dealer William Johnston may have held.Wine bottles were adorned with genuine 1970s Yalumba labels – a lucky eBay find.Crafted from icing, dinner party nibbles sat on fine silverware.To visit the Johnston Collection house museum in East Melbourne you don’t arrive at the house itself. If you did you would likely be turned away. To get there you must first go to a nearby hotel lobby – the Pullman Melbourne on the Park – where a shuttle bus departs a number of times per day for the house museum. Despite the museum being a block…