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Audio Esoterica Issue 2 2019

Audio Esoterica is a spectacular new high quality publication for the discerning audiophile. Only the very best high-end components are featured, in dramatic photographic layouts that emphasise product design and engineering excellence while the industry’s leaders provide insider insights to Australia’s most experienced audio journalists. Audio Esoterica is all about the very best that the high-end audio world has to offer.

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audio esoterica

Editor: Jez Ford Contributing Editor: Greg Borrowman Contributors: Greg Borrowman, Jez Ford, Ian Frazer, Simon Holland, Colin Lawson Art Director: Kristian Hagen Divisional Manager & National Sales Manager: Jim Preece 0400 808 900 Advertising Sales: Lewis Preece 0434 439 032 Advertising Liaison: Diane Preece Production Manager: Peter Ryman Circulation Director: Carole Jones nextmedia Level 8, 205 Pacific Highway, St Leonards, NSW 2065 Ph: 02 9901 6100 Fax: 02 9901 6198 www.avhub.com.au Executive Chairman David Gardiner Managing Director Hamish Bayliss…

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modern classics

A classic brand delivers a choice of two thoroughly modern preamplifiers in the solid-state McIntosh C53 (below) and the valve-laden C2700 (left), the first two products to include the company’s new and upgradeable seven-input DA2 Digital Audio Module, offering HDMI ARC audio alongside coaxial, optical, and USB-B up to 384kHz PCM and DSD512 playback. Their analogue input sections add another nine inputs each, including moving-magnet and moving-coil phono stages for turntable playback. And both, of course, sporting those trademark McIntosh ‘teal’-coloured VU meters… More info: www.synergyaudio.com.au…

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ohhh vienna!

For its Concert Grand series, Vienna Acoustics allocates a composer to each model, according to stature. Haydn gets standmounts, Mozart the smaller floor-standers. But the new Concert Grand Reference model goes to Beethoven — who else to represent the zenith of the range, featuring Vienna’s patented flat Spidercone technology (as used in the flagship Klimt ‘THE MUSIC’), along with flawlessly-executed hand-coated silk-dome tweeters and unique midrange units containing two cones made from different substances, all in slim 119cm-high cabinets finished in Premium Rosewood, Cherry, or piano-gloss black and white. More info: audioactive.com.au…

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introducing the new triton one.r from goldenear technology ®

“Everything that earned Triton Reference Absolute Sound’s Golden Ear Award in a totally gorgeous, super sounding more compact and even more affordable package!”“…an important debut…the speakers certainly bring Triton Ref bonafides to a lower cost segment, with glowing hand-rubbed piano-black lacquer cosmetics and impressive internals.” –Neil Gader, The Absolute Sound GoldenEar Technology is pleased to announce the introduction of the new Triton One.R. This extraordinary new reference quality loudspeaker is a smaller, less expensive follow up to the Triton Reference. The T Ref has been compared with speakers selling for over ten times its surprisingly affordable cost. It has had a remarkable response from both music and hifi enthusiasts as well as press and reviewers from around the world, who have bestowed upon it innumerable Speaker-of-the-Year and Product-of-the-Year awards. Now the…

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halcro eclipse mono power amplifiers

Halcro is very likely the most famous Australian hi-fi brand you’ve never heard of. Indeed you’re likely to be more familiar with the name of the company that founded it — Minelab — than you are to be with Halcro, since you can buy a Minelab metal detector almost anywhere in the country… which isn’t true of Halcro, at least not yet. Hi-fi and metal detectors — what could these possibly have in common? The answer is quite simple: inventor and physicist Bruce Halcro Candy, who founded both companies EQUIPMENTX Halcro builds the Eclipse in two versions: a monobloc power amplifier (as reviewed here) and a stereo power amplifier. The model name of both amplifiers is the same, so it is important that I differentiate them by referring to the monoblocs as…

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halcro: new owners, new models

AUDIO ESOTERICA: Back in the day, Halcro was probably the most famous high-end amplifier brand in the world, but then it just vanished off the face of the earth. What happened? MIKE KIRKHAM: Halcro was owned by a company called MineLab, which manufactured metal detectors designed by Bruce Candy, who also designed the Halcro amplifiers. When MineLab was acquired by Codan, Codan simply decided to shelve the Halcro operation because it didn’t regard it as the core business. AE: Surely it would have made more commercial sense to sell off Halcro rather than just shelve it? MK: The problem with Codan selling off Halcro was that the main reason they purchased MineLab in the first place was so they could keep Bruce Candy designing metal detectors — he was more valuable to them…