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AudioTechnology Issue 126

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Tom Misner reckons he’ll never make money from the new Studios 301. He clarified what ‘making money’ is. Selling SAE for $300m without parting with a single piece of real estate was ‘making money’. When you’ve got $12m sunk into concrete and rockwool, pulling out a couple of hundred grand every year isn’t ‘making money’. It’s a philanthropic gesture, he says; a world-class facility that’ll give the next generation of Australian engineers a chance to make a name for themselves. Whatever and whoever it ends up being for, it’s utterly gorgeous, and truly world-class. Every room has been impeccably designed and treated by Tom and superstar acoustician Jochen Veith; the designer of Max Martin’s facility, and the only guy who can say ‘no’ to a loopy idea from Kanye and still…

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BERGERK! STUDIOS 1 It’s been a busy start to the year with engineer Al ‘DrAlien’ Smith mixing and mastering lots of great projects. The new seven-inch single by Australian Music Prize long-listers Nerve Quakes has just been finished, along with the debut album by dream popsters Corniglia. Al has also been out and about with the mobile rig, tracking a new long player from heavy Dbeat band Territory and a new EP for hardcore band Engage. Apart from the studio work, the DrAlienSmith product range will soon expand with its debut microphone, the Subkick-01, already selling well in Australia and overseas. NEWMARKET Cash Savage & The Last Drinks 2 were in with engineer Nao Anzai to lay down the best part of their new album. The band was tracked live to two-inch tape…

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general news

ARTURIA SYNTHS & RACK www.arturia.com Arturia’s second iteration of MiniBrute is a 25-key analogue monosynth with two oscillators and a semi-modular architecture. MiniBrute 2 comes with mixable oscillators, the acidic Steiner-Parker filter, and the chaotic Brute Factor — features that made its predecessor a success when it was released in 2012. MiniBrute 2 also features Arturia Link, an innovation intended to help unify and democratise your creative environment. MiniBrute 2S is a Eurorack-ready hybrid synthesizer designed from the ground up with an intuitive triple-layered step sequencer and comprehensive mod matrix patchbay. Two VCOs generate its sound and it also features an ADSR envelope generator, Brute Factor harmonic drive control, two LFOs with multiple waveforms, and line/ headphone outputs. Bringing it together is RackBrute, a versatile, customisable, creative EcoSystem to bridge the gap…

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studio focus: sae perth

Two years ago, SAE Perth relocated to Northbridge at the upper end of the CBD, placing it in close proximity to two important things — the hub of the city’s live music scene, and a train station. The new spot replaced SAE’s original location on Bennett St in East Perth — a tired campus that was in desperate need of an upgrade to accomodate higher intake numbers and the growing number of animation, film, design and web students. Audio lecturer Shane Pillai showed me through the new campus which is significantly larger than before. Hallways are lit with a classy blue glow, the kitchen and lounge areas are spacious, the main lecture space has an integrated AV system and much nicer chairs. Zak Franklin is a Course Advisor at SAE who came across…

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live news

BOSE S1 PRO & NEW TONEMATCH MIXERS pro.bose.com The Bose S1 Pro is a compact portable PA system with Bluetooth connectivity. At just 6.8kg the S1 Pro is ultra portable and can be used in four different positions — tilted back, mounted on a speaker stand, placed on its side, or elevated. Built-in sensors detect positional changes and trigger Auto EQ which recalibrates the system’s internal settings for each different placement/ application to ensure optimised sound for however the speaker is set up. A three channel mixer is onboard, along with reverb and tone controls. The larger T8S mixer has eight XLR-combo inputs and features the ToneMatch audio engine onboard to give EQ, dynamics, and effects. Outputs include four aux sends, balanced quarter-inch TRS and XLR stereo outputs, and an independent headphone…

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software news

AUDIOSWIFT TRACKPAD CONTROL US$24 | www.audioswiftapp.com AudioSwift is a new app for macOS that lets you use a trackpad as a control surface and MIDI controller in your DAW. AudioSwift launches as an app in the menu bar and is called up with a four-finger tap. Four controller modes are available to cover a range of parameters: Mixer (for fader/pan/solo/mute/record controls), Trigger (which divides the trackpad into a grid so you can play samples), Scale (to play notes within a selected key), and XY (for modulation). The creative app runs on macOS 10.11 or newer one MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, or any Mac with a Magic Trackpad 1 or 2. On compatible trackpads, Force Touch translates to aftertouch when playing MIDI instruments. Mixer mode currently supports DAWs such as Pro Tools, Logic…