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AudioTechnology Issue 128

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It’s difficult to know how to frame Milan; the latest AV-over-IP networking protocol. On the one hand, it’s technically ‘open source’. Taking on the entrenched, proprietary Dante protocol — owned and operated by a single entity, Audinate — by layering a thin veneer over the ‘open’ AVB standard. On the other hand, this isn’t a people’s revolution. It’s under the umbrella of the AVB standards alliance, AVNU — which counts giants like Harman, Intel and Cisco among its number — and was defined by the likes of Avid, d&b, L-Acoustics and Meyer Sound. This ain’t no simple David and Goliath storyline. So, why do we need another protocol? We’ve all been dragged through this umpteen times, and Dante seems like it’s doing a stand-up job of whizzing audio around over Ethernet cables.…

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LUSH STUDIOS 1 The past couple of weeks up in Brisbane at Lush Studios have been a busy period. Producer Kevin (The Caveman) Shirley dropped in to produce Jimmy Barnes and his band, with guest drummer Jason Bonham (son of the late John Bonham of Led Zeppelin). Bonham paid the studio drum room a special compliment, saying it had great bottom end and how it reminded him of the drum sound on Led Zeppelin 1 and 2! Meanwhile Grammy-winning producer John Hudson (ex-Mayfair studios, London) has been back in the studio producing and mixing some new tracks for the talented Barbadian singer/songwriter, Alexander Mills. On the mixes, John used a pair of Pultec EQP 1A3 EQs and a Neve 33609C across the stereo bus and found a lot of love for Lush’s…

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general news

WALDORF SUPER SYNTH www.waldorfmusic.com Waldorf is heading in a completely opposite direction to most synth manufacturers. While many are trying to figure out how to repackage vintage designs or build new version of analogue synths, Waldorf is doubling down on digital. They’ve revealed the specs for a new FPGApowered synth called Kyra. With the same sort of chips that tend to power digital live consoles, etc, the new super-powered synth will feature 128 voices, each with 10 oscillators per voice, and eight-part multi-timbrality. It’s an incredibly powerful virtual analogue synth that outperforms anything out there for sheer voice count. The 32x oversampled hardware with dual wavetables provides over 4000 waveshapes, and Kyra’s resonant filters are accurate oversampled emulations of classic analogue ladder filters with 2-and 4-pole configurations. There are three envelope generators,…

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at subs prize winner

Russell Bell was one of our recent subscription prize winners. He took home an Electro-Voice Evolve 50 PA system. Here are Russell's thoughts on the PA: "Thank you so much for the prize. After un-boxing the system it took only five minutes to assemble the unit, pair with my phone via Bluetooth and use the EV control app to stream music. I have also played live with two microphones, one being my Electrovoice RE20, and my audience said it made my vocal sound lovely, which is usually nearly impossible. This PA system is very portable, and has great clarity. Thank you Electro-Voice, Bosch and AudioTechnology for such a useful prize."…

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korg konnect portable pa

I’ve gotta say, Bluetooth speakers are getting pretty incredible. I just got a Sony Bluetooth speaker, and I’m loving it. It’s IP67-rated, lights up like a Christmas tree, and has a ‘Party Booster’ mode where you can play it like a set of bongos, or a cowbell. Perfect for my beach party lifestyle… if only it wasn’t Winter in Melbourne. Aside from all Sony’s kitschy features; it’s plenty loud, sounds pretty good, and pairs up in a jiff. You can even daisy-chain 100 of them! Super handy for blaring out tunes down at the local rec centre, when you’re having a barbie, or building a studio. When the Korg Konnect portable PA rolled in for review, I was pretty keen to see what a big version of my little Sony could do.…

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live news

DIGICO DELIVERS AUTO MIXING www.digico.biz Previously the preserve of Dugan-equipped hardware, these days Auto Mic Mixing is popping up in all number of consoles, making the work life of broadcast and corporate event mixers immeasurably easier. Digico has just released a DMI-AMM card for its more affordable S-series consoles. It allows up to 48 channels of automatic mixing for complex vocal mic setups. Insertable on any input channel, be it local or rack I/O, the DMIAMM is seamlessly incorporated into the console’s user interface, so engineers don’t have to jump out of their typical console workflow. The AMM uses the ‘Shared Unity Gain’ principle to automatically adjust levels. The Weighting control allows engineers to emphasise one or more channels, or balance it to give every channel equal opportunity to ‘take over’ the…