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AudioTechnology Issue 130

If you’re serious about audio then AudioTechnology is your magazine: whether it be the inside story behind the world’s great albums or the best-sounding concert productions, videogame sound, software tips, reviews of the latest gear, opinion and news – AudioTechnology has you covered.

Alchemedia Publishing Pty Ltd
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3 min.
ed space

After 30 plus hours of sitting in planes, trains, and automobiles to get to Stuttgart, I was more than ready to stretch my legs. So I took a stroll down the Mercedesstraße, past the Mercedes-Benz arena, and barely half a kilometre later was stone-walled by the Mercedes-Benz manufacturing plant, which dominates a sizeable part of town. I’d just got there at knock off time and was swamped by thousands of Mercedes employees making a beeline for the Schlossplatz to enjoy the last remnants of summer in the open air with a weißbier in hand. Stuttgart is a monument to the automotive industry. You know how they say, driving a Mercedes in Germany is like driving a Holden in Australia. Well in Stuttgart, driving a Mercedes is all anyone does. The history of…

7 min.
what’s on

1 BERGERK! STUDIOS Engineer Al Smith has been getting busy on the heavier side of music over the last few months, working with bands Hexx, Warcycle, Population Control and Magic Chicken Fudgetoe on their latest releases. He’s also been doing a few studio road trips to Denmark and Margaret River to record some great South West acts, including Dawn Barrington and Beerfridge. In between all of this, the DrAlienSmith line of microphones has expanded with the release of the DirtMic-01, a dynamic mic which has a phantom powered distortion pedal circuit installed inside it. No need for batteries, pedals, DI boxes or guitar amps, just plug it straight into a mic preamp, desk or interface and you’re in studio overdrive heaven. 2 NEWMARKET Newmarket has been extremely busy for the last couple of…

7 min.
general news

PRESONUS ATOM $249 | www.presonus.com Presonus jumps into a whole new product category with the release of its new Atom production and performance pad controller. Atom has 16 RGB-backlit pads on it and comes bundled with Studio One Artist production software to let you both create and perform. If you’re not a Studio One user, Atom is compatible with most other music production and performance applications. The little performance powerhouse offers flexible control of virtual instruments and real-time triggering of samples and loops using 16 full-size, velocity- and pressure-sensitive RGB pads that can send polyphonic aftertouch, channel pressure, or MIDI CC messages, plus 20 buttons, four programmable rotary encoders and eight pad banks that can be assigned in multiple ways. It also includes MVP Loops content custom-designed for Atom. The best part?…

3 min.
fixing a phantom issue

Last issue, I wrote an article about The Rubens’ recording in their own studio, which they built inside an old WWII bunker. The record, LO LA RU is a spectacular slice of Australian pop, and The Bunker’s semi-trailer-fitting, arched ceiling makes for a fascinating space. Bass player for the band, Will Zeglis doubles as the Bunker’s in-house engineer. It’s his Soundtracs console that went down with a noise issue, two weeks before Run The Jewels’ producers, Wilder Zoby and Torbitt Schwartz, were due to arrive from New York. It came right down to the wire, with the technician able to diagnose the issue and fix it the day before the sessions were due to start. Zeglis was so stressed about the incident, he got physically sick. Terry Demol was that tech…

3 min.
live news

D&B GROWS SL-SERIES www.dbaudio.com Not long ago, d&b audiotechnik established its SL-Series with the flagship GSL line array system designed as a complete package for arena, stadium and festival environments. Engineered to deliver precise broadband directivity control across the entire audio bandwidth, GSL’s hallmarks are quiet stages for the performers, maximum art for the audience and minimal noise for those beyond. Now d&b adds to the SL-Series with a smaller system sharing the same DNA — KSL. Due for official release on 24th January 2019 at the NAMM show, KSL delivers all the recognisable features of its SL lineage from broadband directivity to advanced rigging options and can be used as a standalone, self-contained package, a delay, or fill accompaniment to GSL, maintaining the SL-Series family attributes from top to toe. The…

3 min.
software news

BIG NI UPDATES www.native-instruments.com Native Instruments Komplete range of software has been updated to version 12, and it’s a doozie.There are four versions: Select, Standard, Ultimate, and an all-new Ultimate Collector’s Edition that includes the full Symphony Series collection. Inside, Kontakt has been updated to version six with a wavetable engine, new instruments include TRK-01, sounds of the Middle East, and Thrill. You also get access to Massive X when it come out in 2019. The highly anticipated Komplete Kontrol S88 Mk2 controller has a brand new Pro-grade Fatar fully-weighted keybed and comes bundled with Komplete Select and Maschine Essentials software. Expect to pay $1399 for an S88 Mk 2. If you find S-Series keyboards a tad pricey, NI has put out the A-Series range. These USB2 bus-powered keyboards come in 25-,…