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AudioTechnology Issue 133

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It’s fascinating what a name imbues. I’ve not been tempted to join a motoring club (I’m not mechanically minded and I’m a terrible driver) yet I’ve sometimes wondered how MG drivers’ clubs face the future. For those who didn’t realise, the MG marque was snaffled by a Chinese company… rumour has it, the brand was worth a jar of boiled sweets at the time. This allowed the Chinese buyer to produce vehicles that feature the famous MG badge (but with zero British pedegree), rather than introducing a no-name brand to the Western markets, such as Chery or Great Wall. Audio people know only too well, that product out of China is a mixed bag. There’s some great product coming from PROC and some shoddy tat as well. But one thing’s for sure,…

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audio technology

Editorial Director Christopher Holder chris@audiotechnology.com Publisher Philip Spencer philip@alchemedia.com.au Assistant Editor Preshan John preshan@alchemedia.com.au Editor at Large Greg Simmons Art Director Dominic Carey dominic@alchemedia.com.au Graphic Designer Daniel Howard daniel@alchemedia.com.au Advertising Philip Spencer philip@alchemedia.com.au Accounts Jaedd Asthana jaedd@alchemedia.com.au Subscriptions Sophie Spencer subscriptions@alchemedia.com. Proofreading Andrew Bencina Regular Contributors Martin Walker Paul Tingen Brad Watts Greg Walker Andy Szikla Andrew Bencina Jason Hearn Mark Davie Mark Woods Ewan McDonald Jonathan Burnside Rob Holder…

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what’s on

CRYSTAL MASTERING This month Joe Carra mastered a new live release for Mexican band Wet Rockets. Toronto band, Possum, were also mastering a full length album for CD and vinyl release. Canadian songstress, Gillian Moranz, was also mastering a new release along with Montreal band Look Mom No Hands (mixed by Hans Krüger of Montreal Studios). Local releases were mastered for King Gizzard’s new single, Planet B, The Northern Folk, Pollyman, Grace Turbott (mixed at Headgap), Diet, Carousel Club (mixed by Dan Caswell), Chris Commerford, Anna Scionti (mixed by Dave Carr), Stonefield, and Sounds Like Franco (mixed by Plutonic). A new custom EQ (based on the Neumann Elliptical EQ) co-designed by Joe Carra & James Frazzetto (High Voltage Audio) was also on trial. ENDANGERED MUSIC PROJECT Greg Simmons has been busy working on…

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general news

EVERYBODY NEEDS A NERO $720 | www.audient.com Audient’s Nero is a desktop monitor controller offering a comprehensive range of I/O, console-style monitor control, an assignable sub output, ‘Digital Attenuation Volume Matching’ and more. Four stereo analogue inputs, including two line level inputs, a dedicated cue mix input, one aux input (RCA or Mini Jack) and both optical and coaxial SPDIF inputs give you a wide variety of connectivity options. These can be fed to three stereo speaker outputs, one assignable sub output, and four headphone outputs. The I/O combination means Nero has both a monitoring grade headphone output for the engineer and three foldback headphone outs for the artists. Audient has developed its own Digital Attenuation Matching Technology, which matches the volume of the left and right channels of the stereo signal.…

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jbl vtx changes minds

Earlier this year, CMI (Australian distributor for JBL Professional) invited a bunch of live sound pros to hear the brand new JBL VTX A8 line array in action. It’s an impressive PA. At the very least it changed quite a lot of people’s preconceptions. We only need to look over the ditch to see VTX doing some sterling work. The Bay Dreams festival in the new year saw over 30,000 festival goers enjoy music from local and International artists including Peking Duk, Sticky Fingers, London Elektricity, Shapeshifter, Ladi6, Tash Sultana and Cardi B. NZ Sound Reinforcement, a full-service production company, took care of the second stage with a combined audio output of 500,000 Watts RMS that included the VTX A12 and new VTX A8 line array elements. NZ Sound owners Ray and Brenda…

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software news

MORE POWER IN CIRCUIT novationmusic.com Circuit’s latest v1.8 firmware update adds four new features to Novation’s all-in-one groovebox. Non-quantised recording: Now you can capture synth and drum tracks directly to microsteps, representing even your most rhythmically complex ideas in all their atemporal glory. Synth microstep editing: As well as recording your synth lines without quantise, you can now also edit them at the microstep level. With six microsteps to every full step, you’ve got plenty of resolution. Per-note velocity tracking: Prior to firmware v1.8, all Synth notes falling on the same step were always set to the same velocity. Now, not only will notes recorded over other notes on the same step maintain their velocities independently, but you can manually edit those velocities after the fact. Assignable MIDI channels: Firmware v1.8 lets…